Art Department meeting today to discuss the builds for Episodes 301 and 304. Production Designer Ian Brock, as always, has a creative vision – and everything is under control.  Today’s secret keywords were: “drone”, “the clock”, and “Volkov-Rusi”.

A little break, and then we rolled into a rare prosthetics meeting.  Yep, Episode 304 is going to raise a few eyebrows – especially among the Fandroids.


The concept illustrations for “the chair” are nothing short of stunning.  Kudos to artist Lee Fitzgerald at North Front Studios.


Three intriguing options to choose from, but I lean towards V1, with a few tweaks.

Today’s ensemble…

img_1807 img_1813 img_1817

Yeah, I forgot the pocket square.

It always breaks my heart to leave the doggies in the morning.  They always look so forlorn…

img_1822 img_1818

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video by @gforce

Joe; This month of November in the year 2016
marks 36,500 days of daily blogging.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and
stupendpous, prodigious,
and otherwise magnificently awe inspiring, achievement,
members of our beautiful beloved blog family
came together to organize
a month long celebration and tribute.

Beginning Saturday November 5th and
continuing each weekend throughout
the month, our lovely Kathy C
will be posting personal tributes from
each of us.

On November 12th a special surprise
is heading your way when the sun
is high in the sky.

Then, On Wednesday November 30th, 2016
hold onto your hat for the GRAND FINALE!
I will be presenting you a unique personal gift
that keeps on giving. Right here on the blog!

Extra secial thanks go out to wonderful committee members:

Gary @Gforce
Hilda @PBMom
Tam @TamDixon
Kathy @KathyC
Jan @Ceresis64
Randy @Elminster
Maggie @MaggieL80
Jeff @Jeff W
Zoe @GlowyZoey

And more love and thanks to everyone who made a donation to try and help Scrappy!
Be sure to send a note this week to include in the tributes guest book
wishing Joe A Happy Anniversary!
Send to:


You are such a mean Daddy, leaving them to go to work. Don’t you know they don’t care where money comes from? It’s all magic, the food, the clothes, the doctor visits…all just happens. LOL

Very cool chair. And very cool outfit too!!


Everyone’s looking so serious in the Art Dept.
Are you/could you ever produce ‘The Artwork of Dark Matter’ book? It would be really amazing to be able to go thru all the original concept drawings again as well as set drawings and the final built results as seen on tv.

(I agree with V1 choice)

Snazzy outfit again, Mr Mallozzi 😎
And aaw, poor Bubba and Lulu ….. How are they doing? Please forward cuddles!


Oh, dear me, I can hardly type clearly, still crying from watching “Joe’s 10 year Anniversary Blog video”. That was so memorable, so sweet, noteworthy and touching. Thank you all who worked on it. Really, really nice job!

Sniff-sniff… I’m going to save it to my laptop now, so I can watch it again and again… more crying I’m afraid.

Warmest congratulations Joe, for all your tireless efforts for us on your blog. Ten solid years of awesomeness! Thank you Akemi for your sweet self and support.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog and reading here is truly my escape, my joy, each day. When I get too busy and miss a day here and there, I rush back to catch up lest I miss some witty remark or cool photos!

Please don’t tire of us… =^-^= =^-^=


We Love You Joe. <3

Happy Anniversary!


Oh no! yikes! and Oy Vey! oy vey! oy vey!

Another typo bites the dust! Yup this far too overworked aging more by the minute brain made another typo. ( I know. Dont say it. Youre all shocked absolutely right?!). grin

Extra Special thanks go out to Zoe whose blog handle is actually @TheOtherOne, -accompanied by a thousand plus one seriously red-faced apology hugs. ….. n then some! <3

Albeit, while I'm here again for the moment, it allows me to the perfect opportunity to extend my personal thanks to Maryanne @Chev and Deidre @Das for all their assistance with ideas during committee brainstorming sessions. XO


You left out the pocket square? Dude. You’re falling apart! smile

That VR or remote control chair or whatever it is, is looking cooler all the time. I think I want one! Though I’d want to know first what those hoses attach to.

