Birthday festivities were in full swing today in the Dark Matter wardrobe department!


Birthday gal, Costume Designer Noreen Landry, enjoys champagne.  And because today was her birthday, she did it with cake!


Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farra provided the cake – and has already started sourcing the Dark Matter dog pics of season 3!  Oooh, she’s got some good ones for our first two episodes.  Note Anna drinking her champagne out of a mug.


Head Cutter Anita O’Toole enjoying a well-earned respite from cutting heads.


Director Ron Murphy.  Suave.


A preliminary sketch of Ash’s outfit.


The changing room displays some of the wardrobe department’s past work.


The birthday party in full swing.

Today’s ensemble in celebration of Noreen’s big day –


I want to call it…plum?


I did remember the pocket square this time, but went cufflink-less today.


And, to complete the look, Darth Vader socks.

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Margaret Clayton

Cake, costumes and champagne! Can’t get better than that!

I am loving the shoes.


Happy birthday, Noreen!!

Nice suit, probably my favourite so far. Especially the socks!!


Happy Birthday, Noreen 🎉🎂

Dog pictures to match up with episode titles, again? – bring it on! 👍

Suave? Yep, you’re both definitely suave!


How many suits do you own? Wow! If it’s as many as the number of socks you now own, I’m very impressed.


You are most suave and debonair….wooo


Happy birthday Noreen! Looking spiffy there, my friend.

For those who may have missed it, two days ago we started a month-long celebration of Joe, and the ten years he’s given us with his daily blog. Correct me if I’m wrong Joe, but I believe you have not missed one single day!

Here is the “day 1” post, lovingly put together in words by our @Drea and in video by our @gforce:

Make sure you check in every Saturday and Sunday for some lovely tributes your fellow blog members have created especially for our wonderful Joe. Thanks Joe for 10 years!! I haven’t been here since Day 1, but have been here for the latter half, and I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to us!


A very Happy Birthday, Noreen!
I must say that cake looks devilishly delectable (nice one Anna!) AND a dash of champers to go with it … Divine!

I agree with @gforce, this suit definitely suits you the best …so far. Confess the socks threw me though – wasn’t expecting Darth Vader!

Another confession …. the artwork behind you …. I think I quite like it. Is it original and who’s it by?


These space jam socks, linked to below, used to be my favs. Albeit now that i see your Darth Vader pair I think I like yours better.

Hey, Wanna make a swap?

I promise I wont tell anyone we did it if you dont
and I’ll even go the extra mile of actually laundering mine before i fed ex em your way, just to sweeten the pot, eh grin

Champagne and caviar wishes to birthday gal Noreen. XO


Happy birthday Noreen!! I love your work!

Joe you look mighty fine today and every day.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Wonderful that you get to celebrate Bdays in the work place with cake and champagne! Happy Birthday Noreen! Looks like quite the party!

Joe, please tell us more about Ash. That outfit is interesting & intriguing. Love your outfit especially the socks. Can’t go wrong with Darth Vader! Nothing says “power” like the ultimate Sith Lord!

@Drea, love the space jam socks! I’m gonna order me some socks from this website!

Harley Powers Parks

Wicked cool concept for Ash’s attire.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Darth Vader? Bold choice!

Happy Birthday Noreen!

Kathy C: smile


Way to coordinate those Vader socks with the cool black cake; what kind of frosting is that ? Chocolate? Licorice? Heads will roll, Anita! What a stylish group, happy birthday Noreen!