Oh boy.  I’m trying to arrange for the sale of my car, Lulu’s pick-up, and my Toronto departure tomorrow – and it’s gonna be tight!

After much prodding from Akemi, I’ve decided to sell the car rather than pay insurance on it while it sits in my Vancouver garage during production of Dark Matter’s third season.  Granted, I have no way of knowing, year to year, where I’m going to be working next, but it just doest make sense to hold onto the Q7 – especially since my four-dog days are over…for now.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll downsize to a modest A4.  Or simply rent a car while I await news of my next move.  In any case, if I’m going to off-load it, the time will be a very narrow window between Lulu’s (hopefully) early discharge from the animal hospital and my early afternoon flight to Toronto.

We went to visit my poor gal today and she is looking rough.  I mean –

October 6, 2016: Visiting Day!

Stitches and staples to say nothing of the steel implant that currently buttresses her spine.  Going through airport security is going to be all sorts of interesting. I’ve asked the neurosurgeon to write me a doctor’s note explaining Lulu’s deal. He’s also offered me x-rays to take as well.

Apparently, she’s progressing nicely but will be sore for a while as she continues to heal.

October 6, 2016: Visiting Day!

Bubba, all dressed up for visiting hours.

October 6, 2016: Visiting Day!

When I sat down on the floor beside her, she jumped into my lap.

October 6, 2016: Visiting Day!

Pug down!  Rather than leave Bubba behind while we ran our countless errands today, we brought him along – to visit Lulu, to set up the sale of the car, shopping, back to the vet clinic to get instructions on Lulu’s home care.  By 7 pm, the old man was down for the count.

Okay, I think I’ve got it all figured out for tomorrow –

9:00 a.m. – Pick up Lulu from the animal hospital

10:00 a.m. – Finish packing

11:00 a.m. – Drop off the car and close the sale

12:00 a.m. – Catch a cab to the airport

1:30 p.m – Fly out of Vancouver

9:00 p.m – Fly into Toronto

And then on Friday, things get really busy!

34 thoughts on “October 6, 2016: Visiting Day!

  1. Wow, cinco tasking.
    So glad that Lulu is doing well, poor Bubba would be lost without her.

  2. Jees Louise, couldn’t you have worked in one more thing to do tomorrow? And you add in selling a car! Cray-z!! Hoping all goes well with Lulu’s pick-up, the packing, the selling, the cab ride and the flight. Safe travels! Get some sleep!

  3. Poor Lulu having to go through all that. I know I don’t have a vote on this, but I am glad you were able to adjust your schedule. Lulu needed to see you before and after her ordeal.

    You and Akemi are great parents!
    Thanks for the pix and update.
    Gentle hugs and LOTS of healing vibrations and frequencies for Lulu.

  4. Oh my. I wasn’t expecting it to look quite that bad. That must have been a difficult thing, but HEY!! She jumped in your lap????? That is all sorts of fabulous. I imagine she’ll eventually be in the cone of shame so she doesn’t open that up at all, especially as it starts itching when it is healing.

    Your schedule is SO tight. If one thing hiccups, it is going to throw everything else off. That is what my holiday schedules are like for pet sitting — one unexpected emergency, one dog deciding that they need an extra 10 minutes to poop, and it will throw off everything. I’m with Bubba — I’d need a nap, too.

    Fingers crossed, toes crossed (I’d say eyes crossed but that is overkill). Sending prayers. Sending good energy. Whatever it is that you need to get through tomorrow. You know that Lulu is in fabulous hands once she gets home. Akemi will take great care of her.

  5. Your poor little puppy girl Lulu. Glad she is progressing. I think you said you are flying out by yourself first, then come back in a few days and pick everybody up for Toronto. Nurse Akemi will be on the job. Praying all goes according to plan for you. Get some rest on the plane. Have a safe flight.

  6. Poor sweet daddy’s girl. But she came through it with flying colors and jumped into your arms when you sat down so that is a good sign.
    Sounds like your day will be almost as rough as mine. Instead of thinking about heading out somewhere to celebrate my birthday today I’m having to prepare for the storm of the century here and thinking about how to simply stay alive and safe for the next few days. Hurricane Matthew has picked up some more fuel and is revving its engines to charge directly on kissimmee with 130-145 mph wind force. Possibly even more!. Its 3 am here right now and the dead calm before the storm is downright scary and unnerving -to say the least! If you dont hear from me for next couple days you’ll know its because we lost power and internet. Otherwise I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated. Praying for everyone living closer to the coast who were already evacuated today that they dont return to completely destroyed homes.

