So, I’m halfway through this fairly comprehensive rewrite when I get a call from the lovable Robbie David back at the production office who starts off the conversation with: “I just got an email.  You’re not gonna like it.”  And boy, was he right.  Although I understood the sentiment behind the message Robbie received, I really objected to the phrasing.  So much so that I wondered whether the person who drafted the email was drunk when he wrote it because, holy crap dude, you didn’t just burn the bridge, you blew it the hell up.  No call? No personal email?  No polite and respectful inquiry?  THAT’S what you decided to lead with???  It’s particularly galling because I was in your corner.  I had your back!  It probably could’ve worked out!  Instead, I’m looking at an even bigger rewrite on this script – and now, several more.

But the rewrite will have to wait until after this Thanksgiving weekend as mom an sis are in town!

This morning, I swung by my storage locker (aka my office) and loaded the car with everything from winter gear to doggy beds.  The plan is to haul everything back to the apartment and have everything set up nice and neat for Akemi’s arrival.  Well, nice anyway.  Nice-ish.

While I was at the production offices, I met with freshly promoted to Production Manager Brandon Tataryn (former 1st Assistant Director who shares names with the horrible disease that claimed THREE’s beloved Sarah) and Production Designer Ian Brock to discuss our first three episodes.  Apparently, episode 3 may be a little too HUGE.  And Ian’s got a terrific game plan for our second stage which presently houses the Marauder and Ishida cruiser bridge – and soon, much much more!

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock (left) and Production Manager Brandon Tataryn (right).  I missed these guys!

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

Before picking up mom and sis at the train station, I got in a quick lunch with my favorite on set Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok at my favorite taco joint, Campechano.

Meanwhile, back in Van, Akemi is holding down the fort – and taking care of the dogs.  We can’t risk Lulu trying to jump up on the furniture, or worse, fall off the bed, so I picked up two cages for her – one for downstairs, and one for the bedroom.  Apparently, last night, she was NOT happy to not be on the bed.  And then, at some point this morning, Bubba wandered into the cage and started to cry because he couldn’t find his way out – this despite the fact that the door was wide open.  Brilliant, he aint.  But lovable all the same.

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

Prisoner 3X36557.

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

The downstairs set-up.

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

Out in the rec yard.

October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

Speaking of dogs in bad situations, I’m trying to find a rescue to pull this old guy. He has until noon tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “October 7, 2016: Toronto Day #1!

  1. I’ve got a friend that knows a rescue I think on Long Island. Think they are a last chance rescue. I’m trying to confirm rescue name now. You have my email if you want to make contact.

  2. What’s with all the stressful emails lately?? These people need to smarten up. I hope it wasn’t *too* upsetting, though it sounds like it resulted in a lot of extra work. Bah.

    Awww, poor Lulu. I’ll bet she doesn’t like the change in routine, particularly if it means being crated when she’s not used to it. Hopefully that won’t be for too long. How is Bubba’s eyesight? Maybe that didn’t help him in his search for the exit? Regardless, you do gotta love him.

    @Tam Dixon: Brio is really not that cuddly compared to the African lovebird I had that passed away last year, Bart. She LOVED to cuddle and would soak up every bit of affection you could give and then want more. I still miss her terribly.

    @Drea: Brio occasionally still says “Jaffa, kree!” (or more often, just “Kree!”) but with the new budgie around, who doesn’t talk as much, he tends to talk more “budgie talk” than he did before.

  3. I’ve put out some feelers. Will let you know if find anyone with a rescue contact. Sent link to them for this old guy.

  4. YIkes! What the heck is going on, Joe? Mysterious emails with bad news? Hope it’s all okay.

    Poor Lulu. If she knew why you were using the cage she would thank you for keeping her safe, but it can’t be easy for her and Akemi.

    I have an older Labrador retriever who isn’t as spry as she used to be. I found that yoga mats were a big help in providing traction on slippery floors. And they are easy to move and replace. Maybe that would help Lulu.

    Have a great visit with Mom and Sis this weekend!

  5. Best wishes to you and Akemi and the pups, you sure pack a lot of activity into your days! (I always hope the people you refer to when you post about crappy behavior aren’t people I think I know and like.)

  6. I had to scroll down and read about Lulu FIRST. She is looking much better. Nurse Akemi is awesome and faithful dog companion Bubba is precious. Rest up little girl Lulu.

    I’ll come back a read about Toronto later….. 😉

  7. Oh hey, your mom and sister are coming to see you? That is great! Say “hi” for us. How long are they staying? Will they stay while you go pick up Akemi and the kids? You’ll have to take them to see your office/set and where you work. Your mom will be so proud. Get lots of pictures of their visit please.

    Congrats to Brandon Tataryn on his promo! (despite killing Three’s lady friend with his disease.) Mr. Production Manager! Ian’s beard is longer and those tacos do look good.

  8. @ Tam – Good news about Vet Jo. Praying she continues to get welcomed news!

  9. Great to see some familiar faces and good food. Looks like Akemi is holding down the doggie fort at home and talking good care of the pups while you are away. Hope you have a nice visit with family. Don’t let the rewrites bring you down. Have some sake.

