August 23, 2016: More Dark Matter “stuff To Steal, People To Kill” Links And Bts Pics!

I can’t believe we’re only days away from Dark Matter “Episode 22: Going Out Fighting”.  It honestly seems like just yesterday we were touring the Hyperion-8 prison sets in preparation for season 2.  Time IS speeding up!  And I’m having a hard time keeping pace!

August 23, 2016: More Dark Matter “stuff To Steal, People To Kill” Links And Bts Pics!

Dark Matter overviews and interviews!

A series overview to date.  Dark Matter: A Shipload of Antiheroes by the Capricious Narrator

Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE, talks with Adam A. Donaldson at Nerd Bastards.

I chat with The TV Junkie’s Kelly Townsend about “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”.

August 23, 2016: More Dark Matter “stuff To Steal, People To Kill” Links And Bts Pics!

“Stuff To Steal, People To Kill”!  More recaps, reviews, and reactions!

“This was a very enjoyable take on one of science fiction’s most popular, and favorite tropes in a straight forward, action packed episode that did a good job in also moving the series narrative forward….” by Craig Suide at SciFi Movie Page

“All in all this was ‘Dark Matters’ take on the classic ‘Star Trek’ mirror universe trope, but with much darker hues…” by Ian Cullen at SciFi Pulse

Dark Matter, Stuff To Steal, People To Kill, Alternate People To Deal With by Patricia at Wormhole Riders

August 23, 2016: More Dark Matter “stuff To Steal, People To Kill” Links And Bts Pics!

“It wouldn’t be a sci-fi series without at least one parallel universe episode!” by Jessica Anson at MyM Buzz

How’s your German?  Die Doppelte Raza! by Tim Kruger at Serien Junkies

“There are many doors that could be opened by what’s come out this episode. It gives great promise for what’s to come…” by Aaron Billingham at Kneel Before Blog

“I’m not all that fond of alternate universe episodes on the whole, but “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill” was both interesting and lots of fun (though it did make me realize that I probably never want romantic Two/Three)…” by Siobhan Dempsey at Word of the Nerd

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12 thoughts on “August 23, 2016: More Dark Matter “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” links and BTS pics!

  1. Love the BTS pics! When is Three gonna be able to take down a well-fit, scary, scary girl? Thanks for all the links. I enjoy the interviews that you do. I find you share tidbits of character & general episode information – very enlightening at times. I’d love a S3 Time Travel episode. Looking forward to this week’s episode! The Return of Alexander Rook!

  2. Thanks for the German link. Will see how far I can get without resorting to translation app. Been some 37 years since my last German class.

  3. Great BTS pics! Thanks again for all you do Joe! You spoil us so very well. <3
    Still mega uber-dee-dupers jealous of TWO getting to wear that gorgeous unique long leather coat and Mel 'probably' getting to take it home at the end of season 2?.

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  5. I’m still waiting to see this episode on my Apple TV. I called a tech guy at Apple and he said they are waiting to receive the episode from Syfy as well. Whoever it is they are asleep at the wheel. I want my Dark Matter. I just don’t want to pay over a $1000 a year for cable TV so I guess I have to wait until the guy at Syfy wakes up. Urgh!

  6. Love the BTS photos as always.

    Question: Now that the Raza has what I’m assuming is a now completely functioning Blink Drive, will they still be able to hop back and forth between universes given that they can apparently program the thing to do that? That does open up a whole new universe of story possibilities, so to speak. Or will it have some heretofore unknown deleterious side effect which will prevent its use?

    It will be interesting to find out!

  7. Was so good to see evil AU Corso. He was really quite … well, Corso. Strangely enough, I found him more Jace Corso than the one Two terminated. He was a tad whimpy(?) Does that make sense?

    So, in this AU, why hadn’t Derek Moss taken Corso’s place? Did I miss something? I’m thinking Five’s absence wouldn’t have made a difference here…

    I loved the repercussions of Five NOT being there – like with Six’s fate…

    Can’t figure how Wexler and Tash were there but not Kane and Vons. These are not criticisms, these are thought provoking things… it’s like homework 😊 Brilliant stuff, Joe, really quite brilliant!

  8. Fascinating that the Alt Raza gets a blink drive and immediately raises cain and inspiring mutiny. Still fighting the need to wail DEVON! every few minutes. I don’t know what will happen this Friday but if there is no more Devon then I will be mourning in private with Twizzlers and caramel popcorn laid on.

    I baked red potatoes wedges with spices, red onion, mustard and coconut cream; the taters came out caramelized and dense like yucca.

  9. TheOtherOne – agreed! I liked Corso more in episode 208. Any number of things could have happened to Derrick Moss:
    – His wife ended up not killed
    – He never came up with the plan to board the Raza
    – He got killed before he made it far enough to getting on the Raza

    I wondered about Vons in particular, I felt sort of bad that Tash was there without him.

    Oh gosh now shinyhula has me hungry AGAIN. This place is killin’ me hahahah.

  10. @TheOtherOne I totally agree with you. I am hoping this version of Jace Corso can be somehow woven back into the series. Miss seeing him.

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