Shipboard mayhem sheds light on some of the crew members’ dark pasts.

On the next episode of Dark Matter, “Take The Shot”:

Android (?) making out with shirtless guy.  Is it a dream?  Is it our Android?  Who’s the guy?

The Android looks around, perplexed.  What’s got her so confused?

FIVE says: “If we delete her personality matrix and start over, it’s the same as killing her.”  This is something the Android floated to THREE last season but he flatly refused because he’d just gotten used to her.  What would prompt the crew to consider such a drastic course of action?

Randroid’s back! She informs the crew: “I do believe you’ve been targeted – as a result of the neural imprint you uploaded to the medical database.”  Targeted how?  By who?  And if it was done via the neural imprints, does this mean the crew’s former personalities will be bubbling back to the surface?

FOUR asks: “Targeted by who?”  Someone had to be responsible, right?

Randoird replies: “Your ship’s android.”  In the words of Akemi: “How possible?!”

Then a shot of our Android, seemingly dormant, in some strange chamber.  Could this be the recharge station she referred to last episode.

TWO says: “I’ve sent FOUR to the infirmary to delete our neural imprints.”  But…will he?

August 30, 2016: Next Up On Dark Matter = “take The Shot”!

Aimee Hicks offers up a preview at Spoiler TV:

“Throughout this season the show has taken the Android on a complex journey of evolution. Last season we saw the very beginnings of that journey, but this season has really gotten into the deeper complexities of who she is as a being. We’ve seen her experience love, learn about who may have “made” her, and we’ve seen her embrace her humanity. Now, all of those things are used against her as a sinister plot threatens to destroy everything that has made her special.”

August 30, 2016: Next Up On Dark Matter = “take The Shot”!

Tom GardIner offers up his thoughts at Three If By Space – and a sneak peek scene:

“I have to say, I’m starting to get suspicious of HoloDroid. I’m wondering if her almost constant insistence on returning Android to factory defaults isn’t part of a plot against our hot chocolate addict. But there I go being all paranoid again. Dark Matter will do that to you.”

August 30, 2016: Next Up On Dark Matter = “take The Shot”!
DARK MATTER — “Take the Shot” Episode 210 — Pictured: Ellen Wong as Misaki Han-Shireikan — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Hey, is that Misaki Han (Ellen Wong) last seen back in “Episode 15: Kill Them All”?

13 thoughts on “August 30, 2016: Next up on Dark Matter = “Take The Shot”!

  1. With the second season finale of Killjoys this week, It would be amazing if it does well and people stick around for this episode too. Let’s see if last weeks season high 0.22 18-49 rating can be topped!

    It looks like Episodes 11 & 12 are airing together too.

  2. I am on pins and needles, eagerly awaiting to watch this episode. I thought I loved Dark Matter after season 1, but season 2…I seem to love this show even more. Never a dull moment. Dark Matter is flawless in how it continues to move seamlessly from humor to drama to action. More please. I hope (need) to hear a s3 announcement very soon.

  3. fyi it was stupid one was killed. people “loved” to complain about him, but they’re the ones most pissed he is gone, it was a mistake, and lots of people are still hoping it’s wrong in some way since this is sci fi.

    I think it was a bad choice that has lost ratings. too bas if no season 3.

    shakes head

  4. You ok Gforce? Sounded like a nasty tumble you took.

    From the preview, I thought maybe that upgrade came with a hidden program. Something activated when the Zobot was recharging but now you mention the Randroid, I’m wondering if she is trapped in her mind or something? Did you have to post this teaser on Tuesday?

    Mr. Binder and Mr. Gero looked great! I’m glad life is treating them well. 🙂

    What kind of business you getting down to Mr. M.? Anything you can share? Go to any good restaurants in L.A.? I’ve never been to In N Out Burger but I’ve heard it’s yummy.

    I hope the trip back is boring and fast!

  5. @salynnlee
    @I think it was a bad choice that has lost ratings.

    One’s death has had no effect on the Nielsen ratings whatsoever. Sorry to say. What you’re seeing is normal for any show on television. You’re never going to retain 100 percent of any audience between seasons. Every show on broadcast/cable experiences some kind of drop in numbers each season.

