January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

Seriously, people.  You’ve been warned.  Proceed at your own risk.

Well, coming off a one-day weekend to a work week packed with early morning meetings, late night cuts, set sitting, writing, rewrites, and phone calls, I’m running on low battery setting.  Compounding the chaos was another one of those curveballs that forced us to scrap a script idea, reorder the line-up and, most importantly (and alarmingly), drop a new script into the Episode 9 slot.  12 pages into the script I’m currently writing, I’ve had to switch gears to brainstorm a new story with Paul, Ivon, Alison, and Elliot, one I’m going to have to jump on immediately.  Or as soon as I have an outline I’m happy with.

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

After being unable to identify the movie that graced the mess hall triptych last week (Rogue One as it turned out), I discovered this much more recognizable still awaiting me this week.  Open the pod bay doors, Hal.  I’m putting in a request for John Carpenter’s The Thing.

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

The master of the triptych, Playback Operator Greg Whiteside, is full of surprises.

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

The calm before the storm.  10 minutes before first blocking (say, 7:20 a.m.) – Director JB Sugar and the team.

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

From the Dark Matter Art Department – the Taliphus-8 Safety Deposit Box. Where’s Taliphus-8?  What’s in the box?  Who’s the mystery silhouette?

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

I received this at the office today – a Mallozzi/Aota pup calendar from person(s) unknown (the name of sender was so tiny, I could’t make it out).  Thank you, mystery person.  We love it!

January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 Of 91!

TastyFace #2.

So I’m going to try to catch up on the mailbag this weekend.  If you have anymore questions, just post them in the comments section and I’ll eventually get to them.

21 thoughts on “January 13, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 31 of 91!

  1. Aww that was sweet to send you a calendar. Wasn’t me! I don’t know what address to send you something anyway. LOL

  2. The cover of the calendar looks beautiful. Well done, mystery person. 🙂

    Mailbag questions: Did you always want to be a writer? How young were you when you first wrote fiction and in what form? Do you remember what it was? When did you first aspire to be a producer?

    Can’t believe I actually thought of something to ask, so you’ve probably told us these things at some point over the years. lol

  3. Hmmmmm. I have two spare 27″ computer monitors and a dark and dingy apartment with no views. I might have to mount them on a wall and put up my own diptych!

    Mailbag: Ice cream: Particulates or no particulates?

  4. Hi Joe,

    Mailbag question: I’m currently an undergrad student aspiring to be a screenwriter and director. What advice would you give to someone like me to be successful? And how can I set myself apart from others?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and answer. I am a huge Dark Matter fan and cannot wait until the Season 3 premiere!


  5. I have a triptych request: The Alamo, for an episode that includes seemingly hopeless siege or standoff.

  6. Mailbag Qs

    1. Would a device similar to the Attero device from SGA be required if Blink drives were ever to be mass produced? And do you think a corporation would research one as a counter measure?

    2. Although the Code Geass reference likely flew over some peoples heads with the eye thing, you know when Truffaut transferred info to Three about the prison layout(early Season 2). Any plans to progress that technology she’s using some more?

    3. Could you ever see Four using a Naginata?

  7. Questions for the mailbag:

    1. You’re a writer, so explain to me why I fall for mistreated, misunderstood, and/or abused (male) characters? Mind you, they can’t be snivellers, no, no, no…rather they have to strong and determined to overcome whatever cards life deals them. (This goes back to my childhood, watching A Fistful of Dollars, and the moment Clint Eastwood had to heal and fight back after he was beaten to a pulp. This happened a lot to Eastwood in his various westerns…and I watched a lot of westerns back in the day. lol.) There must be some psychology behind it…one writers are well aware of.

    2. I need that guy in Dark Matter. Will I see him? (Three showed promise in this regard last season (2.11) – can we beat him up some more…? lol.)

    3. I would like more intrigue and mystery in S3 – will I get it?

    4. I really miss your more personal, less work-related, entries…especially the funny ones about your misadventures and misfortunes. You make me smile (and laugh!) when I read them, usually right when I need it most. Will we get more of those in the future?

    5. Have you ever considered dropping drama to take up writing a comedy show?

    6. How about writing a humorous novel? Perhaps it could be about blogging, and readers coming out of the woodwork to pester you about their personal preferences?

    7. Miss me? 😉


    (Please forgive any typos… I have fat fingers and a small keypad. 😛 )

  8. Go Greg! Love the triptychs! The calm before the storm…at least Three is still alive at this point.

    You need to sleep, relax, play, and eat this weekend.

  9. Love your calendar! I want to see the pictures inside for each month. Can you show the current month, each month?

    #2 – I agree!
    #4 – Agree!
    #7 – Yes!!

  10. This is not a question so much as an interesting proposition. You, and everyone working on Dark Matter have brought to life amazing, diverse and badass female characters portrayed by intelligent and incredibly talented actors. I can’t help but think “Wouldn’t be amazing if all the ladies at DM were just as badass in real life?”
    As a certified womens’ self-defense instructor, I work to change the lives of the women in my community. Self-defense classes not only provide physical security, but have also been shown to increase self-confidence, improve body image, assertiveness and self-efficacy. Many university programs actually recommend female students take self-defense classes to become more effective professionals.
    Why am I bringing this up with you? Because, unfortunately we live in a sexist society that tolerates, accepts and even promotes rape culture. But you are poised in the unique position to be able to influence millions, to change what society sees and accepts as normal, to change the standard.
    I would like to offer to put on a class for your female cast/crew. First and foremost, I want to give them the tools to ensure their physical safety. (Plus, it’s a super fun, supportive, encouraging, and positive experience)! But more than that, I want to give the sense of comradery, empowerment and the belief in the strength of their own voice, to believe in themselves. My hope is that by doing so we can work together to continue to positively impact the status quo, now and every project worked on in the future.
    In just 12 hours participants can learn, practice and master the techniques that could save their lives. All physical fitness and skill levels have completed this class and participation is completely voluntary. Meaning participants only do what they feel comfortable with. This is something that I am very passionate about because I have seen what a powerful impact it can have. I would love to start a dialogue with you when you have some time.

  11. Hi Joe,

    Out of the main shows that you’ve worked on (SG-1, SGA, SGU, T———-, DM), which one would you say has given you the most creative freedom from higher up executives (whether or not that’s a bad thing)?

    Is this the season where we finally find out more about the mystery guy in the hospital bed from the end of Season One?

  12. Sorry to hear about another curveball Joe. I wish I could make it go away. I guess that’s one reason why it’s beneficial to film all the episodes before they air. You can film out of sequence, although how does that work with director availability?


    Does Toronto have a great taco place?

    I’m not sure if you can say, but are the main characters separated throughout the first episode?

    Will me see any costume changes in the main cast for Season 3?

    Cheers, Chev

  13. You certainly sell your soul to the devil when you work in film or tv, don’t you?!

    I do hope the curveball inspires you to write something as good as you, no doubt, had already. It would be so interesting to know who/what throws these curveballs but realise you cant say …

    Another idea for the triptych… that last closing shot from ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’ maybe?

    Mystery silhouette? Looks like an android of some sort. I wouldn’t have thought it was our Android though. She’s not so Air Hostess-y

  14. Hello Joe,

    You’ve often remarked that Dark Matter has a planned 5 year arc… what if the powers that be ask for a 6th season?

  15. You always seem to be great under the worst pressure so this “new story” will likely be the best of the season.

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