Hot on the heels of one fantastic Dark Matter fan Q&A (see yesterday’s Roger Cross-dedicated entry) comes another.  Director Ron Murphy (director of such episodes as: The one where FIVE mines her memories and finds out how she got on the ship, The one where FOUR kills his former mentor Akita, The one where the Android uses the upgrade to go undercover as a human, The one where almost everyone gets blown up on that space station, and another three this upcoming season including the premiere, finale, and the totally bananas Episode 304) wants to hear from YOU!  Post your questions for Ron in the comments of this blog.  You have until Monday night!


Yesterday morning I received a sign that Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 would NOT be one of my best days.  That sign was our new (old) pug Suji peeing in the bed.  At 5:30 a.m.  I suspect this is the result of a bladder infection and not poor housebreaking habits or general insolence.  So, we’ve made an appointment to visit the vet Friday night.  And did a mess of laundry.  And packed up our comforters to drop off at the dry cleaners.

Then, on my way in to work, I saw a pedestrian get hit by a car.  It was morning dark and she was crossing against a red light in a no-crossing zone.  The car wasn’t going that fast but it did send her tumbling, head over heels.  Attempts to coax into a car for a ride to the hospital proved unsuccessful and she scampered off, no doubt to thank her lucky stars for the close call…and, later that night, curse them for the aching back that’ll probably creep on her.

I got to the office 15 minutes before call, set up my laptop, and got to work on my script, marveling at how quiet the place was and how fortunate I’d been to snag a parking spot right out front.  Wait!  Quiet?!  Parking spot out front?!  I checked the callsheet and, sure enough, we were shooting at our other stage.  I hopped into the car and zipped over, just in time for first blocking.

A great Marauder day with Director Ron Murphy calling the shots.  There was a special guest star and laughs and even a few tears shed.

At one point, actress Zoie Palmer came by my office to discuss a name for her Android.  We’d had two weeks to go away and come back with three suggestions each.  I actually came back with two.  She had seven.  We kind of, sort of, agreed on one (with a surprising Stargate connection!).  But we’ve yet to commit, so discussions are ongoing.

Today, we’re in the infirmary for Day #2 of Episode 302 (which is actually shooting in the #3 slot) with Director Bruce McDonald at the helm…


Concept piece for the Ishida holo-tablet c/o Props Master Victoria Klein.


1st Assistant Art Director/Set Designer Karl Crosby shows off his robot arm.


Construction continues on the Ishida research facility.


Details!  Details!


B Dolly Grip Phil Calambakas represents on Cat Shirt Thursday.


Sound Recordist Rachelle Audet makes do with a cat pin.

For my part, I actually bought a bunch of cat t-shirts before the season started…but keep forgetting to wear them.

img_4471 img_4468

On Set Dresser Mean Jean Brophey looking tough(ish).img_4477

While Executive Producer Jay Firestone negotiates a tableful of notes.

Dinner tonight with belated birthday gal Torri Higginson (Dark Matter’s Commander Delaney Truffault).  We’re gonna wagyu it up!!!

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Margaret Clayton

Poor Suji. And yeah, doing a bedding change at zero dark thirty just sucks.

Scary for the pedestrian, I hope she is truly okay.


Joe please do not approve if you feel inappropriate.
My apologies for interrupting the blog.
Below is a link to the inhumane way the Japanese were treated – herded into internment camps.
Trump surrogates – say there is a precedent for a Muslim (and possibly other) registries. That precedent is this!.


Ugh what a start to your day. Looks like it got better though.


The next bedwetting won’t be as hard to recover from since you know what to expect. We keep one of these on-hand for the youngest. Your tiny dog wouldn’t need one nearly that big.

People who just got hit by a car are terrible judges of whether or not they’re hurt. A boy in my high school got hit and was standing around soaking up all the attention from girls who witnessed it, when he suddenly yelled out and took the weight off his leg. The adrenaline wore off and his foot was broken.


Aww, poor Suji. And poor Joe and Akemi! Oh well, everyone’s entitle to a little accident once in a while. Hopefully the vet will find what’s up and she’ll be right in no time.

I still think that robotic arm looks like some kind of torture device from the Death Star!


I’m glad you’re finding out more about Suji now instead of later. I had read her bio, and it mentioned something about living in a barn at one time. She must’ve had a bad dream to wet the bed. Hopefully the vet can solve her problem.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Happy Birthday Tori!

Poor little Suji! Hopefully, it’s a problem the vet can clear up with meds.

It would have been more unlucky if “you” had been hit by a car. Also, pretty lucky for the lady, that she wasn’t seriously injured. She’s probably still discovering bruises.

FYI, I’m trying to focus on the positive (my New Year’s resolution from last year). I’m probably driving everyone crazy with my “positives” but I feel better. wink

Hey, y’all send good thoughts to Narelle please. Both of her fur babies, Ralph and Jack, are very sick. Last update, she said Jack’s kidneys weren’t great but Ralph was a little better. Those boys must have found some trouble in the woods again. sad

Everyone looked cute with their kitty shirts. Loved that pin Rachelle!