    @Tam: good news regarding Dr. Jo

  10. Congrats on the promotion to Brandon T.
    Nice that your mom and sis were able to come to TO to celebrate thanksgiving with ya.
    Are you all gonna do an early restaurant feast on Sunday or is mom gonna prepare something homemade at your apartment on Monday?

    Poor Lulu. I suspect, beyond just being uncomfortable and in pain post surgery, she seriously misses ya. She is, after all is said n done, forever “daddy’s girl”. Just as Bubba is “mamma’s boy” and does not like it when Akemi is gone.

    Sorry to hear you received such a cold email. There are only two cast members I can think of, who could have sent it.

    No matter if it’s suspect A or suspect B, That person definitely needs to show up face to face and sincerely apologize to you. Especially after all you did to go to bat for them and stand in their corner!

    It does not matter if it was just another job to them or they rather not be the cause of any more tension between you and you know who. Or even if it was because they can’t afford to sit around hoping a re-write is accepted.
    Ya just don’t send a cold email to someone who treated you with warmth and kindness, Made a whole lot of extra effort on your behalf to make it work out And even went so far as to extend a genuine hand of friendship to ya.

    So Hey! which ever one of you is guilty, -If you are reading this, I am certain you are capable of better than this and Joe deserves so much better than this sort of inconsiderate behavior so do yourself and him the kindness and respect of sincerely, properly, apologizing.

    Well, I’m exhausted after dealing with all the unnerving-ness of Hurricane Matthew’s tantrum these past 24 hours.

    Going to bed now.

    Goodnight blog family. Love ya.

    @pbmom Will keep your brother in law in my prayers he and his family are ok tonight and their home endures the storm without too much flood damage.

    P.S @MaggieMayDay: Thrilled you are finally on the mend! Is it time to break out the rum soaked brownies yet? XO

    1. “Sorry to hear you received such a cold email. There are only two cast members I can think of, who could have sent it.”

      Definitely not a cast member. Our cast is fantastic and I love each and every one.

  11. Ugh, I hate that they destroy animals like that. If there’s no room, build more. Why do they need to kill an innocent animal like that? It’s horrible.

  12. Here’s the pug rescue around here. I’ve heard wonderful things about them:

    Ponytail: Yes, it’s great news! Thank you!

    Gforce: I know what you mean, I miss my babies too. 🙁 Still, I’m glad you have Brio.

    Drea: Stay safe down there!

    Mr. M.: The post-op is hard to watch. Hope your Sis and Mom have a good visit and Akemi can join you with the pups soon! Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!

  13. Maggie L80 and PBmom: Thank you!

    Definitely not a cast member I suspect “management” did something. My hubby is always telling me about business managers telling the computer people how to do something. Drives him crazy.

  14. Aaah, so good to see DM Production crew again …. Can’t wait for the exciting build up towards Season 3! Eee!! The furtive guesses, the sneak peaks …. Oow, just … everything!
    Sorry to hear you’re still having aggro from a certain person (?!). Perhaps, when they grow up you can both sit down and sort it all out like sensible people.

    Akemi is tops! She does have her hands full! What brilliant care she gives to Lulu and Bubba. Lulu is looking so good – don’t forget, the anaesthetic she had will, like with people, make her a bit antsy for a week or so. Poor ol’ Bubba – he looks much more comfortable in his bed….

    I do hope Scrappy got his reprieve. Heartbreaking story…

  15. Very relieved it wasn’t any of the cast. The way you had phrased it and me being overly tired/stressed from dealing with storm ……………….
    But so sorry it was then likely ‘he’ who has been abusing his power and giving you grief all along. Maybe time to let lawyers handle all communications and any negotiations back and forth??

    Hugs n much love to you and your fam. Hope the weekend and thanksgiving meal turns out nice.

    The sun is shining here today and neighbors are all out and about. Went out to survey the neighborhood damage from Matthew. We were definitely very lucky here compared to some of the suburbs the news has been showing.

    @Pbmom Glad to hear your bro in law is ok. Sounds like they got lucky as well.

    Has anyone heard from @Kabra? Hope she is ok.

    @Ceresis received your email. Apologies for delayed reply. Have had hands full here. Will update everyone tomorrow.

  16. I was worried that maybe it was a guest star or something. Glad to hear it is not. Burning bridges is not a good thing to do. Ever.

    Congratulations Brandon on your promotion!

    I hope Scrappy was saved.

    @Drea Apparently my brother-in-law lives in the newer area of St. Augustine and he said the places most affected were the beach and the tourist areas. He still doesn’t have power though. I bet he’ll be thinking of buying a generator after this.

    I hope your mom and sister made it in okay. That is so great that they were able to travel to you this trip.

    It’s hard to keep the fur babies in a crate when they used to not being in one. But you have to in order to do what is necessary to keep them safe. I was thinking you were worried about slippery surfaces with Lulu. My client, who is also a pet sitter, started having issues with one of her older dogs and her floors. My sister was also interested in this product, so let me just tell you what it is.

    Poor Bubba. He is very lovable and I bet awesome to hug.

    I hope the rewrites go well. Sorry you are having to do even more.

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