Wait, what? It’s your blog anniversary? wink I loved working on that video and it was an honour to do so. There’s always a couple things more that I want to fix though!

I live Lulu’s fluffy pod thingy. Do they come in adult human sizes?


uh wait. what? whattya mean the total number of blogging days is only 3,650., not 36,500. …. Seriously??!!

Oh in that case.

Uh, So sorry to break this to ya Joe Albeit, due to my clumsy typing, and that its already been publicly announced, … I’m afraid you now owe your readers
32,850 more days of blog entries this month to prevent anyone from accusing your blog of false advertising.

But hey! Your Joe Mallozzi, creative super genius who loves to write, so no problem -right?

Okay, so while you get to work on writing 1,095 more blog entries per day, I think I’ll go round up the family to see if I can convince everyone to change their names to number designations here on the blog,(just like your characters on Dark Matter), so I dont have to worry about confusing anyone’s name ever again.
It would just make life so much easier ’cause
I really do so much better with typing numbers, eh.
Wouldnt you all agree? grin grin grin


Awesome video @gforce! Beautiful.

Maggie L80
Maggie L80

Are those a pair of John Deere 4-wheeler cuff links or are they a Mars Rover? Either way, very awesome and more than make up for the lack of a pocket square today. Add the turtle socks and you are still a well-dressed man!

Forlorn = Guilt trip = Bring home lots of treats when you come home tonight

I agree with @2cats, the blog video brought tears to my eyes! Well done Gary, spectacular!


I too was a blubbering mess when I saw the video. Just perfect @gforce. I understand how you would want to go back and keep changing one thing and one thing more, but it truly is just perfect.

We do <3 you Joe, so whenever you feel discouraged and have thoughts about not posting, it would leave this hole in our hearts. Even just posting a picture of one of the dogs as the post for the day if you have ZERO time to write (because we get it–especially during show responsibilities) would be totally okay.

The dogs miss you but they have Akemi to love them and care for them. You have to work in order to spoil them. They know that. smile


@gforce The video is awesome, Gary

The ‘Chair’ is looking fab. How many months until we see it? Roll on Season 3!

Snazzy cuff links

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Happy Anniversary Mr. M.! Ten years just flew by. Thank you, for sharing your life with us. It’s been fun!

Thanks Drea for spearheading the project and to Gforce for that Awesome video!

Have a migraine this morning, so that may be the cause but I don’t see a difference in those chairs. They all look very cool! Reminds me of that big chair in Prometheus or one of the Alien movies (can’t remember which one). I noticed the eyes were covered. Is that for some kind of virtual reality system?

This last weekend was rough on our new cat, Lucy. She does not like strangers. We had friends stay the weekend with us and Lucy dove into the closet. I moved her essentials near by and let her be. When our friends left, Lucy came out and THEN the trick or treaters started ringing the doorbell! Back into the closet she went. Poor girl.


@TamDixon Poor Lucy.


@Drea – whaaa? I can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Where did the time go? Oh yeah, part of that missing time was due to Wraith abductions. Bring on the tributes! We come to celebrate Joe, not to braise him with Vidalia onions (that is a direct quote from Will Shakesbeer.)

More hugs to Lulu and Bubba, I thought the socks had cool ghosts but now I see they are even cooler turtles, very in keeping with the snazzy cuffs.

Margaret Clayton

Wonderful video, loved it. I have to go find a tissue now.


Beautiful video for a wonderful family member, friend, and great boyfriend to Akemi, and great doggie daddy. A brilliant writer and show runner/producer and host to all of us who dote on your every word. Blogged or on the screen.

Thanks to all – Drea, gforce and others for doing this.
I need several tissues.

yeah, to what PBmom said – even just a picture.