With a little less than a month to go before the commencement of principal photography on Dark Matter’s third season (Season 3!  Already!), it’s all about the prep.  In the way of advance locations, set discussions, director/editor meetings, and, of course, casting!  Last night, I went over the auditions for Episodes 301 and 304 which we’ll be block-shooting under the direction of one of my favorite people, Ron Murphy (who you may remember from Episodes 106, 109, 205, and 213).  Some smaller – but no less important – roles with some great candidates for each (thanks to our fabulous casting director, Lisa Parasyn).  Ash is an especially fun role and I’m torn between two terrific auditions.

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

Hey, look who’s back in the office, working on that Ishida family tree.  None other than 1st Assistant Art Director Roxanne Borris.  Can’t wait to see what other goodies she’s got in store for us this season.

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

A photo of elusive Production Coordinator Alice Foster pictured here in her natural habitat, by the photocopier.

Tomorrow, it’s more meetings!  And I finish the tease of my next script.

Speaking of scripts –

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

Hey, I received the following in the mail the other day with no accompanying note:

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

Birthday gifts?  Bribes?  Sent to wrong address?

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

Meanwhile, back on the homefront, Bubba and Lulu get in some hardcore snoozing.

October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

And snacking.

18 thoughts on “October 20, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Production – Fast Approaching!

  1. Well, the socks were not from me, though I do approve! They look awesome.

    So… how many days until we get to see episode 304? I know. A lot. :S

    Pups are looks cute as always!

  2. Well, that’s it then! Since Mr. Lemke thinks 304 will be legendary, who could argue with that? Must be awesome and exciting!
    Welcome back Roxanne and Alice ~waves~

    Snoozing cuties, side by side in soft, comfy beds — can we get a group aw-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w?
    Hugs and kisses from me & mine…

    And no, I didn’t send those clothing items to you, but that t-shirt says me!

    =^-^= =^-^=

  3. Cool socks, my husband is jealous. So exciting Season 3…did you ever imagine? I’m with glidermcc except I would love to shadow the set designers and the whole art dept. You need to shoot some eps in FLA we got some locations that are sic -fi worthy. It’ll get everyone out of the winter weather for a while.

  4. Will make a note to watch out for 304!

    Nice presents; not from me, either.

    Any chance we’ll see Amanda Tapping back this season?

  5. Whoo-hoo! Terrific cat shirt, I love it. Yay for prep and preparation. Yay for darling snoozing puppers. Snack? Why, yes, I think I will go whip something up for myself.

    I got a mystery package a couple days ago. Acrylic Liquitex paints, a nice set sent anonymously. I have a fan of my painting! Yay for that too.

  6. Thanks @TamDixon for the Brie post! Sorry I’m a but late watching it. I have a difficult time remembering to go back and read comments after I post. What makes it even worse is that I usually post so early I miss most comments. Trying to do better…

  7. First off, your dogs eat better than I do and look like they get more sleep than you do. How is Lulu doing after her surgery? They look like little angels!

    So glad to see the office getting back into full swing. A big hoorah regarding Ron’s return. Love the electrifying kitten t-shirt and socks — everything is awesome. Good luck on those casting decisions.

    Especially excited that Mr. Lemke thinks 304 is gonna be legendary ….. teaser/spoiler ahead …. looks like he survived to fight (or get his ass kicked) another day. It’s almost “FTL”Friday! TGIF!

  8. Not worried about your casting. You guys are the best when it comes to that. I bet Roxanne Borris stays very busy all the time. She does awesome work. Hopefully 304 has lots of Three in it! Nice T-shirt. You’re all set for your cat shirt day. That’s a snack?

    @ Drea – Thanks for Akemi’s recipe. I later thought that I bet I could find it out there. She is really good about sharing how she makes things.

  9. It’s all hands on deck for preps, and these next few weeks will fly past!

    Love the socks.

    So, Three was saved by Anders (Jeff T), but the question is – how?
    And, I thought it was Six’s job to save Three! 😉

  10. Oh yes, now I remember what else was in the post that didn’t post yesterday but the new post didn’t have this: Thanks @TamDixon for finding the Brie video. That was so adorable to watch again.

    Love the socks and t-shirt, although change the cat to a golden retriever and it would be better for me. Sort of obsessed with goldens (or golden/Pyrenees mixes).

