Guys!  Help me approve a few visual effect shots for Dark Matter’s upcoming third season…

March 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 67 Of 91!

Needle in a cosmic haystack.

March 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 67 Of 91!

Intruder alert.

March 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 67 Of 91!

We’ve got company.

Alas, only low-rez screen shots but they’re just a taste of what’s in store for Dark Matter fans this summer.

VFX Supervising Producer Lawren Bancroft-Wilson has got some awesome eye candy in store.  And just wait until  we get to the season finale.  It’s gonna be sheer madness!

15 thoughts on “March 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 67 of 91!

  1. Holy crap. Even if they’re low-res, they’re freaking amazing. It’s times like this that I’m not sure if I like teasers or dislike them. Getting pretty antsy on this side of the screen!

  2. They all look fine to me, but I’m currently distracted by other issues – I just got home from my trip to the cold mountain air, only to find I have no water in my house. I’m on a well system, but everything is almost new so I can’t imagine what it is. There’s no sign of any leakage or damage or anything. Just no pressure. ARGH.

  3. Hi Joe
    I hope you’ve signed Lawren to a long term contract. You don’t want him wandering away. Can’t wait for the season to start.


  4. All of these visual effect shots meet my seal of approval. Frakking amazing! I’m in love with the security droid from the second pic! Awesome in a freaky, scary kinda way. And the Ishida Research station….goes without saying.

    Might I guess that the first pic is that of the Maurader narrowly escaping the destruction of Eos-7 (is that the right name?).

  5. I like them all, but the middle one… red hurts my eyes sometimes, that red. But that’s just my eyes. I am sure it’s fantastic.

    OUCH to gforce. I have some experience with well pumps but it’s going to depend on the type you have. Hope you figure it out.

  6. The first one has a fuzzy sun reflection thing going on, on the right side of the ship. Looks kinda out of place? But of course, I don’t know the context of what’s happening – there could be a star right next to it I can’t see.

    Major storm prep here today; blizzard heading out way, set to hit in the next few hours. Stay safe everyone in the northeast!

  7. Image 1: The light on the side of the ship seems too bright compared to the surrounding debris.

    Image 2: The red light from the drone should be reflected off some of the environment (walls, floors, etc) in order to sell it. Maybe a shadow?

    Image 3: You seem to have a blue spill problem (:troll: VFX artists will get that one).

    Looks great!

  8. I like the story line in dark matter and the viuals but what makes it great is the interplay of the characters. They have the right mix of actors and director(s). (Sorry don’t know if there is more than one. ). I can hardly wait to see how the ships android becomes more human, if the young girl has more gifts. If the enhanced by nanobots captain can figure out herpast and what her future will be. And if the mercenary who loves his guns finds a future.

  9. For the first time in a very long time, Nielsen haven’t provided any ratings data to networks in days. Saturday, Sunday, Monday fast nationals & finals & cable ratings are overdue. Some kind of outage happened over the weekend, and networks aren’t very happy to say the least.

    It’s interesting though, absolutely no one knows how their shows have done over the weekend/Monday.

  10. The visual effects shots are all wonderful. I can’t wait to see them on screen.

    @Gforce Hope your water issue got resolved by now.

    Did you guys see that Syfy went ahead and issued a renewal for season 4 for 12 Monkeys even though season 3 hasn’t aired yet? I hoping they will say, “We’ve renewed Dark Matter through season 5.”

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