October 10, 2016: Here We Go Again!

Well, after a fitful night’s sleep, we woke up at 3:45 a.m. this morning so that we could catch the first Westjet flight to Toronto.  Bubba and Lulu were even less happy about it than Akemi.

We once tried taking the red-eye with Jelly in the mistaken belief that she would be tired and sleep through the flight.  Instead, she cried up a storm and kept the other passengers from sleeping. And so, this time around, we thought = Let’s go as early as possible so that the dogs won’t be as hungry on the flight (wrong!) and hopefully be tired as well (wrong!).  While Lulu was her usual laid-back self, Bubba moaned and wailed every time the food tray rattled by.  By the time we got into Toronto, Akemi (who was up in her seat and down on the floor consoling him through most of the flight) was even more exhausted.

October 10, 2016: Here We Go Again!

I also got another ten pages (of dubious quality) complete in my addled state.  Our assistant directors love the low scene counts (as does our line producer Norman as it usually makes for easily boardable, highly affordable episodes) and, as I started Act 4 on a very economical scene 42 I thought “They’re going to love this script”! And then I realized that I don’t really have a fourth act.  Damn these 5 act structures!

Spoiler Alert!

We finally made it to Toronto.

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  1. Aww, poor Bubba. I’m glad Lulu seemed to make it fine though. I hope she was able to stay comfortable for that long.

    When the time comes, you’ll have to let us know which part of the episode was written in your sleeplessly hazed state so we can see if it makes sense! Good thing for those second and third passes.

    I don’t think you ever said if you managed to get back in the same apartment as last year. I hope so, as that brief time you spent in the first one last year sounds terrible.

  2. Yay, you and the family arrived.
    Yeah…what gforce said….enquiring minds will want to know.

    Hopefully you were able to get your same apartment or perhaps an even nicer one.

    Get some sleep!!!
    nite nite

  3. Just please don’t fill that 4th act with quicksand.

    No, really. Last night I watched an old episode of 1966 show The Time Tunnel. Because the War of 1812 apparently wasn’t interesting enough, they also had to contend with quicksand.

    When I was growing up, whether it was Batman or Tarzan, Gilligan’s Island or Get Smart, the Dukes of Hazzard or Blazing Saddles, the Six Million Dollar Man, Fantasy Island or Buck Rogers, everyone on TV regularly sank into quicksand. I never watched sports, but I can only assume that the occasional baseball game or boxing match was ended prematurely by quicksand. As an adult it’s much less of a problem than I was led to believe.

    A few days back you asked what NOT to put in your show. Please don’t be the writer/producer who brings back quicksand.

  4. Glad everybody made it safely and your crying kid didn’t cause too much trouble on the plane. He wouldn’t have bothered me.

    Hope you can take tomorrow off and rest a little. Maybe the boss will let you. Wait a minute. You are the boss….!

  5. @ Roger Strong – Awe, quicksand! I remember it well. You are so right. 😆 😆

  6. Glad you made it back to Toronto, safe and sound! Get some sleep, eat some good food, and crank up those creative juices! There are more stories to tell!

    I agree with @Roger Strong: no quicksand though that might be interesting in space…

  7. How can Akemi look that beautiful at 3:45 a.m.? Sorry Bubba had such a difficult flight. Glad you all arrived safely. Lulu is looking pretty good from the front side. Hope she didn’t have too much pain traveling.

