August 5, 2016: Tonight On Dark Matter: “we Should Have Seen This Coming!”

Tonight!  It’s an all-new episode of Dark Matter on Syfy and Space Channel.  7 pm PDT and 10 pm EDT.  Tune in and join the cast live tweet.

Strapped for cash and not in a position to argue, the crew of the Raza allows Nyx (Melanie Liburd) to take the lead on a mission, only to find out belatedly their designated target is chosen based on personal issues.

August 5, 2016: Tonight On Dark Matter: “we Should Have Seen This Coming!”

So, what lies in store for our intrepid crew.  Well, from the looks of this sneak peek scene from tonight’s episode, a little ship to ship action for starters…

We’re not gonna leave you behind!

While this sneak peek scene posits the question:

Can Nyx Be Trusted?

Other previews for tonight’s Nyx-centric episode in which we finally find out what the deal is with The Raza’s mysterious new crew member:

Liburd has been a standout since her first appearance in the season-opener, but this episode really allows her to shine… by Mary Powers at TV Geek Talk

And, oh yeah. Watch until the very end. Love how this show doesn’t waste the last 30 seconds of an episode… at TV Goodness

Yes, the title of tonight’s episode is “We Should Have Seen This Coming”.  But there’s no way you’ll see the ending coming!

In other showbiz-related news…

Um, hopefully they didn’t spend too much on these, uh, groundbreaking findings:

NBC figured out why you’re not trying new shows

In a nutshell: Viewers are less likely to tune in to a show if they can’t catch up on previous episodes.

Next week’s breaking news: Most readers prefer to start reading at the beginning of a book.

Hey, did I mention Dark Matter’s first season is available on Netflix?

And previously aired season 2 episodes are available on and iTunes.

Today was the day Akemi finally went in for corrective eye surgery.

Akemi Before Lasik:

August 5, 2016: Tonight On Dark Matter: “we Should Have Seen This Coming!”

Akemi After Lasik:

August 5, 2016: Tonight On Dark Matter: “we Should Have Seen This Coming!”

 Wow!  What a world of difference!

According to Akemi, the entire procedure – which involved laser surgery on her cornea – took no time at all.  And smelled sort of like chicken yakitori.

22 thoughts on “August 5, 2016: Tonight on Dark Matter: “We Should Have Seen This Coming!”

  1. What a great picture of Akemi after surgery! Yay, relief 😎

    Re book reading – must confess I nearly always read the last few pages first to see if it’s worth buying …. Works for me!

    However, I will hold off from sneak peeking this weeks Dark Matter until after UK/Monday showing. Some things are worth waiting for 😉

  2. Akemi, congratulations! You look stunning as ever and very happy that the procedure is done.

  3. So glad everything went well for Akemi.

    And…can’t wait for tonight!!

    I can totally understand not liking to join a show when you haven’t watched from the beginning. My hubby & I started watching Night Shift this summer, so lack of anything else on at that time. It’s season 2, and we’ve spent most of the summer being lost and confused, not knowing the prior relationships and understanding why we were bouncing back and forth between war scenes and hospital scenes. It lost my hubby’s attention a couple weeks ago, but I kept the DVR set to record, cause I feel like I need to see it through to the end. After the season is over, I may try to find season 1. I don’t have a streaming service like Netflix, so unless it’s On Demand with my cable provider I won’t be able to get it.

  4. Egaads…2 hours and 55 minutes to wait, but who’s counting.
    Gotta get my Lou Malnatti’s pizza for the viewing.
    lol…eating pizza does not have noises to interfere with the tv volume.
    This is much worse than waiting for Christmas!

  5. If there’s any Nielsen viewers lurking Joes blog, be sure to watch tonights episode, and every episode therefore after. And those who are loyal to the show, y’all are equally awesome.

    Let’s help make Joes five year plan a reality!

  6. “A little ship to ship action for starters…”

    Oh yeah, baby!! That should be interesting!

    Can’t wait for the episode. And Akemi looks delightful before and after the lasik. I hope there’s not much recovery time!

  7. Congratulations to Akemi! Rockin those sunglasses girl!

    Astonishing what that researcher discovered, wonder how much money was spent on that little ditty?

    Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I believe that adage will hold true to tonight’s episode. T-minus 55 minutes…

  8. Joe, you shouldn’t have waited nearly this long for a space battle episode! Geez. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for DM to have something like this, but at least we finally got one! Thanks! 😀

  9. Wow, what an episode! Can I just say the VFX work was fantastic! I’m loving the newly detailed Raza, and the space battles looked great.

  10. Hi Joe
    Again. Another very fine episode! Better and better. Didn’t know how you were going to top last week, now I do!
    And another feather for your cap.


  11. no spoilers….this was another FABULOUS episode. Not just a curve ball but quite a few fast balls as well that we just lose them. And, so many, “…I did not see that coming..”
    Now to re-watch for everything I missed the first time around.

  12. OMG Joe! So unexpectedly tragic! HUGE Congrats to Mpho Koaho & Melly Liburd for such incredibly moving performances!

    #DarkMatter ~We should have seen this coming!~

    Going back in for a re-watch now.

    Glad Akemi’s procedure seems to have gone well. Hope she recovers quickly. xo

  13. Akemi’s before and after pictures are so different! She is so cute and stylish. But she always has been.

    “It’s when long standing patterns are disrupted, that things become more fluid”.

    Wow. That is a deep statement. Took me 5 minutes to think through that and how so many things in my life are a routine. I don’t like change, but then, change is good.

    Pringles during the first showing.
    Honey Roasted Cashews during the second.


  14. Glad to know all went well with Akemi’s Lasik procedure. But I’m STILL not doing it…

    So last night’s episode was written by Rob Cooper — yay! It was, in keeping with all previous episodes, amazing, wonderful, exciting and moving. A good ep for Nyx and Four absolutely.

    Keep ’em coming! Dark Matter is fabulous!


  15. Glad the surgery went well! Last year a friend of mine got LASIK and I was her ride home afterwards. She was pretty loopy from the sedative, and as we were walking to the car she commented to anyone within hearing range, “I got to smell my eyeball!!” Good times 🙂

  16. Hi Joe
    What does “chicken yakitori” smell like? I was thinking or having the procedure done. Or, at least, seeing if it could be done on me.


  17. @Joe:

    Is there a recovery period with LASIK? I thought there was, but Akemi looks unfazed. Swift recovery to Akemi if there is one!

    And Friday’s Dark Matter was certainly a foundational, if somewhat sad, episode for Nyx. Now to see how the personalities play out in the coming episodes…

    Oh, and you forgot to mention the new NBC expose’ on the discovery that water is wet and that wind is, well, windy.


    I finally got around to purchasing the first season of The Aviators, and I discovered why I kept passing over it for the past 6-years, which was nothing to do with the actual series, but a simple conflation of similar sounding titles and cover art. It kept popping up on Amazon Video, but the icon for the series looks very similar to the one for the Howard Hughes biopic, The Aviator, so I kept passing it by since I had already seen that film. If the series graphic artist had chose a picture different enough, I sure I would have noticed this series long ago.

    Having said all of that, I’ve watched the first episode which is about AirVenture, which happened to be the same AirVenture where I met Jeff Skiles of the miracle on the hudson fame at a Young Eagles dinner. I almost didn’t need to watch since I’ve been to so many AirVentures over the years that I know the airshow layout by heart, but it was fun nonetheless. It’s probably going to take a few episodes to see how it fairs for me, but so far I like it.

  18. Spoiler alert ahead

    Akemi glad your Lasix procedure went well. Joe the ship to ship battles looked spectacular speaking of which the Seers give me a serious Foundation vibe anybody else feel that if I’m right on this joe was it on purpose are they based off the foundation?

  19. Glad the Lasik procedure went well Akemi. You rock glasses though. Even the post-procedure ones.

    This was a great episode with a shocker ending. I love Mpho. I was rooting for his character in Falling Skies in Season 1 and glad he was saved over and over again. He knocked his role out of the park in the movie Black or White with Kevin Costner. He did this role, too. I had hoped though he would be a recurring character–someone could help them from the inside. BUMMER.

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