A little something from concept artist Henry Fong for Episode 303…



Holy crap!  Three weeks of production complete!


Director Bruce McDonald – the master of ceremonies.


First blocking – Craiger, Joe, Dave, and Brad.


Do NOT go in there!


Script Supervisor Brad Wethlery joins the club.  Dashing, no?


So what’re we doing in the systems control room?


An unwelcome guest?


Last night’s dinner with Torri Higginson (Dark Matter’s Commander Truffault and Stargate’s Commander Elizabeth Weir), four steaks: A5 Kobe Black Tajima from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan; A5 Black Tajima from Gunma Prefecture, Japan; AAco Westholme Wagyu from Queensland, AUS; Mishima Reserve Wagyu from CO, USA. And sides.


The occasion?


And the Birthday Gal.

Don’t forget!  You have until Monday night to post your questions for Dark Matter Director Ron Murphy (of such episodes as the season 3 premiere, the season 3 finale, and the show’s wildest episode ever – Episode 304)!

The weekend is upon us.  Finally, I can break this endless cycle of meetings, writing and rewrites by just concentrating on writing and rewrites!

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Happy Birthday Tori!


Birthday gal has definitely earned more than that little cookie for dessert! LOL

Love Henry’s episode 303 art!


Had no idea they were serving the Colorado Mishima in Toronto. Personally I wasn’t all that terribly impressed with it, Albeit, I’m sure all 4 were fairly juicy & tasty and it looked to be a beautiful birthday meal choice.

Hope you will let us know what the vet said about Suji tomorrow.?

As you said, it’s probably just an infection.

Have you had the vet do a labs work up yet to check for diabetes? Poor bladder control and/or frequent infection are symptoms. Was she drinking a lot of water the other day before the bed time accident occurred?

Sounds like you might be a bit over due to pick up some diapers to keep on hand for those ‘just in case’ nights.

They are relatively inexpensive and a whole lot less of a hassle to deal with than the ton of laundry & dry cleaning you and Akemi had to take care of earlier this week.



Happy Birthday Torri!!!!

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

Unwelcome guest gives the creeps, hehe. Henry’s art is fantastic! *_*

Margaret Clayton

Looking good! Applies to every picture posted…


Do NOT go in there……the systems control room? Yikes…..why not! 😱

Fantastic concept art, again from Henry Fong 👍
@ArtofHenryFong on Twitter and definitely worth following!


Henry Fong’s art is amazing. Three weeks into production already? Time flies when you are having fun. I hope.

Belated Happy Birthday to Torri.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

I’m loving Henry Fong’s concept art. Maybe you could sell some pieces to fund a laser cannon or a rec room for the Raza.

You probably wouldn’t enjoy eating a meal with me…sides, I’d share, the steak would be “hands off”. It all looks delicious. How was it? Is that a candle in a raspberry? And a Birthday cookie?

B R U C E!!

Questions for Ron:
Pretty mech everything Ponytail has asked plus…

Most influential director whose work has inspired you?
How important is a musical score in completing/complimenting your work?
Favorite composer?
Action vs dialogue. Which do you prefer to direct?
Favorite movie scene – one you can watch over and over again?
Guilty pleasure movie, show or book?

Thanks for taking time out to answer all these questions. Looking forward to all your episodes this season especially Ep 4…it’s suppose to be EPIC!

Evita Garcia
Evita Garcia

She’s a cutie. Torie is 28 this year? smile