14 thoughts on “January 20, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 36 of 91!

  1. It’s always fun to see the graphics used in the show and, as always, the doggies. Thank you and everyone working on the show for putting in overtime. The hard work shows in the finished product.

  2. Anytime you are tired and don’t really feel like a big blog entry, just put up some pictures of the dogs and we’re good. No problem.

  3. Sorry never been full facial hair guy. I get scared on finding yesterday’s meal bits in it. I’m a bit like RDA in that. I like the dodge pics though.

  4. Bubba does look like a hybrid shark. He doesn’t mind having his ears laid flat?Suji looks on pensively, rocking her sweater. Both are too cute.
    No wee-wee pads, so maybe Suji has recovered from her mishap tinkling?

    On the airlock replay, I would make the text larger and drop the period. I don’t think grammar needs to be followed for an alert message.The two replays are great. Lots of movement and interest, good layouts, textures, colors. Very good job!

  5. Great photo of Mr S. Very regal.

    Do like the playbacks – will try very hard to keep an eye out for them, when DM airs. Trouble is, so much is usually going on … Blink and they’ve gone!
    – but it’s all these small details which make Dark Matter what it is …. BRILLIANT!

    I do hope you’re taking a breather this weekend. Everyone needs to rest … even YOU

  6. I was very impressed by the scale of the WomensMarch thing that happened worldwide today. Some very catchy chants against Trump there too.

  7. Echoing what Ponytail said, I don’t think anyone would complain if you just posted a picture or two as a blog entry Joe on days you probably feel too tired to really post a lot or whatever.

  8. You know how much I like pictures, graphics, etc… You don’t have to dazzle us all the time!

    At Taliphus-8, remember the blue zone is for loading and unloading only.

    Looks like there is an airlock breach at the ole Ishida Research Facility…wonder who that could be?

    All hail J.B. Sugar! He wears that Thorne well.

  9. Definitely agree with @Ponytail. I know you don’t want to break your streak, and just putting up one single picture of the dogs would make us very happy.

    Love the graphics. JB Sugar looks like he was meant for a throne.

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