Oh, man, this is going to be a brutal 20 hours.

My flight out of Toronto was delayed hour.  I was seated across the aisle from a kid who cried through most of the 5 hours in the air.  When she wasn’t crying, her mom kept her entertained playing music videos without the benefit of earphones. And the internet didn’t work on my laptop.  So, I put my time to good use by streamlining Episode 301, doing yet another pass on Episode 303, and getting another 12 pages done on Episode 307.   Tomorrow, we’re up at 3:30 a.m. to get ready for our 4:30 a.m. pick-up enroute to our four and half hour 6:30 a.m. flight BACK to Toronto…with the dogs including Bubba, the cranky flyer, and Lulu whose steel-reinforced spine now make her, technically, a cyborg.

October 10, 2016:  Oof!

Oh, and my Snow Monkeys lost, dropping them to a record of 1-4 on the season.

On the bright side, I’m so exhausted right now that I’ll probably be asleep my 9:00 p.m., allowing me to get in a solid six and half hours tonight.

19 thoughts on “October 10, 2016: Oof!

  1. I honestly don’t know how you do it!! God speed!! And if a wailing child suddenly appears in episode 301, 303 or 307, we know why! That’s why there are iPods & headphones.

  2. October 20th? 😉

    Hopefully your return flight to Toronto is quieter!
    And comfortable for Bubba and Lulu.

    Six and a half hours sleep sounds heavenly – says she that is currently wide-awake at 04:15hrs! lol

  3. I’m not going to make a comment because I know you are too tired to read it.


  4. I tend to count myself lucky on the days when my schedule actually allows for six and 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I’ve learned to take 1-2 hr naps between appointments during the day.
    I’ve a good life, am happy for the most part and know I am extremely fortunate to be doing what I absolutely love for a living but anyone thinking I live a glamorous life most definitely need to think again.

    Hoping your journey back to TO with Bubba n Lulu in tow isn’t too uncomfortable for them or you.


  5. Godspeed and no crying babies…
    Don’t forget a nap. I find them very useful.
    I don’t leave for a flight with my trusty bose noise cancelling headphones. Maybe the airline can make headphones a drop down from the roof for crying babies.

  6. Hey Joe: Hope you are and the fam are having a safe uneventful flight as I type this. Never mind about previous Scrappy question. I went back to the link you posted on twitter and saw it was Wagon trail rescue.

  7. By about now, you guys should be almost to Toronto if all has gone well. I hope all your travels went smoothly!

    Just reading that made me tired. Okay, I was already tired, but even MORE tired! 🙂

  8. Six and a half hours?? *gasp* I just slept for nine hours… *stretches and cuddles w/dog and goes back to bed*

    sorry tho,.. one would think they could prepare their child a bit better so others could relax on their flight

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