March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

Sadly, it isn’t good news for our boy.  A follow-up with our oncologist revealed that the tumors in his lungs have grown since our last visit one month ago.  As a result, she suggested we discontinue the Palladia treatment and focus on making the most of the time he has left.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

We’ll continue administering the Prednisone which will, hopefully, make him more comfortable.  Otherwise, we’ll be going homeopathic – mushrooms, Chinese herbs, turmeric, and goat’s milk – in the longshot hope that something may help.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

We’ll also continue with his acupuncture sessions – although I’m dubious about their efficacy.  I didn’t really notice a change in him after the first two appointments but am willing to demonstrate a little patience, only because we DID see some surprising results with Jelly years ago.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

Some days he’s down – sleeping mostly, eating reluctantly, disinterested in engaging.  Other days, it’s almost as if he’s back to his old self again – eating voraciously,  barking loudly to convey his displeasure with the pace of the meal preparation or our impertinence in actually going out without him.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

He’s still up for his walks and is always excited to go out, but he has slowed own considerably.  It’s hard to believe that, less than six months ago, neighbors and passersby were commenting on how spry and puppy-like he seemed for a senior. Now, it’s a slow stroll to park and back.  It’s particularly heartbreaking for Akemi who has been his constant companion and champion these many years.  She has taken to wearing sunglasses on their daily outings in the event she starts feeling emotional.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

They’ve really been inseparable these past seven years and have formed a special bond.   Now, as he grows needier, it isn’t uncommon for him to climb upstairs (a Herculean feat for his old bones) to look for her or wander about anxiously when she’s not home.

March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

Tomorrow, at Akemi’s request, we’ll be attending our own gallery shoot at a local photo studio.

I guarantee I won’t be the only one dressed up for the occasion.

35 thoughts on “March 11, 2017: The Bubba Update

  1. Very sorry to hear tx not as effective as you would have needed. Enjoy the time you have. You can see the love he has for you and Akemi in his eyes.

  2. That’s so sad. This is the hardest part of having a furbaby. Yes, I would do the pred. Steroids will decrease the inflammation and increase his appetite. Is pot legal there? A marijuana vaporizer might help too.
    Sending {{{Hugs}}} and prayers to all of you. 🙏🏻❤️🍀

  3. Oh dear, dear. I’m so sorry the news wasn’t better for sweet Bubba. He is so brave.

    Akemi is such a wonderful, supportive and loving friend for him (you too). Doing family portraits is a great idea!

    I wish I could offer wisdom to help you all cope, but sometimes trusting your own heart’s counsel is best. I will gladly continue prayers for comfort and strength for you both and Bubba.

    Peace to you Joe and Akemi…

  4. I understand the sunglasses feeling. I feel the need to put some on myself at the moment. It wouldn’t hurt to do the other things (the holistic stuff, the acupuncture, and continue the prednisone).

    I am so grateful to have gotten to come along on the Adventures of Bubba journey and very sad that I will not have gotten the opportunity to snuggle with him or scratch him behind the ears but maybe you can do that for me. Bubba and Suji look adorable in the bunny ears. I definitely am looking forward to seeing the pictures. I hope Lulu is also feeling better and won’t be in the cone of shame much longer.

    Sending you and Akemi much love and hugs. You guys are so wonderful providing the best home for them and extraordinary love and care.

    My heart is breaking for you guys tonight.

  5. Prayers and love for you, Akemi, and your boy. I hope you are able to make some happy memories with him in the time that you have left.

  6. Joe. I am so so sorry. I certainly wish the news had been better.
    My heart is breaking for all of you. 🙁

    I’m worried about Gforce today, as well. When he mentioned to us the weather forecast in the White Mountains wasn’t good, I decided to have a look this afternoon.
    At noon the temps in much of the white mountains were already close to 10 below zero + wind gusts between 20-50 mph (depending which mountain they might have hiked?). I tried to get a message out to warn him,
    but I think I was too late. He must have already been on his way.
    Can only pray now, he and his companions made it to their mountain hut safe and sound.

