Woke up at 7:30 a.m., got to the animal clinic for 9:00 a.m., left with Lulu at 9:30 a.m., got back home and had a quick bite at 10:30 a.m., closed the sale and dropped off the car at 11:15 a.m., left for the airport at 11:45 a.m., flew out at 1:30 p.m.

I’m flying WestJet which, unlike Air Canada, offers internet service (for a fee).  I was planning to sit back and work my way through a backlog of comixology purchases but got distracted by a rewrite and have spent much of the fly working on this second act.  I came up with a great idea for this script last week and, quite frankly, the only thing more exhausting than copious script notes are “great ideas” because they both end up resulting in major changes.  Still, as exhausting as these changes are going to be, when all is said and done they’ll be worth the effort because they’ll shed some interesting light on one crew member’s backstory – and offer up some interesting fodder for future stories.

My girlfriend is awesome.  For many reasons.  But one of the biggest – which I greatly appreciate – is her love for the dogs.  Although she wasn’t a dog person when she first came to Canada, she fast became one, falling in love with the gang: Jelly, Maximus, Bubba, and Lulu.  And she has taken amazingly great care of them – when Maximus got sick, when Jelly struggled in her later years, and now with Lulu as she recovers from surgery.

October 6, 2016: Travel Day, While Back On The Home Front…

To keep Lulu comfortable an ensure she not slip and slide, Akemi constructed a chain of dog bed islands throughout the kitchen, then consulted the internet on those rehab exercises.
October 6, 2016: Travel Day, While Back On The Home Front…

And then massaging those sore hips.

October 6, 2016: Travel Day, While Back On The Home Front…

Our poor girl was extremely lethargic.  She kept drifting off in a sitting position but, whenever she’d fall over onto her bed, she’d sit up with an annoyed snarfle…then slowly drift off again.

October 6, 2016: Travel Day, While Back On The Home Front…

But Akemi reports she is finally asleep!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Drea.  Happy Birthday!

30 thoughts on “October 6, 2016: Travel day, while back on the home front…

  1. I flew back from Montreal to Vancouver last week, and there was WIFI! $20 for the whole flight, or a free $15. Heading back to Montreal this Friday, might splurge on the $20 cost this time around…

  2. Forgot to mention in my previous comment, the entire point of my reply in the first place, that I was indeed flying Air Canada! Oy.

  3. My heart just breaks seeing Lulu like that, but I’m so glad she has folks like you and Akemi taking care of her. And yes, Akemi *is* amazing. You’re a very fortunate fellow to have her in your life, though I’m sure you know that already!

    I’m looking forward to S3 already, but it’s going to be a long wait if I get too excited now. How many months again? Oh yeah, too many. 🙂

    We’re having some really nice Fall weather here the last few days, and thankfully it looks like Matthew is going to bypass us. (at least that’s the forecast now.) I hope all those folks in FL will be ok!

    Wait, are you posting this entry from the plane? If so, cool!

  4. Happy birthday Drea!

    So glad Lulu is home and resting. Akemi is awesome and will take great care of her while you’re gone, I know it.

  5. You guys really are perfect together. It sounds like everything that needed to get done got done before you had to leave so that’s great. It’s hard for me to look at the pictures of Lulu. Sleep is good. She needs to sleep in order for her body to heal. She’ll bounce back soon. That was really a clever idea to put all the doggy beds together for her. I remember after my Sam had orthopedic surgery, and he was so miserable being in the crate, I got my air mattress and lay next to him so he wouldn’t feel so alone. I think it helped him. It certainly helped me. Sam was our wedding gift to each other. I bet Bubba was happy that the pack was reunited. I bet you are exhausted by this time in the evening. I hope you can sleep well for whirlwind that lies ahead of you in the next week.

    Sending love and prayers out to all the blog readers who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew. My brother-in-law is in St. Augustine and he decided to stay put. Sure hope that will turn out okay for him, his wife and his son. My ex-boss retired from the company I used to work for/she used to own and does missionary work down in Haiti now. I was frantic–trying to find out if she was actually in Haiti with the storm coming down upon them. She said, “It will be devastating if it continues on this course. Major devastation, not necessarily seen by outsiders, but villagers will lose everything. They cannot survive this type of storm in their mud huts. They have nowhere to “shelter in place”. So sad.” Then I sent her a message and she said they weren’t planning on leaving until Oct 14 so I would say she is going to have her work cut out for her. Another former co-worker and her husband are joining my ex-boss Debbie on her mission trip. I heard there were more than 100 deaths in Haiti. They are expecting a cholera outbreak. I admire people who can do that sort of thing. I’m too spoiled and my Princess and the Pea life wouldn’t fare well.

