February 27, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 57 Of 91!
Girls night in

Production resumed today on Dark Matter’s third season with director Craig David Wallace (Slasher, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil) calling the shots on Episode 309.  We were on The Raza today, checking out Pollux and deathcore, but tomorrow we’re off to beautiful Fort Falls, Wisconsin for some skulking, pursuing, and awkward bike riding.  It’s going to be a challenging couple of weeks ahead as we are on location for the next eight days!

February 27, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 57 Of 91!
A little something in the works in the costume department

So, you all up for deciding on a new episode title this week?  So far, we got…

“Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder”

“Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”

“Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution”

“Episode 30: All The Time In The World”

“Episode 31: ???”

14 thoughts on “February 27, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 57 of 91!

  1. Hi Joe
    That picture of Five and Android is beautiful. Did you take it? Also, is it part of a scene we’ll see in an episode or just the two of them during some down time?


  2. Ya know Joe, I see those pictures you are always posting on Twitter that include One. Why do you tease like that? That’s whack! Is he coming back? Fix it! Bring One back!

  3. Zoi and Jodelle show! They are beyond adorable. Gosh, no wonder I Love watching DarkMatter!

    Is Episode 31 really called “???”

    How about “The Vera Rubin goes Dark” as tribute, and name a ship or a space port?

  4. Aw. I agree with @Elminster. That’s a really nice ‘girls moment’ captured there.

    Never been to Wisconsin. Look forward to viewing it through yours/Dark Matter’s lenses!

    Next title naming? Go for it!

  5. Eight days? I hope Akemi and the pups will be ok.

    I’ve never been to Wisconsin. You’ll have to look up the local fare!

    I’m leaning towards “Welcome to the Revolution”.

    Safe travels for all!

  6. Five and Android…Besties! Have fun in Wisconsin! I guess Mother Nature & Winter are not done with us yet. Gonna be colder for awhile longer. Take extra socks!

    Pollux and deathcore? Love the little teasers here & there. Bring on the next title! We’re ready. Any consideration for naming an upcoming character or place after Bill Paxton? Perhaps there is a Hudson or Paxton in the DM verse? Gonna pull out Aliens and watch it tonight.

  7. The costume department rocks. I would seriously love to see them create a Steampunk outfit. It would be epic.

  8. Fab photo 👍

    Love the new jacket design.

    @Maggie L80 Agreed – Pollux and deathcore #teasers

    Next episode title – bring it on!

  9. @Is Episode 31 really called “???”

    Maybe Joe pulled off the impossible and got The Riddler to cameo in the Dark Matter universe!

  10. Beautiful picture of Zoie and Jodelle. I hope Wisconsin is being good to you. I’m thinking this is a time travel episode.

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