Here’s a sneak peek at the temp VFX for that “creeping advance”.  VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson feels it needs a color adjustment to give it less of an ocean blue feel.

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

Set Designer Karl Crosby’s latest creation is this awesome set piece for the discerning off-world miner.  Pictured above is the color version of the close-to-final form.

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

Check out the level of detail.  Preliminary option 3.

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

Ready to roll design.

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

A peek behind the curtain.  A Work In Progress pic from the arm manufacturer.

While back on the home front…

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

Suji eyes her snack.

February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 Of 91!

Bubba and Lulu ready to dig in.

Well, Bubba has an appointment next Friday for an ultrasound and possible CT scan.  What was supposed to be a simple check-up last night turned into a five hour ordeal that saw us close out the night at the local Veterinary Emergency center.  Both sets of x-rays taken yesterday show shadows in his lungs and the doctors are concerned, especially considering the recent surgery to remove two suspicious lumps near the base of his ear.  Sigh.  Our poor old man.

22 thoughts on “February 10, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 51 of 91!

  1. Please give Bubba a hug from me.

    For Ivon: The background looks Texas-sky blue to me.

    Toronto Comicon (next month) just announced Robert Picardo’s appearance. 😎

  2. The ‘creeping advance’ (what is that?) is looking interesting … Colour grade seems OK to me but then we don’t know what context this sequence is in…
    Great mining machinery! Nice one, Karl Crosby.

    Thinking of you all with Bubba’s troubles. The shadows may not be what you fear they are – hence the anti-b’s. Keep positive. Bubba still looks his ol’ self, especially in that last pic!
    Very yummy looking biscuit treats Akemi! I know they shouldn’t, but they’re making me hungry… 😋

  3. For jodelle: Harmony is my favorite episode of SGA and my favorite scene is the fight over the energy bar between Harmony and McKay. What are your memories of that shoot? What did you enjoy most working on that episode? Do you find it easier to get jobs as a child actor or an adult actor? Do you prefer working in Toronto or Vancouver? What actor would you like to guest star on dark matter? What show would you like to guest star on?

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your visit to the emergency vet. It’s always painful to receive troubling news about a beloved fur baby, and the waiting is so hard. Saying prayers for Bubba and sending positive vibes his way. And for you and Akemi, too. Warm hugs to you all!

  5. So sorry about Bubba and your traumatic evening. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for him.

  6. Gee Joe: Ya know….. If ya really luvs me – You’d name that mining robot tool
    The-Snuffleupagus 2 And add a line of dialogue where THREE sees it and says:

    “Oh look – Its a robot version of my old friend Snuffy”.

    (Ah – but may we never forget Snuff was Big Birds imaginary friend first!)

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Very comforting to see Bubba n Lulu in such good spirits today. (Suji too <3)
    Keeping my fingers crossed the shadows turn out to be nothing more than
    the result of an accidental smudge on the lensing equipment.

  7. Praying for sweet widdle Bubber. I can’t remember how old he is. One thing though, he sure does look healthy. Get those second and third opinions. I know he is in great hands with you and Akemi.

    Saying prayers for everyone else struggling with health or pet issues. Sometimes life is so hard.

  8. 🙁 So sorry about Bubba. He looks happy (I think they all love the treats from Akemi!). Hopefully whatever the shadows are, you’ll get some more quality time with him.

  9. Oh Bubba!! I’m so sorry to hear… sending lots of positive energy your way that it turns out to be nothing.

    Love seeing he and Lulu.

    Take care of each other…

    Love the mining equipment.

    Cheers, Chev

  10. Questions for Jodelle: Have you thought about writing short stories or books about your acting experiences from the Stargate franchise and now Dark Matter? Have you considered going behind the camera to direct or screenwrite?

    *Prayers for Bubba. 🙁

  11. The “creeping advance” has a Stargate feel to it. Perhaps a black hole, a temporal gate, a time-field distortion? Nice “miner’s arm”. Bet that thing has one heck of a vice grip. In honor of Karl, it should be manufactured by the Crosby Company where only “the finest mining tools in any Galaxy” come from.

    If Suji doesn’t finish those snacks, I’ll take a couple. Looks delicious!

    Continued well wishes and prayers up for Bubba. Please keep us informed.

  12. Hey Joe!
    Oh wow, what an ordeal yesterday. Whatever happens I wish you all the strength and luck in the world.

    Thank you for posting even on such days. The detail on those designs really are amzing. Can’t wait to see the final thing. All that hard work, just wow.

    Oh and no idea what’s in those cookies, but could I have one?
    Best wishes to you and the gang,

  13. Hugs for Bubba.

    I like the blue colour on the ‘creeping advance’ 👍

    Cool mining equipment, complete with ‘mystery silhouette’ again!

  14. It’s a shame the corporate bigwigs care more for ratings than their viewers. As always they leave the Sci-Fi crowds hanging when we get too involved with a show. Personally I’ve been binge watching my recordings of DM and hope it keeps going as long as SG1 did, 10 years for a Sci-Fi show, WOW. That said, before the actors get too old to play the same parts is there any hope of a closeout movie to finalize SGU? We got lucky someone cared enough to close out shows like Firefly and Farscape, maybe they could find the power to use Atlantis’ wormhole drive to rescue the crew of Destiny instead of leaving us hanging. Just a thought pitched into the bucket for pondering.

  15. I like the creeping advance. Without having context of what it is, can’t say if the color is right or not, but it looks like blue ice.

    I love dogs and food pics. Boomer would try to eat them before the picture was ever taken.

    Sadly, I heard what the diagnosis is for Bubba already….sighs….(cries).

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