My cousin Paul and niece Erica were in town for a week, visiting Vancouver.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Their stay involved a lot of eating, mainly dessert, but also included plenty of sightseeing, shopping, and spending quality time with my dogs.
August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!Did I mention we ate a lot of desserts?  yes?  One of the highlights was the carrot cake at Cadeaux Bakery, pictured above with extra end-piece frosting!

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

We did a fair amount of walking Vancouver’s various neighborhoods – after which we stopped for a snack.  Yes, dessert in the form of ice cream.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Erica and Paul trekked across Van, tracking down about a dozen “pianos” interspersed throughout the city.  Akemi and I (and the dogs) joined them for their Olympic Village hunt, finally locating one of the pianos.  Pictured above: Bubba shows off with a little Chopin.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

We did Vancouver-style dim sum at Sun Sui Wah where our meal was accompanied by Jerry Springer on the big screen.  Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Ha-gow! Ha-gow! Ha-gow!

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Our restaurant itinerary included Taqueria, Meat & Bread, Fable Diner, Bob Likes Thai Food, Rangoli, and, of course, Minami for their salmon oshi sushi.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Among my cousin Paul’s Vancouver commemorative purchases was the beginnings of his Halloween ensemble.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners! August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Before leaving, Paul and Erica presented us with going away gifts: wacky themed socks for me, and a Pokeman cap for Pokeman-obsessed Akemi.  Bubba immediately took ownership of the cap.

Paul and Erica couldn’t get enough of the dogs, especially Lulu who, despite her snoring, outrageous belching, and terrible gas, seemed to make a great impression.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Erica bids the dogs a fond farewell.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Brought Bubba in to get his stitches out today.  The results came in on the two masses removed from his head and, while one was benign, the other one was inconclusive.  We have an appointment in late September with an oncologist for further tests (x-rays and ultrasound) as well an anti-cancer vaccine.

August 24, 2016: Entertaining The Out-of-towners!

Lulu, meanwhile, continues to slow down.  At 9, she is officially a senior!

Well, our guests have left and Akemi (and I, but especially Akemi) are already missing them.  Akemi LOVES to entertain, so much so that she suggested we could home-stay visiting international students.  I, on the other hand, prefer responsible adult guests, so I’m looking to adopt.  Any of you interested in a move to Vancouver?

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  1. Move to Vancouver, probably not likely since the commute to Redmond, WA would suck. But I’d cheerfully visit Vancouver, since Seattle’s not THAT far away. 🙂

    Except I probably don’t meet some definitions of “responsible adult”, probably something to do with “maybe I shouldn’t have climbed that rock now I’m trapped by a river” or “I could have done laundry but I blogged about Dark Matter instead” or “I sit around the house in a Pikachu hat and wave my arms around.”

    WAIT. I have something in common with Bubba! 😀

    And now I’m hungry all over again. I practically just ate lunch. :: shakes fist ::

    So happy to hear the dogs are doing well, I hope you guys can get an answer on the ambiguous lump!

  2. Dim sum and Jerry Springer. That’s an interesting combination.

    I would think that Bubba would be more an aficionado of Johann Sebastian Bark. HA!

    Um, anyway. Lulu may be getting old, but aren’t we all? Ugh.

    Did someone say moving to Vancouver?? 🙂 But I will be out there in a couple of weeks, don’t forget!

  3. Also, heading back down to NH one more time this Summer for this weekend doing some more volunteering at one of the high mountain huts in the White Mountains. I’m looking forward to it, other than the drive down. I’ll take pictures!

  4. Maybe we can take turns and you can run a B & B? You’d have to roll me home though. That food looks fantastic!

    Inconclusive isn’t a positive. Fingers crossed, salt over the shoulder and prayers it stays negative! Isn’t it great they can do cancer vaccines now?

    Update on Dr Jo: They are going to do another round of chemo but this time, stronger. She is IN the immunology study and in addition, they are going to start genetically mapping her cancer. Maybe she can get a caner vaccination too. She’s heading home Friday and starting the chemo on Tues. All in all, she sounds positive and determined.

  5. I was going to accept your request for guests, but then I remembered the words “responsible adult” so I’m out. Although from your description, Lulu and I are so very much alike. Not sure if that’s helping.

  6. Thogar: I saw nothing about needing to wear pants, so I think you’re still ok.

  7. Perhaps next summer for four weeks. I plan to try, again, to attend an intensive course at UBC.

  8. Hi Joe
    Lulu’s 9 already?!? I can remember you getting her. She must not have been a ‘puppy’ when you got her. Oh well, we’re all getting older….


  9. I love @Tam Dixon’s idea of a B & B, I’ll reserve 2 weeks for next summer! I love food & dogs and can be an adult when required. I’m also a low maintenance house guest.

    Looks like you had a fun visit with family. You make me seriously reconsider my sushi choices every time you post a pic.

    @ Jon H: I rec’d the same response from iTunes and it was suggested to contact the network so I emailed SyFy today. No response as of yet. I’ve already rewatched that episode several times. It’s up there with “We Were Family” for my favorite episode this season. I can’t imagine not having seen it and looking at all the BTS pics, links, comments. Just one big giant tease! Like Joe’s pics of sushi!

