February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

Despite his dire prognosis (2-3 months), Bubba has seemed pretty good this past week.  Following a single morning when his appetite apparently deserted him, he’s been back to his old self – eager to eat, walk, and sit on our laps.  He has been unusually needy of late, following Akemi around the apartment whenever she threatens to walk out of visual range, but appears to be soldiering on.  His hacking cough still persists, but mainly at night.

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

The other day, we took him to the East York Animal Clinic so that we could investigate some alternate homeopathic treatments (in conjunction with the Prednisone and Palladia he is already taking).  Of course, Suji was happy to come along for the ride.

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

It’s surprising how attached she’s gotten to Bubba in such a relatively short period of time (It’s been a little over two months since we adopted her).  When we come back home from outings, or check the nest cam, we’ll often find her snuggled up beside him in their big doggy bed.

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

The homeopathic vet prescribed mattock (mushroom) pills and suggested we bring him in for acupuncture.  I did a bit of research on mattock and it looks promising. In fact, a number of other mushrooms – shitake, reishi, lions mane, turkey tail, and cordyceps – are being studied as potential anti-cancer therapeutics and I’m thinking of widening his supplement range to cover them as well.  As for acupuncture, we saw positive results for Jelly after her treatments.  My mother, on the other hand, was less enthused with her experience when, after returning home from her first treatment to treat recurring migraines, she brushed her hair only to have two residual needles fall out.

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

In the meantime, it’s been amazing to see the change in Suji.  When she came to us, she could barely stand, much less walk, propelling herself along by dragging her hind legs behind her.  Today, she’s walking – and quite quickly – without the use of her leg support, progressing from one to multiple blocks.  And she’s an incredibly happy dog, growing more excited and spirited every day.

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

Poor Lulu is a tad more composed, especially given the recent paw injury that has her wearing a cone of shame 24/7.  Poor gal.  She’s slowing down, but her appetite for snacks remains healthy.

Well, that’s it.  Hiatus is over and production on Dark Matter’s third season resumes tomorrow with Day #1 of Episode 309, Craig David Wallace directing, while prep on Episode 310k with director Melanie Orr, begins.  An early 7 a.m. crew call sees us kicking things off on our standing sets –

February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus Winds Down!

The rest of the week will be spent on location in, uh, Fort Falls, Wisconsin.  This episode is going to be a blast.  It’s being described as “Back to the Future” meets “Stranger Things”.  Lots of fun.  Just hope the weather holds!

24 thoughts on “February 26, 2017: The Doggy Update! Hiatus winds down!

  1. Aw, happy, happy pup update. So glad and relieved that things are progressing well.
    You two ARE juggling three totally different elderly (or should I say, mature)pup problems. How do you manage it? I’m in awe of you and Akemi. Amazing

    So, the hiatus is up … Gosh that whizzed past rather quickly, didn’t it?

  2. Hi Joe
    Glad to see that Suji is fitting in. That episode in Fort Falls sounds interesting!


  3. That’s great news about Bubba. See? You guys always make the right choices. Your mom had acupuncture needles fall out of her head?? Oh my God. You just gave me another reason to hate needles. I keep thinking about acupuncture as a means to help with my pain issues, but I still can’t get past the “needles” part. See what a spider bite did to me? Made me into a wuss for needles.

    Suji has a new lease on life thanks to you and Akemi’s hard work. That fills my heart with joy. I had thought she and Lulu were best buds. I guess the strong, silent male with ultimate wisdom was more attractive.

    Poor Lulu in the cone of shame. I don’t recall you ever telling us about how she injured her paw. I hope she’ll get out of it soon.

    Sounds like you had a decent hiatus in the big scheme of things. Fort Falls, Wisconsin, huh? I can’t wait to see this episode.

  4. awwwww those doggies are lucky to have you and Akemi. Keeping y’all in my prayers and can’t wait for season 3. I guess I better refresh my memory of season 2 🙂

  5. Good for Bubba! So happy to see that he’s holding up well. May those good days keep on coming. I hope Lulu’s paw comes along – had you said what had happened to it? If any pup wear wear the cone well, it’s Lulu. Tell her for me she looks great!

    It doesn’t surprise me that Suji is coming along so well – she has a couple of very doting and loving parents!

    Will there even still be a Wisconsin in.. whatever year DM is set in?

  6. I’m glad Suji was a nice fit for the family.

    So sorry about the cone of shame for Lulu. How much longer?

    Prayers Bubba still keeps feeling …okish. The more time you have with him, the better.

  7. I’m praying for Bubba and all the furry kids!

    Fort Falls, WI? Isn’t that the sister city of Hill Valley?

  8. I think everyone I’ve talked to who has had acupuncture has reported needles being left behind in them.

    So glad Suji is doing so well; you are awesome fur-baby parents and she knows it.

    Hugs to Bubba!

  9. Mucho hugs n sweet kisses to Bubba, Lulu n Suji and safe flight + stay in Wisconsin.
    ..She says as she bites down on a delicious chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven! xoxox

    @PBMom. Dont know if you spied my last DM from twitter?. Started reading up on that photo-dynamic therapy Diane told us about. Will let ya know if I come across anything solid on it and genuinely worth sending to Peter.

