I was getting dressed, fifteen minutes out from heading downstairs to catch a cab, when I received the call from my agent’s assistant.  “I’m afraid I have some bad news,” he said.

Oh shit, I thought.  I was prepared for the worst.

“We’re going to have to reschedule your first meeting today.”

“That’s it?”I asked.  I was expecting worse.  Much worse.  Something like “Hey, the guy you’re meeting today broke up with his girlfriend last night so he’s going to be in a really bad mood…” or “We caught your old Stargate episode, Irresponsible, last night and, unfortunately, we’re going to have to withdraw our offer of representation…”.  But a canceled meeting?  It was like being back in elementary school and waking up to a snow day.  Well, half show day anyway.

I took advantage of the free time to brush up on my Japanese (our Tokyo/Osaka trip is less than two weeks away0, and take a stroll through Beverly Hills which is – and correct me if I’m wrong – the “small-dog-carrying” capital of the U.S.  In the half hour I was out and about, I passed about a half dozen people clutching yorkies, chihuahuas, and, in one instant, either a giant ball of yarn or a very relaxed maltese.

Last night, I had dinner wth Bob Picardo who you may remember from such shows as Star Trek: Voyager or Stargate: Atlantis, but you’ll no doubt definitely recall from his last visit to Vancouver that I profiled on this very blog a couple of weeks ago.

Today, it was deli lunch with this guy –

August 31, 2016: L.a.!  Meals!  Dogs!

David Blue (SGU‘s Eli Wallace).  Akemi is going to be sooooo jealous!

Then tonight, it’s southern-style dining with Dark Matter’s Misaki Han – Ellen Wong

Well, three days down and one more to go.  And how have the meetings gone?  As Robert Cooper used to say: “You always leave L.A. feeling like a million bucks!”. Everyone is positive, complimentary, and interested.  Everyone says they want to work with you.  And then…you head back home to reality.  I can honestly say I’ve met some very nice, really smart people on this trip and would love to have the opportunity to work with them sometime in the future.  But who knows?

Meanwhile, Akemi has been keeping me apprised of developments on the home front:

August 31, 2016: L.a.!  Meals!  Dogs!

Bubba got a new hat and, of course, like toys and the dog beds, Lulu has immediately claimed ownership

August 31, 2016: L.a.!  Meals!  Dogs!

Bubba’s Lulu’s new hat.

August 31, 2016: L.a.!  Meals!  Dogs!

Okay, now they’re both happy.

August 31, 2016: L.a.!  Meals!  Dogs!

The dogs prepare for a return trip to Toronto.

42 thoughts on “August 31, 2016: L.A.! Meals! Dogs!

  1. “The dogs prepare for a return trip to Toronto.” Did Dark Matter get renewed and I missed the announcement????????????????

  2. Haha! I love the Lulu/Bubba pics! Those pups are awesome.

    What was wrong with “Irresponsible”? I liked that episode!

    A couple of pictures from my trip in NH.

    Sunrise over Star Lake near Mt. Madison

    A rainbow over Mt. Adams formed by the same sunrise shining through some clouds and projecting behind me.

    it was such a beautiful morning! So quiet.

  3. Poor Bubba! Love the hat! At least now they don’t have to share (meaning Lulu takes all). Trying to read between the lines…hope the meetings really went well, hope you had a taker on your new SciFi military show, hope you ate lots of good food, hope you had lots of quality time with friends and hope you are going back to Toronto to begin prep work for S3 of DM!

    Great seeing David Blue again.

  4. Sounds all really wonderfully relaxed…

    Love Lulu n Bubba’s look! Great pic of Lulu again, Akemi. You could make up a great ‘Lulu and Bubba’ calender for your friends – featuring their many seasonal outfits….

    @KathyC – Season 3?
    Ooooo, pleeze, pleeze, pleeeeeeze!

    And WOW @gforce. Again with those beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    (er, sorry to hear of your, shh, mishap. Hope things are ok)

  5. @Gforce Love the sunrise photo. It’s now my new desktop wallpaper.
    Hope the shoulder soreness is easing up a bit more today.

    @Joe ‘Seriously’. Next time you go on an outdoor location scout you should bring Gary with you as your photographer for the day. He has a natural knack for spotting the perfect scenic spots and angles to shoot from.

    Seems the babes are having themselves a good time while you’re away, eh?.
    They are both always so adorable when they get in the mood to be playful and ham it up for the camera. XO

    Hope David Blue said yes to a guest spot on DM in season 3.?!
    It’d definitely be fun if you could write him in as a genius mathematician character – for old times sake. Or maybe? A quirky comic book loving blink drive engineer with far fetched theories n such that – more often than not – just happen to prove definitively correct.

    Sending my daily dose of hugs n love to all! <3

    Is it Friday Yet?!

  6. Love the pup hats — bull’s horns, right?
    Hey! It’s David Blue! You are looking wonderful and fit sir!

    And yes, like KathyC, TheOtherOne, Drea, Maggie L80 and gforce… do you have a hint or definitive answer that DM gets a season 3 pickup?! Just nod YES once, no one at SyFy will see you…

    Is it Friday yet?!

