It’s funny.  About a month ago it was the agony of “Oh, no!  Will we get picked up?!”.  Now, it’s the agony of “Oh, no!  We got picked up!”  Scripts to write.  Stories to break.  Plans to make.  And what seemed so faraway back in May as we were wrapping up production on Dark Matter’s second season now seems alarmingly near as we gear up to begin prep in October for a mid-November start date!  We got some crazy plans for the show’s third season, some truly audacious stories, and progressively bigger twists, turns and surprises in store.  It will all build off the events of our final three episodes this season and, boy oh boy, things get pretty wild in Episodes 211-213 –

September 3, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2!  The Final Stretch!

“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” (my buddy picture, an unlikely pairing I’ve been wanting to write since last hiatus).

September 3, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2!  The Final Stretch!

“Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose” (which provoked the following email response from my writing partner Paul: “Phew, that’s some ending. I feel like maybe you’re working out some issues here. You might want to talk to someone about that.”).

September 3, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2!  The Final Stretch!

“But First, We Save The Galaxy” (in which many of the story elements we set up in season 2, and “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” in particular, dovetail in spectacular fashion).

It’s been a whirlwind season and we’re going to finish strong.  First, with a double episode shot (211 and 212) next Friday September 9th and then, on Friday September 16th, it’ll be the finale.  Alas, I’ll be in Japan for the latter but I’m sure I’ll be hearing your screams all the way across the Pacific.

15 thoughts on “September 3, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2! The Final Stretch!

  1. Hi Joe
    Umm, it’s Sept 3… Fantastic episode on Friday. Can’t wait for next week!


  2. Great show Joe. Enjoying the android character development, it was awesome to see the crew remain silent to the “I can’t promise I won’t mistakes” line, possibly my favorite moment this season.

    Glad you got the pickup for season 3.

  3. “I’m sure I’ll be hearing your screams all the way across the Pacific.”

    You’ve got a whammy lined up for us in the finale, don’t you? Are you going to do this to us every season?

  4. It’s hard to believe that there’s only 3 episodes (and just 2 weeks!) left. Time goes by so fast, it just seems like it was the season finale of S1! I can’t wait to see the episodes, but at the same time it’s kind of bittersweet that it will be done for another season.

  5. Love that picture of Torri . and well all your pictures are great , thanks for sharing.
    Hope you all have a fantastic vacation in Japan.!

  6. Am I mistaken that Three mouths three uncharacteristic words to you know who, right before you know who breaks in the door and saves you know who?

    I loved this episode. Watched both showings last night and was able to download this morning so I could watch it again while getting ready for Dragon Con. Another awesome panel today! These guys are hilarious! All of them. You can tell they are a family! Then Roger, Melissa & Anthony did “5 Truths and a Lie” tonight. And the laughs just kept rolling in! DM fans representing!

  7. Oh my goodness you are driving me crazy with these little tidbits! But keep them coming, please!!! 😀 Can’t believe the season is almost over, but happy to know we have more coming. I wish the seasons were longer…

  8. YAY! -We finally get to see Jodelle in that Blonde Hair wig! Looking forward to seeing more alternate Truffault as well! XO

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  10. With all of the new shows cycling into the Syfy schedule, I was really worried that Dark Matter was going to be shown the door. But I am so excited to know you’re back! Truly all the hard work by cast and crew has paid off, and I can’t be happier for you.

    I’m equally thrilled to know you’e heading off to Japan. I seriously cannot wait to see what adventures you and Akemi get into over there. And you so deserve a break from all the planning, plotting and production for awhile.

  11. It’s official, episode 210 was fabulous!
    This may seem lame to ask, but you do have our core cast signed up for season 3 – yes? Were they equally as excited as we all were at the prospect of returning for season 3? Can’t wait to know the directors chosen for next season.

    Please all of you travel safely to Toronto and I hope you have accommodations lined up that won’t include a dangerous balcony/patio.

    Also travel safely to Japan! I assume a visit with Akemi’s family is included? Hope you both have a great visit and bring back some tasty goodies to show to us. Missing “weird food item of the day”, not that Japanese food is weird, I’m not very familiar with it. 😉

    And I don’t often brag, but I did guess partially correctly about someone messing with the Android programming while the Raza was in enemy hands. Turns out it was the Randroid programming and Truffault, not the GA.
    Sigh… I suppose I shall never be of sufficient cleverness to anticipate all the machinations of Dark Matter that you spin! But I’m enjoying all of them, so keep spinning!

    Happy Labor Day weekend all!
    =^-^= =^-^=

  12. Once again, loved this ep! Without giving away any spoilers All I can say is – it was definitely INTENSE!

    I cant say I was quite as glued to the screen as I was with the human-ness chip episode or episode 8 in the AU but that’s probably only because I was tired and hungry after another overly long day at work.
    I’m going to be re-watching it later tonight so I’ll share my fan review sometime in the next couple days after the UK fans get to watch it.

    Sending my daily dose of Hugs n love you, Akemi n the babes! XO

    And yeah Joe -Ditto to what Carol @2cats said. You haven’t said a word on what you decided to do about TO housing. I do hope you’ll let us know? and that you are going to be staying somewhere safe and comfortable.

  13. Joseph,
    I just viewed the most recent after-buzz review and enjoyed it–as I always do. I know they light-hardheartedly lobby you for more sex scene etc. However, I love Dark Matter because you have made commitments to several thing including; smart/thoughtful writing, real science fiction woven into the plots in clever ways, and real character development/relationships. I would lobby you to stay true to your vision for this show. You, your writers, the great actors and production crew have have more than earned my appreciation and trust.

    The way you squeezed the character depth scenes into the virus attaching 4, 2, and 3 was slick! And for what it is worth, the scene with 3 and the hologram was 10/10. I have had personal and now many professional experiences in terminal illness, loss, and suicide. Trust me–it rings true to me. Anthony Lemke–great great performance. It reminded me of Solaris.

    Thanks again,
    Safe Travels!

  14. Loved this episode. I’m sorry I got to it as late as I did. With Patrick’s seizure stuff on 9/2 with our unexpected ER visit (and it turned out to be a really bad one–much worse than the alleged 2-minute seizure; based on his recovery it was more like a 12-minute seizure) and then a crazy next week and then Jeff flying off to Atlanta the Sep 9-11 weekend, there was absolutely no time. We caught up with this and the other episodes in the past day or two.

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