One week down, eighteen to go!  We are blazing through production on Dark Matter’s third season – which is both exhilarating and terrifying considering there are still plenty of scripts still to be written.  Thank goodness for weekends, the Christmas holidays and, later this season when we’re up against it, the hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.!


Director Ron Murphy holds court in the Raza mess.  I don’t think these guys went home last night.


Hey, check it out!  New triptych image for the mess.  A little touch of home.


Qu’est-ce que c’est?  Why, yes, it IS a space ukulele.  And it was designed by Juan Carlos Noguera Cardoza.  Check it out his amazing work here.

Today’s wacky on-set highlights: Song! Dance! Spoons! Booze! French! The not-clock!


Straight down the barrel!  The incredible Michael Reventar is Ash.


Building the robotic arm (Episode 302).  Plans, 3D printing, parts, and assembly.


Which reminds me – Production Designer Ian Brock has suggested we upload the NEW, ultra-detailed 3D specs of the Raza so that fans can build their own at home.

Our Art Department 3D printer is getting a pretty good workout so far this season. So much so that Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok suggested that the next 3D build should be a bigger 3D printer.

For the final instalment of Joe’s fashion feature, I decided to go FULL TARTAN!

img_3408 img_3412 img_3410 img_3416 img_3421

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Wow! Now that is a sharp outfit. You saved the best for last.

Margaret Clayton

Wait, tartan shoes?!?!?! Entirely too slick. Nice.

I have a friend who may desperately need a space ukulele. He plays ironic indie songs and acoustic versions of punk anthems.


Huge thumbs-up from me for your full tartan ensemble 👍

Who’s Ash aiming at, I wonder?

The triptych is fab. The comment I made a few days ago about something for a contest, involves this! My idea was for people to send in their own landscape photos and you could decide on a favourite to use for the triptych display for an episode. The prize would be their name in the end credits. Does this sound feasible as a possible contest? 😊


PS – Talking of contests, did anyone successfully guess the two props and the episodes they were featured in? 😎


I’m sad that the fashion corner is over. I hope there are intermittent updates.
I like the tartan. The cuff-links are an especially nice touch. Although, it’s unexpected and a bit worrisome that you have shoes to match.


Wow – even the shoes!! Very cool!

Question for the next mailbag: Where do you buy all those cool shoes? May have to invest in a pair for the hubby for Christmas or his birthday.


Ok. time to take a break from another day of work and life overload.
Oh well, eh.
At least I had a nice relaxing morning before things got crazy again
and Gforce sent me the truly nicest relaxation audio track. xo.
Thanks! xo.
Definitely plan to listen later
when I get through all the reports n such
that need to be finished and ready to go out by tomorrow morning.

Oh no-ya-didnt!
Dont you Dare make my heart swoon Joseph Mallozzi!!.
Gee, What’d ya do?
Rummage through web archive bins
to find an old bio of mine
and learn I had a thing for the look of Scottish men? grin
I also have a thing for men who wear full faced
beard and mustache.
The kind that are kept well groomed at chin length
so I’m sure you can imagine the giant crush I had instantly developed
on actor Sean Connery for a little while
when he donned a full faced beard and mustache like that,
even though I never once found him physically attractive before that.
Robert Redford too. Never found him all that incredible sexy
– until he sported
a full faced beard and mustache.
Then, all of a sudden, I absolutely couldn’t resist!
My eyes would be glued
to the tv screen every time he made an appearance anywhere! <3
Can't seem to help it really. It's sort of like my kryptonite.


@ceresis Love your contest idea
Unfortunately, it wouldnt be fair.
Everyone knows @Gforce
is the best landscape photographer in our blog family
so, no question, he would win, hands down,
every single time! xo


Okay tartan day .. you look fantastic. But how about a kilt? smile

Wow, 6 of 91!


Joe I vote that the Fashion Corner be a yearly addition to the blog showing a monthly calendar photo for the fashion minded.
Of course you have to be sure to be on the search throughout the year for the matching items. smile LOL

You should post for sale a calendar of the twelve best of the them, for this coming years Calendar. And to go along with it a sales shop for all the nick-nacks and Dark matter stuff that are created by the art department.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

How cool…just hanging in the Raza mess, drinking, chatting, and planning universal domination.

Love the triptych image and @ceresis’s idea of a triptych contest. And yes, @gforce would win hands down but Jeff T would give him a good run.

Who is going to play that space ukulele? Love the design. Did you happen to see Juan’s crossbow electric cello? It’s a musical instrument and a weapon.

Is it just me, this Ash fellow looks like a bad guy? I’m beginning to believe that the “kill shot” is going to be justly deserved.

Absolutely adore the tartan flare!


Hi Joe
@drea Yes, I would tend to agree about gforce’s strengths with a camera, BUT, I haven’t seen anything by @ceresis yet. Maybe,just maybe @ceresis is a great shot…


Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

That picture rocks!

The shoes look tartan too. Interesting and cool!


To celebrate the start of the weekend AND of course, your inspirational blogversary, I cooked up my favourite fried eggs for breakfast with lashings of tomato ketchup 😊 Mmm….

Interesting link to Juan Carlos Noguera Cardoza’s website. Quite amazing engineering there!
Love the Art dept robotic arm … looking a tad sinister as is the character of Ash. I can’t wait to see how his character fits in with the storyline and how his character develops….. (before he dies!?)

Love your final fashion ensemble … but ooow Joe, you let yourself down 😶 …. where’s the KILT?!!!


Like the Tartan look. smile

Casey Van Cleve
Casey Van Cleve

Ok, that is all really cool, but HOW do you tie that tie?


@Elminster hmmmmm. gee. You could be right?

Ok @ceresis. You been holdin’ out on us??? spill, eh!!

Show us what ya got! smile


@gforce does indeed take fab photos 👍
And I agree @MaggieL80 that @JeffT also takes some greats shots 👍

@Drea @Elminster I do enjoy taking photos, but are they any good? I don’t know LOL I just photograph things that capture my eye!
I’ve popped one of them onto my Twitter (done triptych-style!)
You tell me…… 😊

If anyone is on Instagram them my username is the same as here, there are some more photos on there – of all sorts of things lol


Love the new mess picture.

Love Ian Brock’s idea. I wonder how much a 3-D printer costs. Or maybe I can pay @JeffW for the materials? Or maybe my friend Nikolai can help me. He made me a 3-D tiny giraffe. I love it. I don’t have painting skills so it remains in its original 3-D form. Which reminds me to ask, is Akemi going to paint the Raza gift?

Full Tartan is a good look for you.

@Ceresis64 That is a beautiful photo! How does one do a triptych picture. Is it an app?


@PBMom Many thanks 😊 This triptych was done using Actions in Photoshop 👍


@ceresis64 Ah… I don’t have Photoshop