Great news!  For me.  I pushed through that pesky hitherto unyielding scene and made it to the top of Act II.  Along the way, I finally got to write that pre-mindwipe Raza crew flashback scene.  Oh, that’s a keeper.




The final look of “the chair”, compliments of Lee Fitzgerald at North Front Studio.

Now, all the art department has to do is build it!


Costumer Designer Noreen Landry dropped by today to show off the new Ferrous Corp guard masks.  Once we tint the lenses, they’ll look downright nefarious.


Also, a concept sketch for a new outfit.  But who’ll be wearing it?  My money’s on SIX!

Speaking of outfits, today’s ensemble… 


All business.


The pocket square had a bit of an emerald forest theme.


So it was only appropriate I went with the frog cuffs.



Matching belt and tie with digital camo socks.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Probably a new U.S. President, which is why we all filled out sheets for the Quadrennial Electoral College Pool.  My prediction: 269-269 with the tiebreaker dance-off!

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Congrats on finishing the scene!!

We need to get you frog socks.


Wot no green shoes!?
Joe, you’re slipping abit there!


The chair is looking great!

This is definitely the most traditional look so far, but I love those little touches of the cufflinks and the square.

Margaret Clayton

Malachite frogs, I am swooning.

I am avoiding the TV, and now FB. The whole thing is making me a bit sick. Watching old STNG reruns on BBC America.


The frog cuffs are amazing, and I’m loving the green shoes.
I think THREE should be wearing the new outfit!!

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Love, love, love the frogs!


Don’t spoil the election for me. I’m going on my quadrennial media fast, when I see how long I can go without learning the results of the presidential election. (I’ll pretend it wasn’t decided eight years ago.) It’s going to be tougher this time around, with spam hitting my phone via notifications and extroverts near my office at work. I doubt I’ll beat my record of two weeks.


The tie isn’t green.


I LOVE the belt Costumer Designer Noreen Landry is wearing. The Ferrous Corp guards are going to look fabulous wearing that! But not as fabulous as you look Joe!

@maggiemayday and @DP– I’m watching The Animal Planet’s Too Cute, A&E’s Intervention, and The Weather Channel’s Escape the Election. Checking in with the election and feeling sicker all the time.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Lots of green! One of my favorite colors! Love the pocket square, cuff links, socks and shoes. The suit is nice too.

I’d imagine that once in the chair it would be hard to get out of it to go to the bathroom, might need an additional catheter. I’m just saying…

Noreen rocks!


I love the frogs. 🐸 ….I’m anxious about the election & Im all the way over in Australia.

Cheers, Chev


You look dapper, Joe! I miss your fetching smile, though. smile

BTW, are you watching Rob Cooper’s Dirk Gently show? It’s totally off-the-wall!



The election…. NOOOOOOO !! I’m feeling slightly nauseous !!


With everything happening these past few days, the only thing to put a smile on my face this morning were these plaintive words ……

The shoes ARE green.

My apologies, Joe.
On my (not so) smarty pants phone they look a most wonderful shade of turquoise!


Hello Joe, I must say you look fabulous!! You will need a bigger suitcase to carry around your wardrobe, but I am loving it, thanks for sharing your brightness and fashion sense.

Margaret Clayton

@bambamfans … I have a friend who is an immigration lawyer in Oz, some of my friends here are already talking to her. I’ll stick it out because I can’t see giving up, but I am very concerned, to put it mildly.

Eileen Cahill
Eileen Cahill

So the elections are over. Got a spare room, Joe?


The new FC masks look great! More intimidating than the other version.


The final chair design is great.

Cool frog cuff links 👍

The sake did the trick then?


Love the belt and the cuffs. Another awesome shirt, very stylish. But once Six slips into that sweater shrug and lace up leather pants I’m afraid we’ll only have eyes for him.

My current fave sci fi show is People of Earth, I can’t resist shows about quaint small town with a weird underbelly like Eureka, Picket Fences and Northern Exposure. I’m now waiting (and waiting!) for Saturday to go see Arrival.

Sending fresh hugs for dear Lulu.


P.S. the video of Lulu losing balance when shaking her head made me wonder if Lulu might have an inner ear imbalance. I had vertigo which was treated the Epley Maneuver; there is something similar for pups with balance issues:

At one point I would lose my balance if I turned my head at certain angles, if I bent to pick something up, and walking was a challenge.

Seriously Mike

Oh, cool, Army of Two! You must have gotten a discount by ordering them in bulk from China, and EA gave up on enforcing their IP rights for those long ago…


I’ve been away; the results of this week’s election has seriously concerning to me, not to mention every time I think of it (trying not to spoil the results for those who are avoiding trying to hear it), my PTSD and panic attacks come back. Think I had a better handle on that today. And then there is Patrick. Ugh. Always a giant puzzle book.

I am glad you were able to push through and get the scene written.