    I remember when Jeff and I took Patrick to Jeff’s dad’s funeral back in 2012. We thought, too, taking the first morning flight out would be the best thing. The flight left at 5 a.m. We left our house at 3:00 a.m. and got up at 2:00 a.m. (well, Patrick we didn’t get up until we had to go). He’d still be tired (yes and no). He may lean up against us to sleep. I put him at the window seat because he likes to look out the window. Once we got into the flight, I had hoped he would start nodding off. He was fascinated by the hair of the woman in the seat in front of him. Sometimes I was able to block him from touching it, and sometimes not. I would tell him to stop. But he has the attention span of a toddler. I kept apologizing to her and tried to explain about his issues and he didn’t know what he was doing. Of course, Jeff was in the aisle seat and he was sound asleep, leaving me to deal with it all. That really perturbed me. Finally I made him sit in the middle seat. At least the woman’s hair didn’t get touched anymore, but now he was nodding off and his head was going forward and he was getting annoyed and vocal about the whole process. So I tried to tell him to lean against me and I turned so he could use my shoulder for his head. But no….that wasn’t good enough. Finally I had to sit with my back pushed up against the window itself with my one foot extended between our seats (with the arm rests up), and my other foot on the floor and he laid across me his head basically right on my chest like a baby would. When we were landing in Charlotte, North Carolina for a stopover, the flight attendants were making sure everyone’s seat belt were fastened and I looked at them and shook my head “no” in meaning, “don’t you dare ask me to move because this is NOT a good idea.” And they actually didn’t. I was so wedged into that position and my bottom half of my body was all pins and needles — it wasn’t a pretty site. Then everyone disembarked and Patrick was still sleeping and drooling on my chest. This 16-year-old almost 6 foot tall man child. I cannot tell you the weird looks I got. I was too exhausted to care to explain. And I apologized again to the woman and thanked her for her understanding and graciousness. She told me it was okay.

    I don’t remember what happened on the Charlotte, NC to Newark, New Jersey leg of the trip. I think by then Jeff was awake and helped me entertain Patrick.

    Shared that story because when you said Akemi was on the floor comforting Bubba (not a particularly comfortable spot to be), I was reminded of what I did for Patrick being wedged up against the window. Moms do what they have to for their kids (fur or human!)

    Hope you guys were able to crash once you made it in.

  8. Pleasant dreams tonight. I’m sure the 4 of you will sleep like a log!
    Gad to hear Lulu got thru it without too much discomfort.

    I kinda expected to hear the lovable Bubba would complain as usual.. but somehow he always manages to bounce back from his discomfort quickly enough.

    Here’s some very good news to share! <3

    Hey blog family!
    Update on Scrappy! XO

    Helen and I shared a most wonderful conversation today
    regarding Scrappy.
    Judy from GMPR is the most medically knowledgeable
    so she is fostering the lovable old boy.

    Helen & Judy will keep us updated and send new photos soon.

    She says at Scrappy's age and given his health condition
    he may be difficult to find a proper forever home for him
    so he may possibly remain in Judy's loving care
    for the rest of his life
    and can use as much financial help as we can muster
    for his medical needs and daily care.
    (as well as for the other elderly dogs in their long term care).

    So please give whatever you can as often as you can
    and share their site on your social media pages.


    Anyone preferring to donate via paypal
    should send an email to the address below.


    (be sure to put: "For Scrappy" on your donation note so Judy and Helen will know how to prioritize the funds.

    @Joe: Helen, (president of GMPR) once again conveys her deepest gratitude for your generosity and recognition.

    It has meant so much more to her than you could ever imagine! XO

    GMPR works with Wagon trail rescue to pull dogs like Scrappy out of the
    NYC shelter system.

  9. Glad you all made it safe and sound! Hope you get a good nights sleep.

    I can’t remember at the moment…did you get a new apartment, or are you back in the one from the last two years?

  10. Hey guys: Reminder

    For those of you who RSVP’d for Joe’s 10 year anniversary celebration
    please dont forget all tributes and gifts are due on the 15th. Addresses to send them to are on the list you each received.

    Planning Committee members: Updates will be in your inboxes shortly.

    Also: I just put my donation into GMPR for Scrappy.
    Helen is probably not aware of this albeit apparently there is no need to email them for password as it automatically takes you to their pay pal site when you click the donate button. I simply put : “For Scrappy” on the receipt instructions.

    XO – Drea

  11. G’day

    Glad you safe and sound, tired but in Toronto. Hope Lulu was comfortable enough. Poor Bubba, not a great flyer. Hope Akemi is not sore after sitting on the floor to comfort Bubba.
    Get some sleep.

  12. Hope you had a deep and peaceful nights sleep… You all deserve it!

    Groundhog day?

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