August 6, 2016: “we Should Have Seen This Coming” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

Behind the scenes video interview with Melanie Liburd, Dark Matter’s Nyx:

August 6, 2016: “we Should Have Seen This Coming” Recaps, Reviews, And Reactions!

Melanie Liburd talks with Happy Ever After’s Veronica Scott

We need not even point out that this has been another highly effective episode this season, just like all of Season 2 so far… by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

The highlight of the episode was actually one of its more understated moments, which was the time Three and Six spent on the Marauder waiting to be rescued… by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek

Nyx’s past has finally been revealed… by Leaf Miranda at The Young Folks

It was another example that while we see the crew as our “heroes” they don’t always have clever ways to get out of problems. Sometimes they “lose.” Sometimes they have to cut their loses and move forward… by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint

The action and story on Syfy’s Dark Matter keeps getting darker, deeper, richer, better. Season 1 was good. So far, Season 2 is great… at TV Goodness

Dark Matter delivered an emotionally powerful episode fueled by a powerhouse performance by Melanie Liburd and this tremendously talented cast… by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV

As things fall apart in the galaxy around them, the only certainty they seem to have is each other, and a purpose of finding a way to live without being hunted again… by Katie Kelsey at Three If By Space

This season of Dark Matter is darker. There are corporate storm clouds gathering and the crew of the Raza is stuck right in the middle. They are currently in eye of the dark hurricane that is approaching… by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

12 thoughts on “August 6, 2016: “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Recaps, Reviews, and Reactions!

  1. I can’t seem to manage to get through all the reviews you post each week, but this week I did get through a couple. Glad everyone is liking the show as much as I am!

  2. After last night’s episode, I think the crew of the Raza needs to seriously upgrade their weapons systems… By the way, the episode kind of reminded me of the Borg… what with the whole collective consciousness theme and whatnot. I hope the next time they encounter that seer ship, they’re able to blow it out of the sky. That’d teach those seers a lesson they wouldn’t soon forget! 😀

  3. Thanks for including our review in this post! To be fair, this week the wonderful Katie Kelsey wrote the review. I cannot take credit for her work, but owe her a debt of gratitude for helping me out in a crunch.

  4. Wow! This season has been amazing! I’m always left looking forward to the next episode. Season one laid the foundation and now season two has been bringing amazing action, great stories and shocking surprises. I really love this show!

  5. Scott is right, not only was it reminiscent of the Borg but I found it gave off a lot of Issac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ vibes as well. Hari Seldon would have been right at home with the Seer’s.

    I very much enjoyed it but found the ending for Nyx’s brother sad.

  6. A standout episode for Nyx’s Melanie Liburd! Enjoyed the introduction to a new character, Milo, played by Mpho Koaho, from Falling Skies.

    I’ve read several reviews that have compared certain aspects of this episode to the Borg collective whereas I immediately thought of Minority Report and “the precogs”.

    Nice individual beats from the entire crew this week. Am especially intrigued by Zoie Palmer’s portrayal of The Android who is masking the human component of her upgrade to better function and interact with the crew. I can see the conflict. She is not the pre-upgrade Android – that certain child-like innocence is gone. To me it looks like she’s on the verge of tears the whole time and a little lost. I do like the new outfit.

  7. Hey Gang!

    Hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!
    For those of you signed up for anniversary planning committee
    -Kick off of first brainstorming sessions
    via group email discussion
    Will begin sometime in the late afternoon/early eve Sunday Aug 7
    so be sure to check your in buttons for it.

    oops. sorry. I meant to say “in boxes”.
    I was busy picking the lint out of my belly button
    and mee brain got confused. 😀

    XO <3 XO

  8. @Jeff I saw that season 1 episode and a couple of episodes from season 3. There was one about PT19 and the AF Thunderbirds
    that was kinda cool.
    Thing is -I did not realize the series had even continued
    beyond season 3 until just this last week, when I stumbled upon it
    during a quick coffee break and asked if you’d seen season 6.
    The whole series has gotten kinda mixed reviews.
    Some say it’s only for beginners
    who know nothing of planes.
    Others say there’s something of interest
    for all aviation enthusiasts.
    Which is why I’d asked if you’d seen it.
    Didn’t want to waste time, money & GBs
    downloading an entire series that wasn’t worthwhile.
    Jeff T is into aviation as well.
    Albeit he’s been so busy this past week
    I never got around to asking him.
    (Most of our conversations over the last week
    have been about apologizing to one another
    for delayed email replies and the hecticness of our schedules. LOL! )

    I’m gonna go ahead and download season 4 -6.
    I’ll give ya my review as soon as I have a chance to watch. 🙂

    By the way @Joe:
    Jeff & Anastasia are in Montreal this weekend.
    I think? they’re hoping you might be kind enough
    to recommend some cool places for them to check out. 🙂

  9. I’m amazed with Akemi’s recovery. Wow! Hope she’s comfy today.

    Drea: I forwarded the links to Dr Jo and I know she looked at them. Her cancer is a squamous cell, so I don’t know if the immune therapy would work. Most of the ones I read about work well with Melanoma’s not squamous but I’m not an expert. I’m sure her dr’s considered everything. M.D. Anderson is supposed to be top notch.
    Dr Jo is getting scanned Tuesday and the Dr’s will give her the results on Thursday. I’m running out of hope… I’ll focus on keeping the cats comfy. It’s all I can do. 🙁

    I spent yesterday on the couch with a migraine. Still feel weird but I’m up and working. It’s amazing what 20 hours of sleep will do for a person. 😉

    Enjoyed the episode and will probably do a re-watch today. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  10. So, the beautiful music piece at the end of this episode where Nyx is crying – the song from season one with Three reading Charlotte’s Web and crying then too – can we get a link or a name for it? People have been asking on the soundtrack sites since the first time it was used, and nobody has found a source yet.

  11. We both really liked this episode a lot! Sorry I’m not posting much, but I’m mostly on my tablet these days and I hate typing on this contrap. 😛


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