You know what I hate?  Apple updates.  As soon as I get comfortable with something, they change it.  One day, it’s the swipe/lock features of my phone; the next, it’s the iPhotos layout.  I wouldn’t mind so much if said changes were actual improvements but the frustrating thing is they’re always so damn counter-intuitive.  I’m about one or two more annoying updates a way from seeking out a more stable alternate for my cellular and computing needs.

And, while I’m in complaint mode, I have to say that the worst thing about shooting in Toronto – besides the winters – is the catering.  Back in Vancouver, we’d get our lunch from the food truck that would prepare the meals on location, offering varied high-quality options.  Here in Toronto, the caterers ship their pre-pared slop to the various productions, their quality varying from edible to abysmal. Today’s jerk chicken tasted like it was seasoned with rosemary and Vick’s Vaporub. The chowder we were served yesterday was a fish, quivering, gelatinous mass. Last season, someone found a raw chicken wing in the vegetarian lasagne.  I’m thinking of starting a new daily feature here on this blog titled “You Wouldn’t Believe What They Served Up Today”.  Watch for it!

Do you like puzzles?  If the answer is yes, then you maybe, this weekend, you can help me break down 93 production hours down into seven 11 hour days.

A few preliminary “sketches of interest” via Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock:

October 21, 2016: Annoying Updates, Catering, And Sketches!

October 21, 2016: Annoying Updates, Catering, And Sketches!

October 21, 2016: Annoying Updates, Catering, And Sketches!

October 21, 2016: Annoying Updates, Catering, And Sketches!

What have we here?

19 thoughts on “October 21, 2016: Annoying updates, catering, and sketches!

  1. It’s all tech companies! That last big Windows update wiped out some of my data. It was like they replaced the entire OS. I kind of like the new iPhone update but my iPad is too old for it. I have a new iPad on my Christmas list this year. 😉

    A raw chicken wing? I’d start bringing my lunch or getting delivery.

    Space station? Very cool!

  2. I don’t mind Apple updates as long as they don’t have actual bugs. The changes don’t bother me as long as they have a logic to them, or somehow improves the functionality of the OS, then it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Even if it’s buggy, it’ll get fixed eventually. The thing is, what’s the alternative? Windows? *snort* I also find any Android implementation that I’ve (briefly) tried, very unintuitive and awkward to use – but I suppose it’s all about what you’re used to.

    I would look forward to an “awful food of the day” series! We’ve seen tons of pictures of great food. Let’s see the more “unsavoury” side of low cuisine!

    I sure hope that sketch is not some kind of proctology device…

  3. The new “press home button instead of swiping” thing to unlock your iPhone is just annoying me. And it seems every new release never actually cuts down on the number of bugs; they simply fix old ones while creating new ones…sort of a programmer’s law of bug entropy.

    As for the device, it looks like some sort of swiss army knife-style spy gadget. Is gas storage for the emission of gas or the storage of already released gas? I’m trying to envision its usefullness in the later case… 😉

  4. I’m with Tam, that’s got to be a space station in varied angles and with attachments … cool!

    Go Android Joe! I had an iPhone for 1 year, my first smart phone experience. One close look at a Samsung Galaxy and I switched. I am on my 2nd Galaxy and no, I don’t have the Note that catches fire. My S6 works very fine.

    Can’t you all choose another food service company? Geez, it’s amazing no one has gotten food poisoning. Or wash down each lunch with the whiskey, for medicinal purposes, of course … a preventative, as it were.

    Now understand that while I am enthusiastic about technology advances, I can be slow to adopt. I have to ease into feeling comfy. So, tonight I successfully setup my VoIP phone service and it works, without damaging the router or modem — so I’m feeling kinda proud. Woot!

    Lastly, I adore jigsaw puzzles, so if you want my help, let me know. Otherwise, best of luck to you.


  5. I’m holding off on the most recent Apple update until the phone forces me to do it. I don’t do well with change either.

    Cool drawings…reminds me of a Doctor Who episode. I can’t place exactly which one, will have to think about it. I thought it was The Long Game but that space station is more rounded. End of the World may be the one I’m thinking of.

  6. For MaggieL – 33 weeks and counting.

    Ditto JeffW – the swipe is a bit a$H backwards from what we had to do from the start. And, because the dodads “sense” that some picked up the phone, it uses more battery to display the stooooopid new message to press home.

    Guessing it is not easy to order for delivery when you guys are scouting.
    I’m still trying to get the vision of the wing in the lasagna out of my head.

    where’s the whiskey!

  7. Glad I’m not the only one that goes crazy over those updates. It’s like I have a whole new phone I have to get used to again. But getting rid of the androids reduced my stress level by a thousand percent. After the 4 Samsung devices crapped out on us, all at once, we are a Samsung free home. The t.v., the DVD player, the tablet and my husband’s phone all within like a month, just crapped out. Sorry 2cats. And love my MacBook, why didn’t I do this years ago?

    So did anyone experience issues on the internet today? I almost called my provider to give them a piece of my mind then I saw post on FB why things were so slow. I felt like I was working on a PC again.

  8. Scary about todays MASSIVE DDoS attack.
    What’s more troubling is the hackers
    easily figured out they did not have to directly attack
    Twitter, Amazon and other large websites.
    They only needed to attack the separate/external
    contracted company which provides routing and traffic service
    to many of the larger companies.

