What a difference a script makes.  I practically wrote Episode 304 over the course of a weekend, blazing through an astounding 32 pages in a single day!  Compare this to the script I’m presently writing which has progressed at a somewhat less blistering rate of a page a day.  In all fairness though, Episode 304 was pretty bonkers bananas looney toons whereas this episode focuses on some pretty heavy reveals – among them, the surprising link in the origins of two of our crew members.  I’ve had the beats in my head for a loooong time and, now, it’s a matter of finding a way to do deliver this story in a cool, captivating, comprehensible narrative.  THIS is the one many of you have been clamoring for, so I want to make sure I don’t disappoint!

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

I was up well into the wee hours last night, staring up at the ceiling, hammering out the little surprises I have in store for this particular tale, finally falling asleep way past bedtime – only to have Lulu (and her upset tummy) wake me up twice! But, this morning, I was up at the crack of dawn (ish) so that we could meet up with Jodelle (aka FIVE) for our weekly trip to the local farmer’s market. Fish and veggies for Akemi and I while J2 picked up some chocolate milk, potato soup, and a way too small jar of maple butter.  Following a veggie (ish) lunch for our veggie gal, we stopped by Soma for a chocolate medley.

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

We dropped by the dog park, just long enough for one of the big dogs to jump up one Akemi and soil her new coat with his muddy (well, I hope it was mud!) paws.

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)! November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

And back to our place for some down doggy time.  While I know Jodelle has some pretty big fans, I really can’t imagine any bigger than Bubba and Lulu.

So, hey, I’m thinking of going with a whole new look for 2017.  Renee Chan, Dark Matter’s Key Hair, gave me a few makeovers to choose from.  What do you think? Cast your vote below!

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

So youthful!

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

So distinguished!

November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and By You I Mean Me)!

So evil!

Cast your vote!

22 thoughts on “November 26, 2016: Scripts! Saturday! A New You (and by You I mean Me)!

  1. I picked blonde, but really I like your actual look better. It’s just you!

    So cool to see Jodelle there and that you’re helping her feel at home. . She seems like such a nice gal.

    You want some maple butter? I can send you some good New Brunswick stuff!

  2. I really like the hipster Ivon B look on you Joe. But then the Evil Magician one is also pretty rad. It’s classy.

  3. Alas, our blog tribute month is almost at an end. Just two more tributes after today! Next up for you, Joe, is a message from the lovely Maggie:

    “Hey Joe, just a shout out from Maggie L80 (or PeaceMel on Twitter). Wishing you a “Happy 10 Year Blog Anniversary”! Talented, creative, artistic, visionary and imaginative are all words that can be used to describe your genius. Because that’s what you are, a sci-fi genius. The worlds that you have created in Dark Matter, SG-1, SGA, & SGU are amazingly brilliant. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the refuge that I can escape into on a bad day. Many, many years ago I was undergoing a treatment for ocular histoplasmosis. At that time the treatment of choice was photodynamic therapy which involved a chemical that made you sun sensitive. So for 3 days I’d have to stay shut inside my house hiding from the sun and I took refuge into the world of SG-1, watching pretty much the whole time I was secluded. Since then when I’ve had a “low” time in my life, your shows have found a way of making things “not so bad”. I’m utterly, totally addicted to DM & it’s cast. I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony, Roger, Melissa, Jodelle & Zoie at DragonCon this year and had the opportunity to make new friends from connecting through your daily blog. I am grateful for the impact you have made in my life. Thank you very much! Raising a glass to another 10 years!!!


  4. Ooo some tough choices there! But all very handsome, so what ever wins will be great.

    I’ve spent my day watching Big Ten football…at 6.5 hours right now…some big games today, starting with #2 vs #3 in the national rankings. #3 had to win to claim the division title; they lost. So #2 is waiting to see the outcome of the game I’m watching now, as they lost to the team that is currently winning, so THAT team will take the division title. But they’re only ranked #7. They’ll play for the conference championship next week against the #6 ranked team. The Big Ten has a lot of nationally ranked teams this year, so it’s a little crazy. And that’s what’s happening to me after 6.5 hours of non-stop football….sigh.

  5. Ooo… Hope the script you’re carefully writing at present, fulfils everything you wish it to be (if that makes sense) and that NOBODY interferes with a rewrite demand! (If they dare to suggest one, just send them over to me & they’ll quickly realise they got it wrong again!)

    Poor Akemi in her new coat! I hope the owner of bad dog apologised!

    That’s a lovely photo of Jodelle and Lulu. Hope things are improving for little Lulu and the upset tummy was another one off.