    1. @Drea I just read it this morning about 7:45. I wasn’t much on the internet yesterday and actually made it to my book club group last night which was wonderful as I have missed them so much. I showed one of them how to use Twitter by posting 2 tweets last night. I didn’t get home until 10:45 (it is an 50-minute drive for me to attend usually (when there is no traffic). Thank you for doing that, but please only if it you have time. I know how crunched your schedule can be.

  10. Um, who is 7? Is 7 someone they forgot to awaken in seasons 1 & 2; or is it cover to avoid naming a new character on the show? Or is the existence of 7 a reason our crew has to time-travel? Five wouldn’t be warning about paradoxes unless there was time-travel.

  11. Suji welcome to life as a Joe Mallozzi lottery winner.
    Keeping Bubba and Lulu in my prayers.

  12. I’m really glad to hear that your dogs are feeling so well. That must be such a relief. Well at least in some ways.
    I have only good things to say about accupuncture btw. I had it against migraines and back pain and it helped both times! Next time I think I’ll have it for my knees. I do prefer the alternative ways sometimes, less invasive and often more balanced, but not always a solution.
    Anyways, I hope you get lucky with those mushrooms and I wish you a good start into the next phase of shooting.
    Best wishes,

  13. You both give the pups so much love and attention, and I can’t help but believe that Bubba just isn’t ready to go anytime soon. Love is always the best medicine, and along with everything else your trying, he’s going to have more than a fighting chance. But I wonder if all of these alternatives might become a little too much. Is there a way to stage them over time?

    And poor Lulu! Sounds like Suji is the healthiest pup right now.

    I just can’t imagine how you’re enduring with the pups health issues and running the show. The immense stress must be exhausting. There aren’t too many people who can handle that, and still keep everything in balance.

  14. Spent the weekend in Roanoke, Va for a Girls Getaway. 78 degrees on Friday. 53 degrees on Saturday. I’m so ready for Spring. Bet Fort Falls will be freezing! Bundle up! So estatic to see 2,3,5,6,7 made the cast call sheet! I take it that Android is 7. Fingers crossed.

    Relieved to hear that Bubba is fairing better. Can’t keep a good canine down! Suji is also quite the little trooper. I attribute her successful recovery to the love and care she receives from you and Akemi. Hope Lulu is up and running soon.

    Also hope that you have rested up for the upcoming frantic, fast-paced production schedule. Have a great week! I’ll be off to Cherokee then Franklin NC for another little getaway mid-week.

  15. Palladia, Prednisone, accupuncture, mattock are all fine I guess, but from what I’m hearing, a prescription for a steady drip of Josekemi is what’s doing the trick. Pretty much works for any canine ailment.

  16. I used to get weekly acupuncture and had a needle left in about 80% of the time.
    Well-off acupuncturists sometimes used to use needles made of gold. That would be a fun thing to find stuck in your forehead.

  17. I’m so very sorry to hear the prognosis for Bubba. I hope the treatments work for him. Get better soon Bubba and Lulu!

    Great news about Suji’s progress. I wondered if she’d bonded with either of the other dogs yet. Perhaps she senses Bubba needs support.

    I’ve been working on renovations. It’s the laundry at the moment.

    Hope all in the blog community are well.

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Aww, so much love for your puppers and the doting Akemi. Throw yourself into the hippie lovefest if you don’t mind me being mushy.

    A big old Nope on acupuncture from me. I do okay with big needles, after all, I have had a ton of surgeries, but small, lighter skin pricks actually send me into shock. There’s a reason I have only one tattoo, tiny and hastily done. Sigh.

    Wisconsin? Hmmm. Interesting. I’m trying to recall if I have any interesting over the road stories from there, or if I’m mixing those up with What Happens in Minnesota …

  19. Relatively good news on the puppers front. That makes me happy. And it’s great to hear that Suji is becoming the girl she was always meant to be.

    I CAN separate the artist from the art, but it depends on the circumstances. For instance:

    Michael Moore – I dislike his politics, and I dislike him personally. He could be handing out solid gold and diamond encrusted “immortality” cards, and I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on him if he were on fire.

    Sean Penn – I dislike his personality and his politics. But he’s one Hell of an actor, and I’ll watch him do it. I’ll even pay money to do so.

  20. Your Suji seems to be reacting to her loving environment. I’m so glad you guys found her and she found you!

    Acupuncture needles left in? I’ve had acupuncture off and on for years with many different practitioners and have NEVER had a needle left in. It helps me and my husband. My now-departed kitty-girl, Maggie, didn’t like it, though.

    I’m a big fan of homeopathics and naturpaths for pets. Chemicals aren’t always the best way for them or for us. It’s really important to stop the decimation of nature by corporate interests because, therein lies the miracles and cures that make a difference to us and our families (meaning our fur babies).

    And to add since the subject was broached, I believe that the type of person an artist is at heart, will reflect in his/her art. It all comes from the heart. I’m a fan of Michael Moore’s AND Sean Penn. They DO THE RIGHT THING for people, for the planet and for others and are not the least bit wrapped up in themselves. More of that, please.

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