  10. A B&B? How about a B&B for visiting dogs and their families? That seems like an underserved market. 😀

    And here’s hoping that Bubba’s next consultation turns clears up the inconclusive ruling and shows it as benign!

    And speaking of Pokemon, has Akemi tried Pokemon Go yet? My son was introduced to it by a friend and it swolled up the rest of his summer until classes started. Now he has to go cold turkey…

  11. B&B and pork and pugs and sushi and ice cream and macarons. SURE what is not to like. Now what are the rules and regulations?
    Hoping you get good news for Bubba.

  12. Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U is a really fun Pokémon game(It’s a Pokémon fighting game). The Wii U in general is great for multiplayer stuff. Stuff like Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World(4 players at once!) etc. You’re never too old for this stuff. Yoshi’s Woolly World is probably the cutest platform game on the console as everything’s made out of wool/yarn, everything!

  13. I’d love to visit Vancouver – on my to do list!
    Sadly though, I don’t qualify as a student…
    ….but I could be considered as a responsible adult…..uh, maybe…..perhaps…not really too sure about that either, now! 🤔

  14. I think I remember how to adult. However, I am a senior, with a special needs diet, and limited mobility. Working on that last bit. One more surgery in September, after that I should be good to go activity-wise. Lost 20 pounds and that did the trick with the prediabetes. Another 20 or 2, and I should be fabulous!

    Ah, but adopting my husband … how do you feel about hyper-active squirrels?

  15. Nice pic share.
    Aw .. Daddy’s most spoiled girl. 🙂
    You n lulu always look so adorable together.
    Sending my daily dose of hugs n love to da four of ya today n always.
    Very much hope Bubba’s test in September turns out negative.

    I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere but Colorado home.
    I’m sure I’d miss its magnificent mountains
    forests, canyons, many fields of wildflowers and awesome view
    of the night sky way too much.
    Even just the mention of it here makes me home sick
    while I’m stuck working in Florida.

    Albeit hey! Did someone mention plentiful desert? ….

    Stock up on those macarons, chocolate chip cookies, orange sherbert, cherry ice cream and a really good homemade almond pistachio
    And bubba n lulu might get this silly wacko science geek as a
    playmate and affectionate tummy rubber for a week or so.

    Oh wait!
    Before I go warm up the quantum teleporter to zip on over,
    or break into kissimmee airport to hotwire myself a nice quick ride,
    Perhaps best I should inquire how you might feel about
    having to work out an extra 2-3 hours per day
    for 24 months A.D (After Departure)?
    because I’d likely end up causing ya’ll
    to become grossly overweight with all my
    tasty but seriously fattening
    greek cooking after I commandeer your kitchen
    24/7 for the full duration of my stay.
    Also, Fair warning:
    its highly probable, Lulu would be farting and belching
    a whole lot more than she does now,
    whilst she hangs out with me in the kitchen all day
    and serves as my taste taster.
    Come to think of it ….Maybe?
    In addition to having a second kitchen built onto the house,
    specifically in preparation for my visit
    and investing in a really good personal fitness trainer
    to call upon after I leave,
    You should stock up on plenty of air freshener,
    incense and ear plugs too
    before I touch down in Van piano couver. B.C.

    On the positive side, Yay! At least
    It does mean Akemi will have the perfect excuse to
    enjoy a shopping spree
    at Costco before my arrival
    because they conveniently sell such items in bulk. 😀

    Thanks so much for the invite
    and opening your home Mr, Mallozzi
    – You really are the best-est best! <3

    Drea C

    P.S Today's educational fact
    for all you lovely lifelong learners out there:
    The B.C in Vancouver, BC stands for:
    Before Crysel showed up and wrecked everything!

  16. Good news on Bubba, and hoping for further good news on the inconclusive mass.

    Lulu is getting a little gray, but no less adorable. I’m sure her flatulence is endearing. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since you brought her home.

    That sushi looks amazing. What is layered on top? Egg or a sauce of some kind?

  17. @Tam Thanks for the update.

    Am sure the kitties will be as glad to have Jo home for a few days as she will be just to finally get to enjoy the simple pleasure of being home for a bit.

  18. Bulching and horrible gas indicate that there is an ingredient in LuLu’s food that she doesn’t tolerate or process well. It’s indigestible for her. Please talk to her vet (with the bag/can of her regular food so he/she can read the label) about the ingredients of her food and see if there is something lower in fat, or more digestible for older dogs. You’ll both feel better for it.
    Great photos of the fur babies!
    And if y’all can’t handle that carrot cake, please send your leftovers to me. 😉 (I know.)

  19. Bubba looks like he’s having an absolute blast in that piano picture! Though I can’t tell if he loves being outside making noise on the piano, or just loves being held by Akemi. I’ll go with the latter.