    Now, these ‘new you’ pix …
    #1 You look abit Gary Numan X Billy Idol with a hint of Timelord.
    #2 an Edwardian Nicholas Cage
    #3 strangely like Kevin Spacey?!
    As to which one to choose … hmm … will have to sleep on that!
    (I bet I can guess which one @Drea will choose … if she hasn’t had a heart faint already 😂)

  6. You have struck me many times as a man with a dark side. Thus, the evil magician, or more likely, in an alternate timeline, the Dr. Strange persona fits you to a “Tee”.

  7. While all of them, to me, are rather barf-able, I chose the Fu-Man-Chew look. Evil is your middle name. (I like you just the way you are.) (Unless you want to try and look like Three.) (Then I would like you more.) (I’m sure!) (But don’t go chang’in, to try and please me.) (I love you just the way you are.)

  8. The only choice is Evil for the Baron!

    Re: Yesterday’s blog – Did you really have tartan shoes?

  9. Love your tartan and love your evil magician…woooo!
    Now to pit you and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange.

    Waves at MaggieL – and to continue my OCD, 27 weeks and counting.

  10. I’m surprised the owner let the dog jump on Akemi. Don’t they keep them on leases? Well, she’s ok and I hope the coat is washable. Next time, I hope they’re paying attention. She could have been knocked down.

    I used to hang on to something when those big dogs leaped (with joy) up for attention at the humane society. I’m not large and it didn’t take much for them to get me down on the ground and (possibly) lick me to death. They were poodles in great dane bodies.

    Jodelle has those pups eating out of her hands. Did she bring her dog too?

    I voted for Evil Magician. All of them looked cool though.

    My fingers are sore from all that cyber shopping. We tried going to a few places to shop but the crowds were crazy.

  11. Ha! OMG!. Too Funny! 😀 Thanks Renee
    Definitely needed a really good giggle today..xo

    Very difficult to pick when me eyes are clouded by such delightful sexiness. Can I just roll all three up into one somehow
    and choose them all?

    Hmmmm.. Lets see here:

    I know I’d definitely go with the beard in #2
    (so yes @theotherone you’re correct)
    but on the softer more likable face of #1
    And the hair style should be softer
    (less billy idol * more leaning towards George Clooney
    or maybe even softer like Bob Seger, who I definitely had a big crush on for a while)
    and both the beard & hair should be a natural salt and pepper
    with slightly more salt than pepper.
    or just grey.

    I’ve actually encountered quite a few silver and white bearded men
    who manage to enchant and render me mute
    and a bit week in the knees.


    But seriously Joe:

    You should know
    I loves ya just the way ya are. <3

    Because truly, the sexiest thing to me about any man

    is his character

    And you definitely have a whole lot of that! 😀



  12. Ok here’s a very near perfect bearded man look:

    Its Bob Seger in his leather jacket.

    Now if he happened to have been born Scottish and sported sexy laugh lines at the sides of his eyes the way many a Scotsman do (combined with that sexy salt & pepper look he had going on) I;d have definitely been powerless to resist the force of such powerful kryptonite!.


  13. Joe, I’m sure you nailed this script! Great pics. I always enjoy going to the Farmer’s Market. We actually have a nice one here in Chattanooga and the one in So. Charleston, WV is a must whenever I’m in town.

    I picked the blonde Alternate Joe – blondes have more fun, right?

    Waves back to Sylvia! 27 weeks!

  14. OK. So, after long deliberation, I made a difficult choice …. It boiled down to which look would I choose to trust the most.
    For some reason it was the blonde (in midlife crisis methinks)

    Please, Joe, just stay the way you are! 😊

  15. The blonde looks too much like gray, which would make you look like Akemi’s father. I voted for the evil magician, but beards are nice, too. Anything but blonde. One thought, though: beards tend to come in gray ahead of the hair on the head. That would add years to your appearance, as well.

  16. @MaggieL80 Fab tribute 👍

    Loving the sound of Episode 304 and the surprising link between two crew members.

    Akemi, Jodelle and Soma chocolates make a perfect combination 😎

    @Drea Sean Connery 💛

  17. C’mon. It has to be evil magician. It fits so well, you should only wear black from now on.

  18. That’s funny @Gforce! I picked blond, too. I’m not a big beard/moustache kind of person so that pretty much left only one to choose from. And…it’s kind of cool looking. And you all know how much I like to change my hair color like every 4 weeks. LOL. Although my second choice would be the evil magician and the middle one the last place–if I had to rank them.

    @Maggie L80 Wonderful tribute. Sounds like we are similar in that the blog helped us get through some of the really tough patches in our lives.

    The dogs just love Jodelle. How is Lulu healing? How is the leg drag?

    Glad Akemi and Bubba are okay. If I was that owner, and that happened with Boomer, I would be offering to clean the coat.

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