    P.S. Bummer, a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket just blew up on the pad during a test engine firing. Glad no one hurt…

  7. gforce – Great pictures, Dude.
    Akemi – Great pictures of the pups. Thank you.
    2cats – Yes, David lost a bunch of weight and has been doing weights and yoga. Now he’s got muscles under that t-shirt. 🙂

  8. Congrats on the renewal! I am so happy and relieved as a viewer. So happy for you and the cast and rest of the crew!

    Also, those hats are ridiculously adorable.

  9. Season 3 is officially a goooooooooooooo

    Congrats Joe, well deserved for you! The ratings don’t lie, it was never in doubt.

  10. According to Variety, Dark Matter was renewed for S3. Congrats! On Sept 9 while the Gatecon banquet is going on, I’ll be able to watch Dark Matter in my hotel room. 🙂

  11. Gforce: The pictures are beautiful! Hope your shoulder is better!

    Yay David!

    Yay on Pup pictures! Those are cute hats. Pups are like kids. Get a gift for one and the other gets jealous.

    Yay S3! Another season of chances to write Marc back on. 🙂

  12. Lulu the hat thief! Thank you Akemi for that cuteness boost, I love that they are ready to back to Toronto. That can’t be David Blue, that is like a full grown handsome man! What happened to the kid from SGU? Could you see yourself buying in LA, Joe? The only home I’d want in LA is that abandoned monastery that Lady Gaga snatched up for a few mil.

    Today I enjoyed a trip to the Farmers Market, or more accurately the Almond Infused Croissant and Raspberry Tart Market. I forgot the potatoes in my rush to get the Almond Croissants which were heavenly.

  13. FABULOUS NEWS!!! I am so relieved, so happy and so grateful that Dark Matter (and Killjoys) will be back for Season 3! Woot-woot!

    Thank you PTB… this has made me a happy gal (for today and tomorrow when DM ep 210 airs)!

    Congratulations everyone at Dark Matter productions! Now to share the news on Facebook…

    (giggling insanely at my work desk, hope no one overhears…)

  14. XO YAY!!!! S’ agapo DarkMatter!!! XO OPA!! OPA!!
    Upon the glorious eastern rise of paraskeve’s ilios shall I choreograph an awesome ice dance work out in your renewals honor fit for display before the very Gods of sun and light on Mt Olympus! .

  15. Brilliant! Absolutely BRILLIANT news! Yay whoopy doo! Gosh, I’m so pleased for everyone! Congratulations Joe 🍸
    Wow, now I gotta tell my fiends …… Yay!

  16. Congrats on the renewal! As if there was ever any doubt.

    Thanks for the pic comments! Shoulder is slowly starting to feel better.

    I now have a cold, however. 🙁

  17. Oow, that was supposed to be friends! Too excitedly happy to spellcheck! Sorry 😊

    BTW they are as hyper happy as I am!

  18. Hi Joe! Congratulations on the Season 3 pick-up!!! It was icing on what has already been a stellar day (getting to finally hold a physical copy of my book in hand!) and I am so happy for you and Paul and the entire Cast and Crew! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!


  19. Health and other things… still far behind.. but my daughter called to tell Dark Matter you got picked up for season three. 🙂 I am sad to be so behind on blogs trying to avoid spoilers… but I had to come shout YEAHHHHH!!!! Congratulations. 🙂 WOHOOOOOOO!!!

  20. Hi Joe
    Congrats on the season 3 pickup. Don’t know how your going to keep making the next episode better than then last. You’ve done a hell of a job with it so far this year.


  21. So very sweet to hear-renewal.
    Can’t wait to hear the cast talk about DM and Season 3 at Dragon Con.
    wooooo hooooo!

  22. Woot! Woot! Congratulations on the Season 3 renewal. So excited! Should make for some interesting conservations this weekend at Dragon Con.

    @gforce: love the pics, beautiful.

  23. Congrats Joe and all the cast and crew of Dark Matter! Soooo glad we are getting Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. David Blue looks great, he really got into shape!
    I could use his fitness trainer. 🤓

  25. Okay, now that I’m catching up (both clients cancelled tonight) I love seeing David Blue again. He’s been at the top of my list of people I’d love to see on Dark Matter. Or anything else you might do in the future.

    @Gforce More stunning photography. I wonder if you can sell some of those to Microsoft. I keep getting pretty pictures that I mostly have to say “not a fan” when they want me to choose a picture as a screensaver, and I’d like to like more of them, and I think I would with your pics.

    The dogs are just always friggin adorable. I love how Akemi dresses them up all the time. Interesting thing happened with Boomer. I never thought he cared about his bandanas they put on him after he is groomed. It fell off when he was on the bed and we picked it up and put it on the bedside table. He went over and sniffed it. So we put it back on him and he actually looked happy about it. I need to buy him some.

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