Questions for Ron Murphy: How did you become a director? Can you change the dialogue or do you need the writers permission? What’s your favorite DM episode so far? Thanks Mr. Murphy!!!!



Hopefully today’s events will mean the rest of the week will be fantastic!

And Happy Birthday Torri!

And if anyone is thinking of a Christmas Present for me (mostly aimed at Barb), I really, really, need that Sons With Arthritis shirt! grin


The cure for your cat-shirt dilemma? Keep a few at the office.


Joe is it possible that Suji’s problem is a sudden change in diet?

As to the Android’s, Zoie Palmer’s name, thank you!

I have the opinion as you probably know that she is part of the crew and should be named as such.
The Android was the 7th to be woken and to have her identity wiped. but she still is a mechanical construct and part of the name should be a homage, and needs to be attributed to her heritage. So, 7, or A (Alpha, the beginning) an (on ships name), and Addrion (Android).plus a suitable last name reference to her heritage.


Wishing good things for Suji.

The Ishida tablet is very cool. I have always enjoyed the marriage of new technology and old. (IE: the wooden handles on the tablet). Not steampunk, per se. But like in that case with technology and nature.

Happy belated birthday, Torri!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

P.S. We are eagerly awaiting news on Suji…..

JeffW: Too funny! I hope you find that shirt.


Now that I back to being more fangirly –
Very happy that our Android will have a name…really looking forward to your reveal.
Happy birthday to Tori
Hopeful that maybe some of Suji’s issue may be one of still getting adjusted to her surroundings. BUt…I know you will be at the vet to be sure.

and now for my OCD for MaggieL – 26 weeks


Will we get to vote on the Android’s name?
I hope the lady who got hit by the car knows a good chiropractor.
Poor Suji.
“Sons with Arthritis!” Hahaha Love it.


Hope suji’s infection is easily curable. Sorry to hear you had such a tough day.
And yeah… to what our lovely Gilder said – “just keep some cat shirts at the office” eh. I really liked the one that got sent to you as an anonymous gift this year. It was definitely cool!

For Ron Murphy: :Keep up the great work!. Happy Holidays to you and your family from Drea + Team at NS101 ed group. We are all big fans! <3

Happy Birthday Tori! xoxox <3 xoxox Hope the steaks were delicious!

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

Happy Brithday to Tori. ♥
Well, that was an eventful morning.
It would be nice if you could tell us all of the name suggestions so we can guess which one did you finally choose. smile


Sending hugs n warm thoughts for Narelle’s fur babies. Hope both are able to bounce back. xo Will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

@Tam please let Dr Jo know She is still in my thoughts, heart & prayers daily. Wishing her a very warm happy holiday filled with much joy & Love <3


“Yesterday morning I received a sign that Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 would NOT be one of my best days. That sign was our new (old) pug Suji peeing in the bed. At 5:30 a.m.”

Poor sweet baby!! Did she have an infection? Maybe some diapers at night if it keeps happening.

“Then, on my way in to work, I saw a pedestrian get hit by a car.”

OMG!! That’s horrible. I’ve seen that before too. It will stick with you forever. Mine was a teenager who broke both legs. Horrible.

“I got to the office 15 minutes before call, set up my laptop, and got to work on my script, marveling at how quiet the place was and how fortunate I’d been to snag a parking spot right out front. Wait! Quiet?! Parking spot out front?!”



Now, that is an eventful start to to your day!

The devil is definitely in the detail – S.O.L.I.S.

Questions for Ron Murphy –
What do you first do when you receive the script?
Do you have a process you follow each time, or is it different for every script?


Some questions for Director Murphy…

What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid and now?

How did you start directing science fiction?

How do you put your personal touch in an episode if you have to keep the continuity flowing?

And because no one has asked yet and I love to hear the answers…

Cat or dog?

Favorite color?

Favorite dessert?

Read or watch TV?

Hardest job you have ever had?

Any away-from-work hobbies?

The most unpleasant thing about your job?

The most awesome thing about you job?

Your favorite director of all time?

Thank you Ron Murphy for lending your directory skills to Dark Matter! I love all those episodes you have helped bring to life!


Poor Suji. Bedding can be washed and if it went through to the mattress, I swear by this stuff. I hate to say it but we’ve used it for Patrick’s accidental bed wetting too:

Witnessing a person getting hit by a car? Is it not a law that someone has to call the police at least? I hope they wound up being okay other than some muscle pain. Scary stuff.

By the time the third thing happened, I bet you were feeling like maybe you should just go home. But it sounds like it wound up being a good day on set. I’m writing this on Saturday so I’ll go to that post to see what you found out at the vet.

I have questions for Ron Murphy. Let’s see if I can get to them before the questions close.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

A Happy Belated Birthday to Tori, hope you had a nice celebration & a delicious meal!

Poor Suji…and poor Joe & Akemi…hopefully Suji is doing better. Does she have an UTI!

I continue to be amazed by all of your creative departments. Can’t wait to see the holo-tablet in action. That robotic arm looks menacing. And emergency oxygen might be important for the S.O.L.I.S. Escape Pod.