    Sounds very exciting. That 304 is legendary? Well…it can’t get here soon enough for us.

    Jeff and I got to go out for an early anniversary dinner on Wednesday night. Jeff ordered cheesesteak eggrolls for an appetizer. I was going to pass because he said the sauce was spicy but he meant the drizzle at the bottom ot the plate. I picked a half of one that didn’t have that because of the way it was plated and it was really, really good. Then we both had filet mignon. Oh my God. It was the best steak I have ever had in my entire life. I am glad they put us in a corner window because I couldn’t help myself with my noises of approval. Jeff got fries as his side (and I tasted one of his fries and they were the best fries I have ever had); I got the green beans with shallots & butter. Best green beans I have ever had. See the pattern here? We were casually talking to the person who refilled our iced tea (not our server) that it was an early anniversary dinner. We ordered dessert, too. The food for dinner wasn’t an overabundance so there was definitely room in the stomach for dessert. Jeff got the chocolate cake with raspberry drizzle. And despite my love of all things raspberry, I couldn’t take my eyes off the words: Nutella Bread Pudding with Coffee Ice Cream. So I got that. It was to die for. Our server came over and wished us a Happy Anniversary and the manager came over and wished us a Happy Anniversary. The chef was apparently very happy that we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and felt like that was the best meal we had ever had. And then when we were leaving we were told that the Nutella Bread Pudding was comp’d. We barely made it back in time to pick Patrick up from this church thing he was doing.

    The church we’ve been taking Patrick to for their special needs ministry is having a rummage and bake sale tomorrow so I’m off to make 12 dozen cookies and package them in bags of 2. I need to bring them up there by 7 p.m. tonight.

  11. Did the postage give you a clue to the gift giver’s identity? Very generous of that person and very cool gifts!

    Glad the pups are getting back to normal!

    KathyC: No worries and I forget to look at the previous posts too.

    Roxanne did a great job for the other seasons! If only the writers didn’t kill off so many of the actors…. I’m going to miss Melanie Liburd. 🙁

  12. @Maggiemayday

    Posted Akemi’s granola under yesterday’s blog.

    I’ve had it happened to me a bunch of times when some one has anonymously picked up a dinner tab, sent me roses or mailed me a cool gift without a note.

    In this particular case though I find it kinda odd that it happened to Joe because it seems they put some thoughtfulness and money into the gift.
    i.e: They sent him a shirt to wear for cat thursdays and GoodLuck sock isnt sold at dollar store bargain prices either,

    These are my favourite pair from their sock company https://us.goodlucksock.com/products/space-jam-crew-socks


    and yeah.. I’m looking forward to Jeff T and I finally having an opportunity to hang out in person a bit and meeting his two lovely wonder women.

    I wish I had more free time to hang with them.
    He did email me months ago to tell me he was coming down.
    But a week or so later
    he sent another email that mistakenly gave me the impression the trip was going to be postphoned and he did not “correct” my mis-impression in his reply.

    .. Thus, when he emailed me again a few days ago to let me know he was going to be in town Thursday, my work schedule was unfortunately now heavily booked up. 🙁

    E’er just the same, Am sure we will have some awesome fun hanging out on Sunday. I hope they decide to do Universal on Sunday. It’d be a whole lot of fun to have a good enough excuse to tour the park again after all these years.:-)

  14. Ahhh, sleepy, comfy doggies…purrrrrrr. 🙂 <3 How has LuLu's walking ability since the surgery? I'm hoping that she's improved because you haven't mentioned any disappointment.

    Nope. Gifts not from me. Sorry.

    Still have my fingers crossed for an appearance by David Blue. 🙂

  15. Lulu lurking under the table like Batman, ready to pounce on her snack. Who’s new on the crew, were you able to replace the folks lost to Trek and other productions?

  16. Hey … just finished season 2 of Dark Matter and had to go online to see if there was going to be a season 3 …. WHEW! … glad to find out there is. I do not watch many new series often since the good ones always get canceled before they get a chance to tie up the major loose ends …. started watching this on a recommendation of a good friend of mine – Kirk Lindo – man, did he get this one right. Great series and very different ….. cannot wait to see where the journey leads in season 3 …. thanks ….

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