Today, the whole family headed over to Off Leash Studio where photographer Kevin Sarasom spent the better part of an hour snapping singles and group shots of our muttly crew.  Lulu and Suji were naturals, sitting pretty, preening, and occasionally mugging for the camera while Bubba required a little more work to bring out his natural derpishness.  But we got there.  Eventually.

Kevin was terrific with the the gang, directing them with care, confidence – and treats.  The dogs loved him.  And it seemed the feeling was mutual.  By session’s end, as I was packing up, I glanced over and noticed he’d abandoned his camera to better shower  Lulu with belly rubs.

I’ve been on a reading tear of late, blazing through 28 books to date in 2017.  At this pace, I should easily surpass by annual 100 title goal and maybe even challenge my 2014 reading record of 180+ books.  Or not.  Some of my favorite reads so far this year include Revenger, an epic space adventure from Alastair Reynolds, Tade Thompson’s fiercely original SF thriller Rosewater, Matthew De Abaitua’s AI conspiracy The Destructives, the first book of Brian McClennan’s Powder Mage series Promise of Blood, Emily Fridlund’s mesmerizing coming-of-age novel History of WolvesHomo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, Yuval Noah Harari’s non-fiction treatise on the intersection and potential merging evolutions of humanity and technology, and The Core of the Sun, Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo’s utterly delightful scifi tale of a capsaicin addict’s descent into the dark world of black market hot peppers.

Many of these books were released in 2016 and yet I’ve heard no mention of them as award season approaches which is altogether baffling (or, to be somewhat indelicate, kinda bullshit).

This weekend, I made it a point to try out a new restaurant – and was richly rewarded with Bar Raval serving Spanish Tapas on College Street.  A few of the culinary highlights of our back-to-back visits: March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!The kitchen bread: red peppers and anchovies.

March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!

Crispy cheese, serrano ham, and caramelized onion pastry.

March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!The house-canned scallops conserva served in a garlic tomato oil with a side of chips.

March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!

Bacon, chorizon, red pepper and quail egg atop grilled bread.

March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!

The Basque cheesecake – Akemi’s favorite.

March 12, 2017: Things I’ve Enjoyed Of Late!

Their version of a chocolate-hazelnut donut.

Hey Jeff and Barb, maybe the next time you’re in town?

Back at it tomorrow!  Main unit Episodes 309 and 310.  Second unit episodes 308, 309, 310, and 313.  Prep meetings for Episode 311.  And possible Pink pages for Episode 311?!

Don’t push it.

20 thoughts on “March 12, 2017: Things I’ve enjoyed of late!

  1. So when do we get to see the photos?

    Oor, anchovies
    Mmm cheese, ham n onion pastry
    Canned scallops?!!!
    Bacon n posh eggs…. Yesss
    (deep intake of breath) cheeeesecake ….ooooh!

    And a nutella donut?
    I was transfixed until that! 😩

  2. oooh. That all looks so good! I love red bell peppers and usually keep 2 jars or marinated sweet red roasted peppers on hand, at home, on all times. The chocolate hazelnut donut looks especially yummy!

    So when do we get to see these wonderful family portraits?

    BTW: Just In case any of you missed gforce’s note earlier today, He made it thru the cold night and returned from the hike ok. He messaged me (Ms. Mothering Worry Wart) then came straight here to the blog to let everyone know he was safe.

    Thank goodness, eh!?

  3. Hey Bar Raval sounds great! The crispy cheese serrano ham pastry and the bacon chorizon red pepper grilled bread looks interesting. I promised the local company reps that I’d return to Toronto in Q2’2017, so maybe sometime then?

    And I am yet again amazed at your prodigious reading. My reading schedule has been curtailed by a car engine rebuilding project for more daughter, various household projects, and a busy work schedule. Maybe I can get some more reading in in the fall after my son David goes of to Kansas State for his first year. I did finish the Foundation Series and I started reading The Girl In The Glass, so, still, I’m making progress…although that progress is mostly in the last fifteen minutes or so I have in bed before I fall asleep at night.

  4. Hope you’ll post some of the doggy and people pics from today soon!

    I’m 50/50 on the food choices. I’m not sure about the anchovies and canned scallops but everything else I’d try. I’m with Akemi….give me the cheesecake!!

    Try to get some sleep in the upcoming week. Looks like it’s gonna be cray cray! And what’s up with the Pink pages? Ep 311? Those last episodes of the season are always cra…zy!!

  5. “for my daughter”. I’d blame that on autocorrect, but it was really just a brain mis-fire on my part.

  6. Thanks for the book recs, and wow does that food look lovely and unique. Someday I really need to visit Tdot. Can’t wait to see the family portraits!

  7. @pbmom Some very encouraging news
    for Peter heading your way!
    Check your email, when you get a chance.

    Joe, Sent ya something via email as well.

    Hugs To All!
    Have a good week everyone. xo

  8. I’ll post images of our new girl Luna as soon as I can figure out how. Our security settings on Facebook won’t allow direct linking. I’ll have to host them elsewhere.

  9. Glorious food! I could gaze into the eyes of that caramelized onion cheese pastry for hours, sigh. I’m fighting hunger pangs with jelly beans that do not compare to that choco-hazlenut donut. When do we get to see the pics of the family? I can’t wait to see what off leash photography looks like when Suji, Bubba and Lulu are involved.

  10. Yay to Jimfromjersey! Yay to Gforce!

    Can’t wait for pictures and the food looks amazing! I’ll have to look up a Basque cheesecake.

  11. Have you ever read any of the Stargate novels? I just finished the 8 book “Stargate Atlantis Legacy Series” which picks up right where the TV series left off. I thought it was brilliant. I read all 8 books in rapid succession, so now I’m a bit Atlantis obsessed.

  12. @Drea — Finally got it and I will definitely try reading more about PDT this weekend. You are so wonderful looking into this area for me. I’m still trying to gentle push them to Duke for the study that is producing remissions because, as you found out, life expectancy for a 65-year-old with glioblastoma is about 12-14 months (with them doing chemo/radiation).

    @JimFromJersey Looking forward to seeing the pics.

    Glad @Gforce is okay.

    Reading this now after Bubba’s passing. I’m so very glad you guys went ahead and did this as you would have regretted not doing it.

    The ham and cheese pastry looks fabulous. So do the scallops. I love scallops. Nutella donut & the cheesecake both look terrific, too. Yum.

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