Back in October, I informed actress Zoie Palmer that the time had finally come. This season, we were going to give her character, the Android, a name.  And a backstory.  But, more importantly, a name.  And so, the two of us got to work, pitching each other possible monikers via text over the course of three months.

I’d be lying in bed, just about to doze off when – PING!  I’d check my phone: “Iris”.

Zoie would be sitting in trailer, getting her hair done when – PING!  I’d offered “Alice”.

I’d be sitting in a visual effects meeting – PING!  “Blake”.

She’d be doing some weekend shopping – PING! “Sydney”.

Me in the shower, shampooing – PING! “Jules”.

Her on set, rehearsing a scene – PING! “Marie”.









Finally, last night, we narrowed it down to our Top 10 and, over the next half hour, narrowed our choices down through process of elimination.

PING!  She nixed “Lexie”.

PING!  I axed “Tosh”.

She rejected “Amelia”.

I dumped “Elle”.

“Sam” was the next to go followed by –



Then “Kai” until –

Only two remained!  Zoie deliberated and, in the end, decided on…

Eliminating “Evie”.  Which left her with…

The Android’s name I’ll be dropping into Episode 10.

Yay Team Zolozzi!  Is there anything we can’t accomplish?!

Oh, hey, while you’re hear, enjoy this concept artwork by Henry Fong for Dark Matter’s third season:

January 12, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 30 Of 91!  And Naming The Android!

23 thoughts on “January 12, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 30 of 91! And naming the Android!

  1. I can hardly wait!!!!

    It was so warm today, I almost turned on the A/C. Last week we had snow/ice. Weird, weird, weird.

    Read “Lesser Evil” and enjoyed it a lot! I’ll take another peak at your list. Thanks!

    Oh, does Zoie have a blog?

  2. Ooo, now I know what it’s like being a salmon … and you’re the fly fisherman!

  3. What a tease.

    Does the fact that the first and most obvious three letters on that space suit in the picture are “S.O.L.” mean anything? 🙂

  4. You didn’t eliminate Ann. Is another cast member going to bestow this name on the Android? Or is she going to one day say… “You can call me Ray”?

  5. Based on the suggestions that were eliminated, my guess is the The Android’s name will be either Ianto or Captain Jack. There were just so many Torchwood related names there. Looking forward to the reveal and so glad that Zoie had so much input. It speaks volumes about you, Joe, to collaborate with the performer. It is part of what makes Dark Matter so special.

  6. Oh, please let there be an episode with Amanda and Zoie!!! 😍 That would be the best EVER!!!

  7. Hey! Wish Zoie would call just Zoie, even in Dark Matter. Suppose, it would be funny and just cute;)

  8. Team Zolozzi rules! Looking forward to the big reveal. Hope it’s not H.A.L. – and involves pod bay doors. Reese would have been nice – tribute to Terminator series. How about Cam? (but it’s been done). Leia or Carrie or Fisher would be nice. It really was a good idea not to include our participation in the naming process, can you imagine the amt of names you’d get?

    You do need to auction/privately offer Henry Fong’s work! I’d buy a piece for a reasonable price. Donate the money to get better food services! Fantastic pic above. That had better be Anders pulling an unconscious Three across a desolate planet.

    Speaking of Three, are you still accepting mailbag questions? If so, was just rewatching S1Ep7. Will we ever learn how Three came by that scar on his face? Will we see Sarah again via real time, AU or flashback?

    Happy Friday! Thank goodness today was my Friday!

  9. It’s Reese, or Rhys, isn’t it? You said before that it had a Stargate connection. Or was that before the top 10 list and all the dwindling?

    Been doing a SGA rewatch as it’s on TV right now, two episodes a night, and I was able to start right at the beginning. Caught something last night in the episode “Sunday” that I don’t remember from before: Zalenka’s little chess tournament list of winnings including “Dr. Mallozzi’s entire Anime DVD collection”.

    Would this be the same Dr. Mallozzi who wrote that book, “Latin for the Novice” so many years ago? Nice to see he found a job on the Atlantis expedition! 😉

    -Mike A.

  10. Oh, Joe…you’re such a tease! I’m so glad that the Zobot is finally getting a name. Probably a good thing you didn’t let the fans name her. England asked the public to vote on the name of a new ship, and they came up with Boaty McBoatface. True story. Google it. 🙂

  11. Henry Fong’s work is stunning. Just stunning. This particular one reminds me of what you could see in a cut scene in Mass Effect.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the name. I started looking at some “A” names and I like Ailani (Ah-LAN-ee) which means high chief. It sounds like something not “earthly” like “Sarah.” So many, many names. I can’t wait to see what you…deliver? Oh God, I couldn’t help myself. LOL.

  12. Ep 10!? This is good practice in patience, lots and lots of patience. My choice for a name would be Kick, Idris or Europa.

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