This morning, we hopped in the transport van and headed to The Hammer (aka lovely Hamilton where we shoot most of our exteriors) to scout locations for some of the early season 3 episodes: a munitions facility, an abandoned warehouse with lots of room for hide ‘n seek ‘n run ‘n jump, an internment camp, and, possibly, a clearing for a forest rendez-vous.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Akemi’s new thing is making granola and, since it WAS a morning scout, she sent me off with baggies for some of the gang upstairs (the gang downstairs shouldn’t feel left out as they’ll be getting theirs in the weeks to come).

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

 Co-Executive Producer Robbie David is truly touched by the surprise granola.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

The Dark Matter Scout Troop.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Every time I go to a location scout in Hamilton, I feel like I’m a character in a horror movie.  First stop – right through this door.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Atmospheric.  A great place to shoot an episode of t.v.  Or murder an unsuspecting film crew.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

It’s Birthday Boy Norman Denver!  Let’s pick up the pace.  He’s got cake to get to!

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Next stop – another sketchy-looking potential murder scene.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Hmmm.  Instead of spending all that money on a place in downtown Toronto, actor Roger Cross may want to consider more modest accommodations.  Pros: 1. It may cut down on travel time for Episode 303.  2. That is all.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Always sound advice.  Wait.  Is that scrawled in blood?

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Not even the picto-man on the bathroom is happy to be here.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

This one is a bit of a fixer-upper.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

The entrance for the end of 301.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when the episode airs.

October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

Offers some nice visuals but, at the end of the day, not what we’re looking for.

They don’t look like much now, but when Production Designer Ian Brock and the Art Department get through with them, they’ll be otherworldly.

Or, we’ll just shoot somewhere else.

More than likely, we’re going somewhere else.

Which means, next week – Another location scout!

26 thoughts on “October 19, 2016: Dark Matter Season 3 Location Scout!

  1. This so much fun, following you guys on your location recce. With your teeny teasers, my imagination is running riot …. in all sorts of headless chicken directions!

  2. Oow, time travel!?
    Ah, you meant time taken to travel, didn’t you … 😣

    Must be a bad day cos I initially thought that ‘Check your cuts’ sign was aimed at the editing dept! 😶

  3. You never mention how some of these locations… smell. I can only imagine, but wait for you to elaborate. 😃

  4. I think location scouting would be my favourite part of the whole enterprise. I look forward to ANY opportunity to get out of the office on official business. Desks and I do not get along.

  5. Puts hand up (first time) – can I have some of Akemi’s granola, please? #nomnom
    Puts hand up (second time) – can I come on the next location scout, please? #wouldbecool
    Puts hand up (third time) – Season 3 #bringiton

  6. Yum, I love making granola. Will Akemi share the recipe?

    Spooky places. Are we sure those things which look like light fixtures are not really the eggs of oh, aliens? Nope, nope, nope.

  7. Happy birthday, Norman!!!
    And I think it’d be hilarious if in one of the run-down places the gang is going through if there were sad faced picto-men and picto-women on the washroom doors! That would add to some of the cool cheekiness in the show 🙂
    Just waiting for some files to convert here for my documentary film class. Have a whole whack of footage but haven’t had much time (until NOW) to even edit them. Still writing, of course, but “real life” is proving to be an obstruction, lol..

  8. I just finished watching season 2 of Dark Matter. Thanks for making this available on Netflix so soon. I wish Killjoys would do the same.

    My thoughts:

    I like the new titles better than season 1. Nice job on those!

    I’m guessing you put everyone in peril at the end of season 2 to make negotiations for season 3 easier? Ha ha.

    I like how Five is really coming into her own and Three better step it up a notch before someone sees Five kick his ass… 🙂

    I’m enjoying watching the Android switch between upgrade and non-upgrade.

    Loved watching Four ask for the prediction knowing exactly what was coming. I was not disappointed!

    I can’t wait to see how they get the jump drive back. (I wonder if you’ve figured that out yet…)

  9. Hi Joe
    @boltbait My theory is Five or someone took it out before they left the ship in case of something like this


  10. That granola would make a great Christmas gift. From me. Will Akemi share?

    Happy birthday Norman Denver!! Where is the picture of his cake?

    Pros: 1. It may cut down on travel time for Episode 303. 2. That is all.
    You forgot… 3. He could get a night job as security and make extra money. He’s there anyway.