  7. Oow, brilliant to see little Lulu doing so well (wound looking good too!). I’m (happy) amazed to hear Lulu can travel so soon after such major surgery – back in the olden days, that would only have been after weeks and weeks of rest…
    Poor Bubba – he looks absolutely shattered…

    Good luck with your itinerary today! Couldn’t fit anymore in there, could you?
    Will you be able to catch up on some kip on the plane or is that all booked up with work too?

    So ….. when did you say your next holiday was?

  8. Aww poor Lulu! Such a big scar. Glad she is faring well.

    Busy budy day for you but you can do it, I know it!!!

  9. Aww! I hope Lulu feels better than that looks. Poor baby girl. And poor Bubba. He’s pooped. And it sounds like you’re all going to be pooped after today. Have a safe trip. I hope your schedule works out, and that you’ll have some time to recover once you get settled in Toronto.

  10. I’m with PBMom, sending prayers and good vibes for a speedy recovery for brave Lulu and that all your plans proceed like clockwork. You’re the master of multi-tasking!

    They put a steel implant in her back? Yikes! And I’d be splayed out exhausted too if I went the route of Bubba that day. My stamina has been in the basement the last several years.

    Well… safe travels and do try and get some rest on the flight.
    Thank you for the the pup update. May God Bless all…

  11. Poor Lulu! I’m glad though that she seems to be progressing well. I’m sure she’s wondering what the heck is going on, but thankfully she’ll be back home and in loving hands today.

    Do you mean that you’re trying to sell the Q7 or you actually have sold it and are delivering it? It’s seems like you’ve always had a Q7, so it would be weird seeing you in something else. The A4 seems nice but there’s always the Q3 or Q5 if you want to stay in a CUV format (which I prefer for a multitude of reasons.)

    Have a great flight! I hope everything goes well in TO.

  12. Poor wee Lulu. Pets always look worse when they’ve been shaved. Sounds like she’s already on the mend.

    I hope your schedule worked with no wonkiness to throw you off, and that you’re at the airport now. Bubba is a trooper for keeping up with you.

  13. I guess it’s a bit early to be at the airport! It’s 6:55 am in wintery Saskatchewan. Vancouver is only an hour behind us. I’m not awake yet. lol

  14. Poor baby! I hope the operation is a great success and will solve her problems. Wishing you and the whole family “smooth sailing” to Toronto. Okay, so, nose to the grindstone, start wrapping things up in Van., chop chop!

  15. Still praying for Lulu’s recovery. That looks painful, but it’s a good sign that she wanted to jump right into your lap.

    On the car, what about downgrading the insurance to “Storage Insurance” while you’re in Toronto (where the cars is insured for damage while parked but not for driving)? We do this with my daughter’s Portland car when she’s at her academic quarters in Michigan. That drops the insurance from around $75 per month to $5 per month. Or is this really a depreciation argument?

  16. Glad to see Lulu is healing up, that is one tough gal. It hurts the heart to see her scars. Bubba’s bow tie is smashing, look at his eyes! This is the cutest pic yet of Mr. B.

  17. Poor Lulu, I can’t imagine jumping into anyone’s lap so soon after a surgery like that, much less moving around! But she needed the comfort of Dad’s arms. Sending prayers and healing thoughts. I know the surgery was rough on everyone. Hope today goes smoothly..

    Drea: Wishing you best of luck with the storm. What a way to spend your birthday! Just spoke with friends near West Palm and they’re shuttered up, ready to ride it out. Heavy rain/winds due in their area at 1pm. They’re old hands at this, but wise enough to take nothing for granted. Stay safe!

  18. Poor Lulu. When you mentioned her dragging her butt in gravel, I thought it sounded like a sensory thing, like she was just playing with the gravel. I didn’t realize it was more physical.

    Even our energetic little half-corgi can get tuckered from a long day running errands. She doesn’t just walk along. She has to pester strangers for attention and fake? cry if they don’t pet her enough. That’ll take it out of you.

  19. Yes, what JeffW said. “normally” insurance has the category of storage meaning it is NOT MOVED during the period.
    BUT….you don’t have the luxury of time to finagle anything more out of this day.

    Hope your day is going ok without incident.

  20. @Drea: Happy birthday! Still, take care in that storm. Do you have to evacuate? Regardless, keep us posted if you can.

  21. @ Drea – Happy birthday girlfriend!! Stay safe. Maybe you should get out of town.

    To everyone impacted by the hurricane – go now don’t wait.

  22. Omg that is a bitter sweat pic of you and your baby! Wishing a fast recovery

  23. The first picture is so hard to look at. Poor thing, it’s so sad to see any animal looking like that. Here’s to a speedy recovery for Lulu!

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