    I remember when Hurricane Ike hit here in 2008. It was only 110 mph winds, but there was a 22-foot storm surge (made landfall at high tide). People said, “I’ve been here forever and I’ve always been fine and we made it through this one and that one.” If I remember, close to 100 people died. Some of the bodies from the coast (Bolivar Penisula off of Galveston which is south of Houston) were never found. Some were found in Clear Lake (which is where NASA is). I remember how bad it was up here, 90 miles from the coast, where we were in this little dot of the 110 winds that still remained. When I woke up in the morning, Jeff said, “I don’t know how you slept through that.” I looked at him and said, “Ambien and ear plugs.” I remember being up all night when Hurricane Rita came (which happened shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005). So I decided to be proactive about my sleeping during Hurricane Ike. Jeff slept through Rita so I figured it was only fair.

    and finally……………………..

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You did it! An amazingly impossible day, and you pulled it off! Even got some rewrites in. Amazing! So glad Lulu is home and in the tender, caring arms of Akemi.

    @Drea: Happy Birthday!

  7. Akemi is a great caregiver. Lulu is in good hands.

    You stayed on schedule. Impressive.

  8. I’m glad everything is going well with Lulu. That’s one heck of an incision. I wish they had something like that available when I was a kid and our dachshund had back trouble.

    You (and the pups) really are blessed to have Akemi in your life. And vice versa.

    Happy Birthday Drea!

    And all of you in the path of the hurricane, stay safe!

  9. It’s 10/7 and wanted to acknowledge @Cherluvya has been gone for 3 years now. It seems like yesterday but also so long ago. Gosh I miss her.

  10. Yay, Akemi to the rescue. Akemi certainly has a good sense of how to make Lulu (and the other kids) comfy when things are changing. Hoping Akemi is able to get some sleep and rest too.

    Lulu is now in – I am annoyed – I just had surgery mode. Reactions especially the snarfle. Totally understandable. Now that she has reached the so totally exhausted stage to actually sleep – she will remember how she got there and get into the sleep position instead of sitting up.

    May also have some anxiety – that if she falls asleep something else will happen. OR…If I sleep I will miss something important.

    Humans pretty much get a total rundown of what is going to happen with major surgery. So…hopefully they understand.
    But our furry “non-english” speaking friends, can only wonder what is happening and what is coming next.
    Hope Lulu “feels the relief” that the surgery brings.

    Joe hope you are able to get some rest and a LOT of work done on S3 cause we are waiting. sorry, being mean.

    and of course we are counting – at least 35 weeks before we get to see S3.

  11. We all know Akemi’s is awesome but I bet she’s glad you acknowledge her often. A girl likes to be appreciated. 😉

    Poor little Lulu. How long does she have to stay calm? She’s on pain meds, right? I pray these two surgeries make a huge improvement in her quality of life! How’s Bubba handling all of this stress? {{{Hugs}}} to all of ya!

    Happy Birthday Drea!!! I hope you get your fun Friday today.

    Gforce: I had no idea birds were that affectionate. Thanks for sharing!

    Good news on Dr Jo: She’s getting a stronger chemo and yesterday they did another scan. The cancer is gone from her lungs!!!! I’m not sure what the next step is. It’s been nice to finely have some good news.

  12. Yay Akemi! We all know you are a sweet, loving and caring person. Joe is indeed blessed to share his life with you, (you are a great couple!).

    So glad Lulu is getting sleep, and is home where comfort reigns. The pain meds are probably making her lethargic. I’m sure Bubba is glad to have his friend nearby.
    I agree with PBMom, that rest does heal. As a chronic insomnia sufferer, I can attest to the fact that when I “do” sleep, any cold, flu or otherwise bothersome issue does heal faster than without sleep. I guess the Good Lord built us that way.

    Just won an achievement award at work! My company gives winners a monetary gift, a cool desk statue and a paid dinner! Woot!

    Drea! Happy birthday gal!

    Everyone stay safe… TGIF!

    1. @2cats Congrats on your work award. It’s always nice when an employer acknowledges your hard work. Jeff’s company just did a week-long employee appreciation thing. No money, but it was nice coming in for little surprises each day, like breakfast tacos for all, or Mexican lunch for all at the actual restaurant, a goody bag with treats in it, and a regular kind of breakfast another morning. Jeff missed that one because we were at the hospital with Patrick.

  13. Hi Everyone. @Joe, @Jeff T @Ponytail @Tam @Gforce @pbmom @Zoe @Kathy @MaggieL80 @DeniseM :

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! What a way to spend my birthday eh!
    Oh well. or as the french say: C’est la vie.

