October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

While in Osaka this summer, I had one of the greatest katsu curries ever at Rika Shokudo.  Katsu curry, for those not in the know, is thinly sliced pork fried to golden perfection served a bed of rice and alongside Japanese curry which is a thicker, somewhat sweeter version of Indian curries.

Today, I discovered that Canada’s best katsu curry is served in a small food court mall on Yonge Street.  Kaiju, located in the basement level of 386 Yonge St. (#51) offers up a surprisingly authentic version.  The chew/owner hails from Singapore and apparently spent six years in Japan, mastering, among other dishes, a damn fine katsu curry.  According to the website, their homemade curry…

“… is made from over 14 different ingredients including various spices, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It is slow cooked for up to two days and the result is a deliciously rich, comforting sauce that balances fragrant spices with sweet and savoury flavours.”

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

They also serve up a delicious but potentially lethal homemade hot sauce.

Because it’s tucked away out of sight, the place doesn’t get much traffic but has persevered in its hidden location for some four years.  If you’re in town, check them out.  The food is great and the woman behind the counter is super nice.

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

After today’s lunch, we stopped by Infuse Cafe, home of Toronto’s tastiest teas and infused beverages.

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

The drink-making process is pretty elaborate.  Check out the website for the breakdown but, suffice it to say, their drinks are far superior to any rival shop in town.  Akemi had a hot jasmine tea that delivered a delicate floral flavor minus the typical bitter finish.  I, on the other hand, went with something a little…heartier.

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

The Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee contains three simple ingredients – espresso, ice, and three ice cream sandwiches – which are blended to a deliciously creamy finish.

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

I’m not really a coffee guy, but I’ll make an exception for this drink.

October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry And Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

Hey!  Look at who got her stitches out today!

18 thoughts on “October 22, 2016: Toronto’s Best Katsu Curry and Ice Cream Sandwich Coffee!

  1. I’ve heard of katsu curry but always steered well clear of anything curry – once upon a time ago I loved Indian cuisine until an ill fated pre wedding feast followed by a spin on a funfair rocket ride produced a larger and more devastating version of the Exorcist bedroom scene … (you know the one) I was about 10 at the time. Never touched the stuff since …
    … However… I am tempted now …. maybe …

    On another topic … London Fog?!
    Thinking it was Canada’s version of Builders’ brew tea (the type that’s so strong/brewed you can ‘stand your teaspoon up in it’) I googled it. Earl Grey? Nah, that’s girly tea! Yuck!
    However, again, your choice of coffee is right up my street 😊

    Last but definitely not least, so great to see Lulu doing so well. Stitches out too. What a champion! Please give her a brave girl kiss on her head from us 🐾 (& a big hug for Bubba too)
    I love Lulu’s outfit but no parachuting just yet, aye?!!

  2. Lulu looks adorable! Glad she’s recovering well.

    I never liked coffee either. I love tea though.

    Glad you’re having a good weekend!

  3. I still haven’t found any tonkatsu place outside Japan that pleases me. There used to be one … but unfortunately not around anymore. 🙁

    Lulu looking great!

  4. Yay! Lulu got her stitches out! Bet she feels soooo much better now!
    Are you noticing any improvement in her walking now?
    And hey! Look at that! You found someplace serving up something at least close to the coffee expresso icecream cupcakes you were hoping that other shop had.

    It’s funny when i first began reading tonights entry
    I was thinking “since when is Joe into coffee??
    I’m relieved you clarified, in conclusion.
    I was beginning to think maybe my memory had declined
    even more than I’d already realized, over the last year. 😀

    I just received the most truly wonderful surprise earlier today!
    A very dear long time friend, who I’ve not seen in more than a year and had been missing so much, just flew in from Colorado to surprise me!
    I was absolutely blown away! <3

    No matter how many people we come to be acquainted and friendly with in our lives – we each really only have a few true close loyal friends
    we regard as part of our family… and when they're not around,
    no matter how many others you might be surrounded by,
    it tends to leave a bit of a hole in the heart.

  5. LOL Im not into coffee either, but make and exception for the Starbucks frapachinos…and I sure would for your ice cream fusion as well.

    Glad to see Lulu strutting her stuff…coool.

  6. OK. Next March. You & Akemi. Me. Perhaps one or two more. Kaiju. Katsu curry. Deal?

  7. On man, that is some fine looking katsu curry! I can get decent tonkatsu at a couple local places here, but no one makes the curry.

    That ice cream sandwich coffee is so far off my eating plan it may as well be served on Pluto. That’s half my calorie allotment for the day in one cup!

    Lulu is looking good!

    @TheOtherOne … Japanese curry has very little in common with Indian curry. Hard to explain the differences, but it truly has a unique taste.

  8. Glad to see Lulu going strong! You can’t keep a good dog down!

    I love the idea of an ice cream sandwich coffee, but it sounds like something for warmer weather. Also, *three* ice cream sandwiches all consumed at once? Sounds… caloric.

  9. Yay!!!! Lulu!!!!! She looks like “da bomb!” I bet that jacket is keeping her from scratching or gnawing at her stitch line. I bet it itches as it heals.

    That coffee drink also looks like “da bomb.” A diet bomb for sure, but oh my. I have to plan when I am going to indulge in coffee though. Have to clear my schedule for the bathroom. LOL. Hope that isn’t too much information.

    I would love to explore all the teas. I love tea. Tazo makes this really awesome one called wild sweet orange. I also love The Republic of Tea’s Raspberry Quince. I have a whole bottom shelf of one side of my kitchen cabinet filled with teas.

    @Drea I agree about friends. I have about 4 friends like that. They are all from my childhood. They’ve withstood the test of time. Two of them are sisters. I used to practically live at their house to escape the crap going on in my own. Their parents were very young (I think she had the oldest daughter when she was 16 and they had gotten married and stayed married all these years until January of last year when the husband died). I lived with them for 3 months while I was in between homes (my own and my foster home). And then the other friend lived next door to me. I was maid of honor at her wedding. Then there is my friend Patty who is Patrick’s godmother. So they are in my inner circle and I consider them family.

  10. Another food dish that I’ll have to be on the lookout for. Looks delicious. I agree with @gforce: gained 10 pounds reading this! I’ve always been a coffee drinker from way back – I remember drinking coffee with both my grandmothers as early as the age of 5. It was mostly cream and sugar but there was that strangely dark, strong smelling brew from the percolater included as well. I love coffee to this day. I’m also a tea drinker – love a good London Fog. Let’s face it, I’ll drink just about anything except buttermilk.

    Lulu is dashing in her flight jacket and head gear. Hope she continues to heal well. Keep Jodelle away from those goggles!

    Any luck finding a new catering service that is actually good?

  11. Steampunk Lulu! Sounds like a cool anime, so glad she is staple free and healing. I hope she’s gonna be racing around Toronto like a boss in no time. Gravel beware; Sky Captain Lulu is coming for you.

  12. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, but that katsu curry looks inviting. Glad Lulu got her stitches out. She’s so cute in her flight suit.

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