While I was back in the office, working on this latest script, production on season 3 continued at the Ishida Palace in Kitchener, Ontario Zairon.  In tribute to Dark Matter’s latest biggest bad, here are some family portraits c/o the spectacular Roxanne Borris, 1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics…

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Emperor Ishida Tetsuya

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Empress Ishida (Li Na) Katsumi

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Emperor Ishida Hiro

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Emperor Ishida Ryo

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Speaking of the Art Department, this is your last chance to post your questions for Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock – shipbuilder, space station manufacturer, and  futuristic wheelchair assembler.

Tomorrow, another BIG behind-the-scenes guest Q&A announcement!

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Pursuant to yesterday’s hi-rez render of the Ishida Research Station, here’s a breakdown of the station itself.  We were very particular about the look as the script for Episode 302 requires a very specific look.  Anyway, here ya go if you’re interested in building your own space station.  Please direct all accolades to concept artist Jeff Bartzis.

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

And, of course, what recent blog entry would be complete without the requisite photo of the latest addition to our family, 11 year old Suji – here modeling the new outfit Akemi picked up for her the other day.  All toasty warm for the Toronto winter.

We take her for a carpet walk every day to exercise her gimpy gambs.

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

Meanwhile, the Thelma & Louise of our floor continue to bond.

December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 Of 91!

21 thoughts on “December 6, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 13 of 91!

  1. Those family portraits make me wishful for happier times in the Ishida court. Wait, I guess those weren’t that happy either. Never mind! 🙂

    That space/research station looks amazing. The detail that goes into these concepts never fails to impress me.

    I wish I could think of a good question to ask Ian. I’m too satisfied I guess to just sit back and enjoy his excellent work.

    How impossibly cute is Suji? What a doll. She looks like she’s doing pretty darn good with those legs in the hallway run. That last picture of her and Lulu pretty much sum up my level of ambition today.

  2. Question for Production Designer Ian Brock- what has been your biggest design challenge for Dark Matter so far, and did the result of that challenge work out the way you hoped? Have we seen it or will we be seeing it this season?

  3. Maybe Lulu likes Suji so much because she doesn’t take up much room in the doggie bed, yet is still nice and warm. Thanks for the obligatory daily dose of Suji.

  4. I thought there was no sound on that video until the end and I heard all the smacking. 😆

  5. Suji seems so sweet. It’s hard to imagine what could have made her owner give her up. 🙁
    Love her new outfit! I think pink is a good look for Suji. I’m glad Lulu and Bubba accept her too.

    There are good questions for Ian. Should keep him busy. Did he piss you off or something? 😉

  6. Aw-w-w… Lulu and Suji are so sweet. Very glad they made friends and Bubba too!

    I bet the carpet walks are doing Suji good. Did the vet say why she has weakness in her hindquarters? Could it be a similar issue as Lulu’s? Speaking of which, she looks stronger & steadier too!

    I really don’t have a question for Ian, but I do admire his creative work.
    Good night all…

  7. What a sweet little girl she is. 🙂 Perfect addition to your family. LOVED the portrait of you all the other day. <3 Good health and best wishes, Suji-san!

  8. How many videos have we seen of Lulu practically pushing Bubba out of the bed? This is so adorable.

    Still oohing and awing over the Ishida “Tower”. Will we get to see the daring scene in which rebel soldiers escape with the secret blueprints that reveal the location of the stolen blink drive….wait, wrong show….

    May the Ishida family RIP…yes, even Ryo, he’s still dead to me!!

    Go Ian!

  9. Hello,
    sorry first my long silence!
    We are 1200 lawyers of the provincial government on strike since 7 weeks !
    I know, nobody will cry for us but, it is long and it will continue.
    Thank you for your support.
    Looking forward to see the nesxt season you are cooking for us !

  10. The research station is fab.

    There are already some great questions for Ian, and I look forward to his replies.
    I love the work you do, Ian and can’t wait to see all the things you’ve got in store for Season 3, and beyond 😎

    Go Thelma and Louise! 👍

  11. Questions for Production Designer Ian Brock: how much of the designs are specified in the script and how much is left up to you? For example, if a spacecraft has a weapon that’s used (or gets blown up) as part of the plot, I assume it’s mentioned specifically in the script, along with things like, e.g. the general look of a spacecraft (beat up freighter, sleek corporate shuttle, etc), but how much of the rest is left up to you? Does it vary by script (i.e. do some writers have very solid ideas how how things should look, while other are more vague)? Have you ever had some detail that you designed that wasn’t originally specified buy the writers come back and get folded into the plot of a later episode now that the writers know exactly what something looks like on screen?

    Sorry, these are a lot of questions, but thank you for your time and for the great work on the show: it really feels like a lived in universe, with a lot of distinct cultures.

  12. Quite remarkable portraits of the Ishida dynasty. Nice one Roxanne! And a great render of the Ishida Research Station. Top marks yet again for the Art Dept and to Art Dept boss man, Ian.
    So, Joe … what are they researching at the research station? Is it just the blink drive or something more …

    Lil’ Lulu looks so proud of her new friend. So sweet.

  13. Aw! Suji with those big eyes and teeny tiny paws! She’s such a sweetie and she looks so comfy in her cute outfit. She even manages to look dignified with an octopus on her head. I’m glad she’s bonding with Lulu, is Lulu in better spirits now that she has a new friend?

  14. The picture of Suji laying splayed out on the bed rims is too adorable. She really walks great with that harness you got for her. I’m glad Lulu and Suji are bonding so well. Pink is a good color for Suji.

    That research station specs are incredible.

  15. back in commission!! I must say the Ishida Research Station looks like Martin Luther rehab center where I spend 4 months rehabting after my accident down at the warehouse district in MSP. One more thing cars and bikes don’t mix.
    where your Helmut! (That’s near the light rail station, Gay90s, and De la Sal High School-aka river rats) I remember strolling up and down the halls to sleep and get my meals. No dog were allowed but doesn’t mean squirrels or wild geese both growing in numbers unlike your clan. You are working on season 3 of Dark Matter. I just watch “stuff to steal, people it kill”. Well named and great story. I especially liked Two’s new outfit. Will we see more like that next season? Not sure if it is in my therapy schedule but I will risk it. (not sure if here is a penalty for not writing, but the icon has changed.) MY Mom just bought Teddy his First Set of winter shoes. What a Lad, what a trooper. He did have a problem walking, but he got the hag of it. I thought that was the video I would see here.

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