    Funny you should mention visiting Vancouver….I’m flying up to Seattle tonight to visit friends, one of whom is in the Navy. We’re going to his sub group’s Family Day event where we get to tour one of the Ohio class subs! Friday we’ll be going to the Boeing Factory for a tour, then stopping by the EMP/SciFi Museum in the city center. My Friday night is open for a drive up to Vancouver! But I don’t think I can take the rental car across the border…I’ll have to check. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll have time, anyway. I get into Seattle tonight at 9pm, we take our tours tomorrow while my friend’s wife is working, I’m sure we’ll go out to dinner somewhere fun Friday night, Saturday is the event at the base and I have NO idea how late that will go, making a trip up to Vancouver all but impossible, but certainly unrealistic depending on what time we get off the base.

    I saw that the EMP Museum has a huge Star Trek exhibit going on right now. It’s up in the room where the Stargate Live Auction took place a few years ago. I just hope there’s plenty of SG franchise stuff in the regular part of the scifi museum. I know they bought quite a few pieces.

    Should be a fun trip, even if I don’t get to come up and get Uni with you and Akemi. 😉

    -Mike A.

  20. Cor, YES PLEASE to the BnB trip to Vancouver! Please could I also book the Erica & Paul dessert and cake trail too. That carrot cake sounded unbelievable … extra end frosting … mmm!

  21. Love Bubba in ‘his’ Pokémon hat. He appears so happy with himself – It makes him look quite the young pup! Yo!

    Glad to hear Bubba’s good news and that any further tests are a fair way off too (He’d be having them a lot sooner if the vets were concerned). I’ve not heard of the anti-cancer vaccine but sounds good!

    That’s a lovely picture of you with Lulu. She sounds like such a Lady, with all her belching and other special effects!

  22. Quick drive by – bringing first born to college tomorrow; between his birthday, packing up the car, waiting for a package to be delivered when we really need to leave…sigh….crazy day. Wanted to say hi and will check back to fully read post and comments tomorrow.

    Oh, and I love carrot cake.

  23. @Gforce Yay! Very much looking forward to seeing more of your always inspiringly beautiful pics from NH.

    Safe drive and enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  24. Bubba’s a trooper; he’ll be fine, I know it! Love the Pikachu hat on him.

    Glad your family visit went well; sounds like they had fun exploring the city.

  25. Aww puppies,, squishy hugs, Lulu rocks the sleeping, as Bubba does on the hat!!!

  26. Damit, I spent three months last summer in Vancouver for an internship at the UBC.🤓 Akemi would have been an awesome home stay mom!

  27. I am always ready to move to Vancouver (seriously considered it in 2001), but I don’t think I could ever leave Patrick. But maybe for a visit (and once Patrick gets settled and I get an employee, I can come dog sit for ya for free). I can’t tell you how much I need a vacation. Love the pictures of the dogs (and the video of Lulu). Can’t believe she is 9 already.

    I hate “inconclusive.” I like “yes” and “no.” Hopefully further consult with the oncology vet will help with a path with Bubba. Saying a prayer for him (and for both of you–it’s so difficult but you guys are super dog parents.

    Today (8/26) happens to be National Dog Day! So salutes and hugs to Lulu and Bubba for bringing such joy to so many.

    Looks like you all had a great visit. Love the Pikachu hate. I hope Bubba isn’t secretly playing Pokémon Go.

    You know when Jerry Springer first started on his talk show, it was a decent talk show. Now it’s….ugh….I have no words.

    There is a funny story about Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. He has his house listed on Air BnB.

  28. “Paul and Erica couldn’t get enough of the dogs, especially Lulu who, despite her snoring, outrageous belching, and terrible gas, seemed to make a great impression.”

    Sure Joe. Blame it on the dog…. 🙂

    “Lulu, meanwhile, continues to slow down. At 9, she is officially a senior!”

    One behalf of Lulu, I’d just like to say, “Who you calling a senior, old man!?”
    Never ever call a lady old in any way. 🙂 With my last dog who lived to 16, it took me quite a while to admit she was getting old and start buying the Senior level dog food. 🙁

    Dark Matter IS ON! Gotta go!

  29. I’ve been a bit behind (hence the comment on an older post, still haven’t gotten ep9 watched yet!) so I was sad to read about the pups. I hope Bubba heals okay and Lulu does better. Long distance love to them!

    Not so much love for you killing everyone on the show. I’m just hoping that alternate Marauder had Jace on board because I miss Marc (I thought I was delusional that I heard his voice and then there he was!). And poor Devon! Yeah he went out a hero, protecting the crew, but the poor guy just gets to bleed out all alone and no one will find out for who knows how long? Plus, Milo’s end was tragic, even if I knew it was coming when Four said “there’s another option”. I wish I didn’t care about the characters so much so that it didn’t hurt every time one of them suffers. Just don’t kill Two or Five please. My heart can’t take anymore!

    Torri continues to kill; she’s so fantastic. A+ to costuming for alt!Portia’s top/jacket combo. I am also loving Android even more of late and the little tidbit revealed at the end of ep 8 regarding her and Portia? I am so excited to find out more!

    All that said, count me in on moving to Vancouver. Next week good for you? 🙂

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