    “DNS is like a phone book: this is like someone
    attacking the phone company and burning all the phone books at the same time.”

    Joe: Oh gosh. Pwease dont get me started
    on gripes about constant tech updates again.

    Those constant changes,
    (almost certainly created predominantly by young designers),
    completely fail to take older users into account
    who did not grow up using computers or the internet.
    And although we older folks do so now,
    Ours brains don’t adapt/adjust and learn as quickly as it did
    even a year or two ago
    and so it takes us longer to get comfortable.

    The worse thing about it is most of the updates are
    counter intuitive and wholly unnecessary!
    They appear to be much more about snagging a brand
    more financial profit
    and keeping designers and coders employed
    rather than making the users life easier.

  9. I’m not a computy type person.
    I tried a Mac once, in the days of pretty colours but found it very illogical! (sorry gforce) so I stuck with Windows (apologies again gforce). I have settled nicely with an offline Samsung Netbook and Windows XP that NEVER changes, NEVER gets updates and no longer gets bugs/trojan things.
    For my internet rovings, I use ‘my smarty pants’ Nokia Lumia Windows phone – one of older models. I did update it two years ago – a larger more cumbersome model, which fell out of my pocket on the first day and shattered! Useless! So, went but to ol’ reliable.

    Regarding catering at one time I was with a company who negotiated with two local restaurants. One was excellent if you liked Greek food (yummy!) and one was an American styled burger place. It lived up to it’s name ‘Fast E€€!es’ as they delivered real quick and, tasty as it was, it also left the body just as fast!

  10. I’m an Android girl, I never took a bite from the Apple. Which is fine, my needs are not professional, so I’m good for cat pictures, email, and Neko Atsume. Dammit Tubbs, quit eating the sashimi! But then, the first personal computer I used was an Atari in the chief’s office. Wordstar and M.U.L.E., and a message board run by a guy in Misawa on duty nights. He actually called to verify I was an adult. I was pretty good working in DOS, and I learned programming in BASIC. However, my strength was hardware as that was what the Navy trained me for, along with micro-miniature repair. I miss that part, soldering tiny things while looking through a binocular microscope. No wonder my eyes are shot.

    That food sounds terrifying. A Listeria Lottery. Salmonella Surprise. Eek coli.

  11. I hate that I can no longer easily slide my iPad alarm clock up and down the screen like I used to. No I have to click through about 3 or 4 buttons to set it half an hour ahead.
    And that stupid unlock thing.. what exactly IS the method now? Hit home, hold home enough to wake it up, but not too much to invoke Siri, then tap the screen three times and chant “There’s no screen like the homescreen.”

  12. The 2nd drawing looks like a super futuristic sonic screwdriver/Swiss Army knife. I’m kidding. They are all space stations. Perhaps as a side business, you could start a catering business of your own. Show those idiots how it’s done. Since there is clearly a need, you should be very successful. Not kidding.

  13. Yes, it is beyond me why software developers seem to assume that hard-working users should be excited about the additional workload that comes with getting used to an update. It does not only disregard older users, but anyone who is busy in their lives (so…everyone?). When Windows 10 arrived I was appalled by the new unfamiliar primary colour cubes design of the desktop and asked the shop employee whether Windows was now expecting me to put my hand into a bag of building bricks to find what I was looking for. He then proceeded to call people in my country backward-looking.

  14. These are definitely serious catering issues – hire another company asap!

    Love Ian Brock’s new designs, how about a weapons platform? 😎

    I’ve got the answer to how you can fit the 93 hours into 77 hours – time travel, what else? Sorted, problem over 😉

  15. Hi Joe
    I think it’s a case where the hardware isn’t keeping up with the bloated software. So program designers are making you jump through hoops to give the hardware a few seconds more to catch up.


  16. Wow. That food situation sucks. Didn’t you have one company last year who catered and it was really delicious? Can’t remember who that was. Chicken wing in the lasagna? GROSS.

    I would definitely concur it is a space station in the drawings.

    As far as tech updates go, I usually leave those things on manual. Or “remind me later.” I tend to wait about 3 weeks before I download anything as there are usually updates to them and I get the updates without having any of the issues. I still have an IPhone 4S. Four years old. But, I have to make a decision on going at least to IPhone 6S. I don’t want the 7. I like a headphone jack. I use it to plug in my phone when using Map apps and being able to do that allows me to hear it through my car radio. Louder. My radio doesn’t have Wifi capability so I would lose that function if I go to an IPhone 7.

    Breaking down 93 production hours into seven 11-hour days? Hire more people? If you can’t change time and you can’t reasonably ask the people who are working to do more work, then the only part of the equation is hiring more people?

  17. Hey @KathyC: thinking of Satellite 5? Great episode.

    Weapons platform? @ceresis64, like where you’re headed with this! Great design. Like the little touches to include the Maurader and Destroyer.

    Sadly I can relate to your catering wows. Well, kinda, sorta. The cafeteria where I work has been closed for renovation for 18 months so we are relegated to the “Food Court” which has a Subway, Chik-fil-a, a “sneeze” salad bar & grill (burgers & fries) and buffet line for 2 entrees & veggies.. We have a food truck twice a week with burritos & grilled cheeses. Okay, so this sounds slightly better than your situation, but after 6 months – the food gets really monotonous and expensive. I take my lunch now. Have you thought of a “liquid” lunch?

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