Guys!  Guys!  Come on!  I had one simple request.  Couldn’t you have saved public discussion on the subject until Monday?

Well, I can honestly say that last night’s season finale of Election 2016 was surprising, but not shocking.  Surprising because almost ALL of the polls were wrong.  Not shocking because polls (which, oh by the way, use a methodology similar to that used to gauge television ratings) have been pretty damn inaccurate lately.  Given burgeoning technological advancements, you’d think predictive modeling would actually get better, not worse.  But we seem to be heading the wrong way down that particular information highway.

Of course, polls that proclaim seismic shifts in voter intention over the course of mere days should set off alarm bells instead of signaling the commencement of victory celebrations.  That would be like resting all your starters with a ten point lead and two minutes to go in the game, or, uh –

Clinton and Democrats are looking past Trump, focusing on winning house and senate seats.

Anyhoo, I’ll just leave this here:

Those polls your reading?  They’re bullshit.

My wholly unscientific opinion survey gives Dark Matter season 3 a 93.67% chance of starting production November 18th.

1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris shows off the cell’s window.


A final pass on the drone by concept artist Henry Fong.  We’re going to lose the color and/or pin-up design and go straight black and grey.


Our Solara Shockley (more on her in next week’s press release!) demonstrates proper choke hold etiquette.


Just letting director Ron Murphy know that whole no-cutting-between-takes approach aint gonna fly.

I continue my casual prep look in advance of my formal production wear next week…


Bubba steals the shot.


It’s a power color, y’know.


Ladybugs because I’m in tune with nature.


And my favorite dogs-riding-bicycles socks.

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Margaret Clayton

Oops. Sorry I jumped the gun. But wow, yikes, eek, and holy shinola.

The ladybugs are darling! Nice choice.

Cheeky Bubba!


ummm why does one of the drones have a image “of someone in either underware or bikini and high heels??”

By the way, how did you get your entire wardrobe from Van to Tor?


Now there’s that charming smile!!




The cell window looks kinda fractal, so I like that. If the drone is going black/grey, I hope it isn’t against a black space background. Wouldn’t that be tough to see? Of course against a blue sky, not so.

Those shoes are my favorites because they have texture/pattern.

Well, I may be the only one to say it, but I’m glad the election is finally over, God knows, and I’m willing to give him a chance. We will see.

Locally, NJ voted for a dedicated fund to store our recently raised gas tax gazillions (+$.23/gallon). Yeah, the better to borrow against the fund and add more debt. because that’s how our legislators roll, the bums. But we also voted down having casinos in North NJ, where’s the fun in that?

Crazy times, crazy times… so glad production is starting Nov. 18th!
More Dark Matter!

Also looking forward to seeing “Arrival” this weekend and really hoping there is no bloody alien jumping out of someone’s chest — I will run for the door.


Looks like the “normal” margin of error for polls there is 100-200% …

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

How did you pack all these clothes? Jackets, slacks, shirts, socks, shoes, cuff links, pocket squares, and ties – you had to have had at least 2 huge suitcases dedicated to this. Not to mention your undergarments. Is Akemi your fashion consultant?

Who is this Miss Shockly? Gearing up for S3. So Excited!!

My friends are in shock & I’m just numb. I want to apologize to the world for the next 4 yrs. I was looking this morning on what it would take to get a license in Canada.


Loving the red shoes.

…. They’re NOT red? Darn it!

Eileen Cahill
Eileen Cahill

I’m enjoying the fabulous suits, but I’ve been a little out of touch: is there a reason you are showing us your amazing wardrobe?

And as for the election: the next four years will be an interesting social experiment. Sorry if we let the cat out of the bag….


The drone makes me think of a Transformer bug. Especially the one with the yellow stripe on the top. The sides look like they have legs wearing boots. Very cute!

I second the question on how you managed to pack all these items??


Ladybugs are so in; Don’t Breathe featured them as symbols of hope and resilience which is what we need in a world where fashion icon Bubba barges into your sartorial pics as if to say “put me in a bowtie and I will out-dress you!”

Who is Solara? Judging from the big smiles you guys are wearing while she doles out the krav magra I’m guessing she’s pretty fabulous.


Seriously – do you have an extra room?
Been to Van and loved all that the city has to offer – LOL…no I did not help to crash the Immigration server. Actually looked at it some time ago.

Yes..”he” said the right things on election night. BUT…
…will he remember what he said and committed to?
…will his surrogates follow that “mandate?”

I have to share:
..spoke with someone from the middle east who is very concerned about the next 4 years. What tore my heart is hearing that his wife is very anxious because she wears traditional head covering. She is now fearful again.

All those who do not subscribe to the way he treats people and encourages others to tear down and disrespect people –
WE need to lead by example – to be the safety net when we see someone disrespecting women, other races, those who follow other religions etc.
WE will need to speak up, and probably have to pray that we do not get shot or torched, but to be silent is wrong.

WE have to do the right thing.
ok…sorry, climbing off soapbox.
My apologies for the rant.


Just for the record…. he is not my president. I had nothing to do with electing a racist, bigot, serial molester, no experience pathological liar.

I could use a shot of your Whiskey right about now.

Jeremy Tarone
Jeremy Tarone

That choke hold is also how to snap someones neck. Just FYI.


Just for the record….

No offense meant towards Mr. Joseph….but Bubba *always* **always** steals the shot.

…Akemi sometimes too.


I love that picture of you and Bubba. What was on the wall that was so interesting? Does the dry wall taste good?

Totally agree with Sylvia and Ponytail. A narcissistic sociopath has the reigns for his reign. I hope people continue to protest PEACEFULLY every single night. It’s our constitutional right. I understand the anger, but when people use violence to get across their message, it usually backfires.

You have to understand that his mentor was Roy Cohn who was the attorney for McCarthy of the McCarthy hearings that accused people of being “communists. Roy Cohn was the prosecutor. He also was heavily influenced by Norman Vincent Peale. (per the PBS Documentary Frontline: The Choice which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube). The Roy Cohn connection signals very bad things for this country.

On the local front, all the candidates I voted for on our Township, notably all the ones who opposed putting a major road through that will make things a lot worse for our community, were elected. The other side spent a LOT of money to try to drive fear into people that the people opposing them were going to incorporate our town which will raise our taxes 75%. People are upset about our tax rate increasing — well let me rephrase because this is a heavy Republican county — our tax rate remains steady or goes down but they are assessing our properties to their maximum limits each year. (they can’t raise them any more than 10% each year). What they were selling was not true insofar as we have 50 years to decide on incorporation into Houston or into Conroe or because our own city. Interesting the $2.5 million surplus we had that they were putting aside for that hopeful incorporation somewhere down the line was voted on (by the people who no longer have these positions) to use in the general fund. So that’s now gone. Also two of the county commissioners want this road to go through because they have financial interests in developing that properties and have told investors that the taxpayers will build the roads into their areas. These commissioners are facing trial right now for violating the Open Meetings Act. I hope they go to jail.

@2cats I’m hopeful that Christie will stand trial for Bridgegate