    Next week I am definitely gonna go find me a loud rocking metal concert somewhere and party my ass off! with the finest bottle of scotch, My sexiest lleather jacket and an extraordinarily handsome, most charming date from NASA who has agreed to join me on my belated, forever age defying, rockin rebel outing! ( no worries Jeff T Ya haven’t lost status of being most handsome friend on earth …. at least not yet anyway!) 😀 LOL! 😀 )

    Update on Hurricane Matthew:

    It moved east before making landfall later than expected at 125 mph winds
    so Osceola and Polk counties were not in the eye of the storm
    as previously expected. Highest wind gusts so far were just above 100 mph in Brevard county.
    1000 people in Kissimmee area lost power.
    We still have power here. I Lost internet for a while but am back now.
    At least for a little while. (more outages are possible)

    Some tree damage here from heavier gusts
    but nothing too horrifying.
    A very large tree uprooted and fell inches from a mans front door
    further west up on Colonial drive inside the city of Orlando but he is ok.
    The water canal in my backyard reached the top but has not overflowed/ flooded.
    Looks like we are going to be ok here in Kissimmee!
    What a relief! Winds have begun dying out a bit here already.
    Some cars – such as police and utility workers are already back on the road.
    Saying prayers for everyone along the coast and further up north east!

  14. Nice one, Joe, for fitting everything in this morning!
    So happy to see Lulu home. Now the steady road to recovery starts … and Akemi definitely has it all under control! She’s a natural carer obviously!

    Intrigued with ‘this script’ rewrite and the ‘it’ll shed some new light on one crew members backstory and fodder for future stories’ … Is this Dark Matter or your other project?

    Wishing Drea a happy and safe Birthday!

  15. @Gforce Any luck getting Brio to say Jaffa kree again?
    How’s his new baby bro doing?

    @Joe Color me impressed.
    You are getting
    almost as good,
    at dealing with the nonstop schedule, as me.
    Good job! <3

    Sweetest hugs n kisses to Lulu today! And to you and Akemi always! xoxo

    I think I seriously may need to try a shot of your favored bourbon sometime today after all the stress and worry of the last 24 hours
    but I'm hangin' in there!

  16. By the way Joe, when you have the time. Check out the Drifters anime series. It was created by Kouta Hirano who also created Hellsing. The art style and everything else is gorgeous and looks so Hellsing.

  17. I like the chain of dog beds. When my late Kitty Roxy had a hard time managing our slippery floors — she was a bit overweight and had carpet feet (lots of toe fluff and no traction) I got a few pieces of some cheap carpet runners and laid them out. None of the cats liked them at first but eventually they were all running full tilt through the house with no wipeouts.

  18. @sparrowhawk @2cats Thanks! <3

    Lost internet here again for a bit – but am back now. Wind gusts have died down to 20 miles per hour and we are almost out of the storm now. Curfew has been lifted for most counties and folks are getting back on the road.
    Clean up of debris in our neighborhood wont begin until tomorrow.

    By the way, @2cats @SparrowHawk

    if you two want to join us for Joe's 10 year blog anniversary celebration & tribute you need to rsvp by Sunday 10/9 for details. email: Newscience101@gmail.com

  19. Thanks @Randomness <3 Dont recal if you Rsvp'd yet either for the celebration next month – but info is above in previous comment posting.

  20. PS Love your March 28th related blog ‘Toasty warm on your numbed fingers …’ Reminded me of when I walk my dog in the company of my very young nephew, I often offer him the full poop bag as a pocket hand warmer. For some reason he always refuses…. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of these practical things… 😏

  21. re: Comixology

    looks like you’d have to buy the Kindle version of a comic to have offline access :/ there appear to be no plans to allow Comixology purchases viewable Kindle, but Kindle comic purchases are viewable on Comixology, as of Comixology FAQ, Dec 2015.

    there are kindle and comixology versions of Stargate Atlantis comics, that started publishing in July 2016. Now on book 3.

    Check out Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus #1 on @comixology https://m.comixology.com/Stargate-Atlantis-Back-to-Pegasus-1/digital-comic/366760?tid=s161007_share_tw_Stargate_Atlantis_Back_to_Pegasus_1&utm_medium=cmx_homepage&utm_source=share_tw&utm_campaign=s161007_share_tw_Stargate_Atlantis_Back_to_Pegasus_1



  22. Wasn’t this day, October 6th, your birthday?? You little devil. I bet your mom and sister came up for your birthday not Thanksgiving. You could have reminded us. Well…. Happy birthday anyway my friend!

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