    Not even the picto-man on the bathroom is happy to be here.
    That is vandalism! Who did it, who did it?!

  11. @Elminster, good idea. Maybe they put a fake in its place.

    Anyway, why would all of the counsel members show up personally instead of sending clones?

  12. Happy Birthday Norman!! Love the locations especially the last one in which you stated was not what you were looking for. Love the potential for the play on shadows, picturing someone running….someone being chased.

    I ditto @ceresis64: would love some yummy granola, would love to go on a location scout and can’t wait for S3!

    Thanks for allowing us a glimpse into the process. Always enjoy!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Norman Denver “AND” to our handsome SIX
    Roger Cross too!!

    @Joey Hey! Mister! You got some serious ‘splaining to do!

    Here I was under the misguided impression you actually
    those of the female persuasion. Albeit –
    This morning, when I went to fetch Akemi’s granola recipe
    for Kabra & Ponytail from Akemi’s channel

    I stumbled across this vid!

    Shame on you.

    On behalf of bad ass women everywhere
    I feel soooo let down.

    Yeah – i know – dont say it.

    Sometimes I miss your sweet Jelly almost as much as You and Akemi do.

    She was such a delightful character and just so wonderful and adorable..
    And I personally quite especially enjoyed that you named her after the character in the movie my home town neighbor Bill was fortunate to be cast in
    the most awesome, fellow NY’er Bobby Deniro!
    But most importantly I love the way she transformed “you”
    into the most doting loving Pappa in the whole wide world. <3

  14. ooops there i go again with tired typos. Wish WP would allow for editing in the comments section.

    Meant to say that bill was so fortunate to be cast in “alongside” the most awesome fellow NY’er Bobby Deniro.

    By the way: Anyone who has any doubts what so ever Robert Deniro is truly awesome… check this out:

    When Hurricane Sandy ripped through our hometown Long Beach, NY
    Flooding pretty much everything, destroying 50 percent of our beautiful trees in town, numerous long time standing mom and pop shops, and laying waste to our beloved boardwalk,
    Bill called Bob D – Feeling absolutely awful (as we all did) for his brother Joel’s family and any neighbors still living there.

    And Boby D immediately used his celebrity influence to help Bill raise well over a million dollars to help restore our hometowns boardwalk!

    And if that isnt simply “Awesome!” for someone to do for a hurting friend
    then color me naive — because I really dont know – what is then, eh!.

    Thank you Robert Deniro! Thank you Bill Crystal! (and for continuing to work for two more years to help get things like the trees in our childhood town restored)

    And Thank YOU Joe …. Just for being “you” ….. ’cause youre actually kinda awesome pretty much “all the time!” <3

  15. yikes! I got so distracted with other thoughts I almost forgot to post the recipe!

    @Kabra & @PonyTail

    :Here you go!

    Akemi’s Granolas recipe with video instruction included

    Granola recipe

    1 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
    1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
    Handful of raw almonds
    Handful of raw walnuts
    a pinch of salt
    (Vanilla — Sorry. I forgot to add it to this recipe. )

    1/4 cup honey
    1/4 cup maple syrup
    1 Tbsp oil

    2 tsp chia seeds
    Handful of dry cranberries

    (350F 30 to 40 mins)

    Ok – Now I’m off to work and to await me NS101 community peep Jeffy T’s plane to get into Orlando.

    Yay! He’s finally coming down (with his two beautiful Wonder Women) to hang out and do the disney thang!

    Beware of possibly another long entry to come after the weekend Joe. . Because we are likely to have some most awesome FUN!

  16. Those were good plot ideas BoltBait & Elminster! If that wasn’t the real Blink drive, they might be able to time travel and change the outcome. I like the clone idea too.

    Happy Birthday Norman!!!!

  17. Hi Joe,
    I’m a Screenwriting student at Loyola Marymount University, and I have an assignment this semester for which I have to interview a writer I admire. As both “Stargate SG-1” and “Dark Matter” are two of my all-time favorite shows, I immediately thought of you.
    If you’re willing, I’d love to ask you some questions for my paper over either phone or email.
    I’d really appreciate your help!

  18. Grrr…. My comment didn’t post.

    Happy Birthday Norman and Roger.

    The granola looks yummy

    @Drea That’s great that Jeff T is coming down to Florida and you’ll get to meet him. 🙂

  19. Wow, very sketchy warehouses. The danker the better it seems. I love granola, good stuff.

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