It would appear as though we’re creeping up to the halfway mark of the production schedule.  The great thing about that is it puts as ever closer to the premiere.  The bad thing about that, is that it puts as ever closer to the premiere – meaning we really need to hustle and get those scripts written, and those episodes shot, produced and delivered.

January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 Of 91!

We took yet another step toward that today by diving into prep on Episode 307 and moving up prep on Episode 308 (to tomorrow!).  So, while we’re double-prepping, director Gail Harvey was shooting Episode 306…

January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 Of 91!

Meanwhile, over at the other studio, SPFX Coordinator Dylan Hankinson was running a little airlock-venting test:

In retrospect, I should have availed myself of the ear protection.

To those of you wondering – Nope, no one has correctly guessed the identities of the three speakers.  Feel free to guess away but you’ll have a chance to incorrectly guess a trio of new dialogue snippets next week when I reveal the potential titles for Episode 302!

Also, if you have questions for Dark Matter Costume Designer Noreen Landry, post them in the comments section.  I know she’d love to hear from you!

January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 Of 91!

Usually, the Raza mess hall triptych is adorned with various nature scenes, from wheat fields to winter landscapes to swimming fish.  Occasionally, Playback Operator Greg Whiteside will regale us with a surprise morning triptych, like Family Guy Star Wars, 2001, or the original Star Trek.  The other day, I asked if he took requests.  And, apparently, he does.  One of my personal faves!
January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 Of 91!

January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 Of 91!

A closer looks at the amazing concept art of Henry Fong.  Who is pictured and what is going on?  Guesses?

16 thoughts on “January 26, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 40 of 91!

  1. I’m going to guess it’s Three in some kind of escape pod, crashing on an inhospitable planet. Some unknown person is dragging his unconscious body out of the pod and into the (apparently not so) abandoned mining facility. Well, it does mention a mine in the 2nd picture, so I figure I got at least that word correct.

  2. At the risk of over-commenting, I’m going to take an incorrect stab at the quotes since I’ve not tossed in a guess yet.

    “Being better is so much harder” – Wexler

    “The costs are always personal” – Six

    “Welcome home” – Five

  3. “Who is pictured and what is going on? Guesses?”

    It looks like someone has discovered the Ark on a planet.

  4. I am going to guess
    Being better :3
    The costs are always personal :2
    Welcome home Alexander Rook

  5. Almost half way through – wow! Bring on Season 3.

    There’s loads of detail on those sketches 👍

    Still guessing, and as there’s so many possible combinations to choose, I’ve tried 3 options – with a theme! lol

    Being better – 3
    The costs – Android
    Welcome back – Truffault

    Being better – 6
    The costs – 2
    Welcome back – Truffault

    Being better – 2
    The costs – 6
    Welcome back – Truffault

  6. @Thogar Great minds think alike again lol
    From Henry Fong’s concept artwork, I also thought that it was Three being dragged…… Anders, from the crashed SOLIS escape pod towards the abandoned mining factory. Could that be Bubba slung over Anders’s back? 🤔

  7. Planet Of The Apes! I admit that I had a Galen Action Figure in the 70’s from the TV series.

    My guess for the mystery scenes…Anders dragging an unconscious Three across a barren moon to an abandoned mine.

    My continued guess for “who said what?”
    Being Better…: Anders
    The Costs Are…: 4
    Welcome Back…: 5

  8. “you’ll have a chance to incorrectly guess a trio of new dialogue snippets next week” Yes, that would be me. 😉

    Don’t know specific characters in the pictures but the art is GORGEOUS! I hope someone is framing them.

  9. Wow – these are hard!

    Welcome Back…: Misaki
    The costs are…: Truffault
    Being better…Three

  10. Airlocked; but who? To whoever got spaced I wish them well and suggest they try holding their breath; space air is super bad for you.

    Questions for the awesome Noreen Landry, what was your favorite bolt of fabric or pattern that you’ve worked with on DM? I love all the patterns on the Zairon costumes.

    What are your favorite stores to shop for cool clothes for DM?

  11. The fact that nobody’s guessed who speaks these lines is good from a spoiler standpoint. 😉

    The only answer I’m changing again, since it seems to be the most difficult one to guess, is the “Welcome Home” one. I’m now thinking it’s Victor, the android. If it’s not Truffault, and it’s not Misaki, it’s gotta be Victor.

    Of course, I might be wrong on the first two lines and who says them, but since that third one is the hardest, that’s the one I’m focusing on!

    -Mike A.

  12. Please may I obtain that Airlock venting test machine, when you’ve finished with it?
    It certainly would make short work of blowing the next autumn leaf fall away – especially if it really vents them into space!!

  13. Another stab at ‘who said what’…..
    Being better – 6
    The costs – 3
    Welcome back – Anders

    One more (of approximately 450 possible solutions!) lol
    Being better – 2
    The costs – 6
    Welcome back – Anders

    And finally (for tonight anyway!)
    Being better – Android
    The costs – 2
    Welcome back – Anders

    Look forward to hearing who says these lines in Season 3 Episode 1.
    After all, did anyone think it would be 5 who said ‘Kill Them All’?

  14. Can’t wait to guess incorrectly again! LOL

    Love those pictures; from Planet of the Apes. haha Not going to bother guessing incorrectly once again, on the planet and what’s going on. But they are awesome too!

  15. Oo, what about …
    ‘Being better… ‘ Android
    ‘The costs are..’ Nieman
    ‘Welcome home’ the Raza!
    Nailed it, haven’t I?! 😆

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