  7. I’m sorry to hear the treatments didn’t work as we had hoped. Make the best of the time he has left. And take some awesome pictures!

    As you know, we just lost our beautiful Brandi on Tuesday. And as much as you think you’re prepared for it, you’re not. And I’m so sad that you and Akemi will have to bear the grief that we just did.

    On a positive note, we’re meeting a lovely girl named Lucky tomorrow. My friend has been trying to place her for months, and we’ve been rooting for her. Then fate intervened, and we may now be her new family. Paws crossed.

    1. @Drea Of no! That is not good news at all.

      @jimfromjersey I didn’t know about Brandi (or missed your post). I’m so sorry for your loss. I am happy that you are entertaining sharing your love with another so soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is a good match and she can be in your family. It’s a good week for Lucky to be lucky (with St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon).

  8. I am so sorry for Akemi and you and Bubba and all the others who will miss him. I hate the C word more with each passing day. He’s been as lucky to have you and Akemi as you both have been to have him. 🙁

  9. I hope you have luck with alternative treatments. Bubba is definitely getting the best care any friend could ask for.

  10. Hi Joe and Akemi,

    I’m sorry if this is a repeat comment; I’ve been fighting with WordPress tonight…

    I’m sorry to hear that the treatment isn’t working, but I’m happy to hear that Bubba has good days. I’m praying that those continue and that one of the alternate treatments will work.

    And I second jimfromjersey’s sentiment and hoping that the photo shoot tomorrow goes well and gives you all some good memories.

  11. Oh, gosh. I know you’re no stranger to this territory, but it never gets easier. Love and hugs for you, Akemi, and all the fur babies.

  12. So sorry Joe. A big virtual kiss on the nose and ear rub for him from here.

    I enjoy the solitude of morning walks not because it’s just the two of us but also I don’t have to explain Jack’s situation and what’s happened to Ralph.

  13. So sorry to hear Bubba’s condition has not improved with the chemo but it’s great that he still demands his walks and has his good days too.
    I like the Easter ears Bubba and Suji are posing in. Very fetching! Will you be wearing yours for the photo shoot tomorrow?

    As with everyone here, always thinking of you all. Poor Akemi. Please send her comfort hugs from me and Puddle 🐾.

  14. @jimfromjersery
    Sorry for your sad loss of Brandi
    but happy to hear you are helping Lucky 🌠
    What an emotional week for you!

  15. jimfromjersey: Condolences on losing Brandi and I hope Lucky is a good fit for your family! “Paws crossed.”

  16. Joe, I can only send all my love out to Bubba, and to you and Akemi as well. Please give him a big hug for me. Please know that I’m thinking of you all.

    Yes, I made it back down from the mountain okay, I kept warm and stayed safe. I’ll update more later.

  17. Look back again at these pictures and dang, but isn’t Bubba still one handsome fella, though? And those pictures of him with Akemi are so heartwarming.

  18. Thanks everyone, for the kind words. Losing Brandi was devastating to our family. As any dog lover knows, they’re not just a pet.

    Lucky found her forever home with us today! We couldn’t think of a better way to honor Brandi’s memory than by rescuing another pup in need. And she rescued us at the same time.

    1. @Jimfromjersey That’s wonderful news! Congratulations. Would love to see a picture of your new family member.

  19. Bubba is one dapper dog and is most certainly well loved. Enjoy the moments you have left together! You won’t regret the memories you make only the ones you don’t. 🐶

  20. Joe and Akemi, so very sorry. Bubba got to me the first time I saw his quizzical head tilt. Saved that picture for whenever I needed a smile. Can’t wait to see the family portraits. Praying for good peaceful days until the last. Sending love, hugs, and a kiss on the head for Bubba.

  21. Sending hugs to your family, and I wish for more good days for Bubba to enjoy with his family. To the herbs consider adding parsley and dill which are supposed to be good for lung ailments.

  22. So sorry treatment isn’t working for Bubba 🙁 He looks like an incredibly sweet boy. Hugs and love to you and Akemi and the pups.

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