  6. Love the extra teasers. Should be a very interesting episode. I think Four will wipe One’s & Three’s neural imprints but am suspiciously guessing that he does not his. I think he will retrieve his memories to make a run at regaining his throne. He needs the advantage. I think this may be the betrayal that Milo foresaw. Do androids in general, fit into any type of probability matrix? Can their actions be predicted? Wouldn’t you need a behavioral response baseline or is it all predictable due to base programming/default settings? Our Android is anything but predictable right now.

    I’m also really excited about this pic you have posted above. Looks like something out of Flash Gordon’s Emperor Ming’s Royal Court. Is that a rotating “bone” saw and “torture” chair in the background?

    I also agree with Tom’s suspicions of Randroid. Don’t trust her.

    @Sylvia: sent you an email with my cell number, hope you got it. By the way, I’m in EST. And yes, Joe, thank you for allowing us to “connect” via your blog!

    @gforce: hope you are feeling better, how is the shoulder and head?

  7. @Joe @Gforce Sorry to hear about the difficulties in both your trips. Glad the resulting damage wasnt too terribly serious.

    Cant wait till Friday to find out if Yael’s predictions about Android & the manbot prove true! 😀

  8. Been wondering what Four would be like in a ‘ship, and he’s very “see ya babe, don’t let the door hit you in the behind on the way out.” The awkwardness with Nyx was so fraught. That scene at the mess the morning after was priceless. Of the team Four seems to be the most like his pre-wipe self (a natural bad ass) which I love. Four is a complicated man.

    Can’t wait to see Daft Punk in this week’s ep. The dude on the left is straight up vogueing, love it. Still so many questions! Who was the trans-dimensional interloper? ‘sup with my Devon? And where can I get that West Elm perfect bedroom the Android woke up in with that amazing view? How did they twirl Misako’s hair so that even her do looks ready to rumble?

  9. @Tam, Maggie, Drea: Yeah, I’m feeling a bit better each day. My knee feels like it’s starting to heal, the bump on my head has gone down, and my shoulder is a *bit* better. It’s the shoulder that I’m most concerned about so I’m seeing the doctor about it today. It might take some physiotherapy.

    I do not trust Redroid!

    Question: Is there some aspect of the Blink Drive that would keep them from using it every time they travel? In the last scene, just before Android dreams, the ship is traveling in conventional FTL. I would think they would just always use the Blink Drive unless it has extraordinary power requirements or something. I might have missed that, I suppose.

  10. @gforce I also hope you are feeling better soon!
    I agree with Maggie L80 that “I think Four will wipe One’s & Three’s neural imprints but am suspiciously guessing that he does not his. I think he will retrieve his memories to make a run at regaining his throne. He needs the advantage. I think this may be the betrayal that Milo foresaw.”

    Also, a few questions/observations… (is it Mailbag time again Joe?)
    1) When the Raza was in GA hands, did they perhaps “plant” anything in the ship that hasn’t been discovered? I include messing with Randroid programming.
    2) Why did the oozing critter want to escape from Three? Although I’m glad it did, because he isn’t his usual witty self with that on board.
    3) Does it survive in space vacuum?
    4) A “charging station” has never been mentioned previously for Android, so was this a script device or a teaser into something coming down the road… hm-m-m.

    I really don’t expect all of these to be answered, just wanted to get the thoughts out there.
    Take care all!
    Is it Friday yet?! =^-^= =^-^=

  11. Aww @Gforce I missed that you got a boo boo, sorry! Glad you are a “bit” better each day – hoping more maybe a bit and a byte by now!

  12. Having caught up now, all I have to say is indeed, WTF!?!?!? at the black oil monster (I can’t help it, I saw that special effect first on X-Files back in the day, “black oil” is how I will always describe it). I am assuming it’ll survive being spaced. Is it nanites? Actually the black oil alien from X-Files, found by Rook 200+ years later? “Dark matter”? (Haha, see what I did there.)

    Can’t wait to see Ellen. Misaki was bad ass.

    Also, just sitting here feeling sad no one has mentioned Devon.

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