July 29, 2016: Tonight! Dark Matter “episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”!
DARK MATTER — “We Voted Not to Space You” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Alex Mallari, Jr. as Four, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Melanie Liburd as Nyx — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Tonight!  It’s an all-new episode of Dark Matter: “We Voted Not To Space You”!

7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Syfy and Space Channel!

Some Dark Matter goodies in advance of tonight’s episode…

Over at TV Junkies:

Dark Matter: Zoie Palmer Previews An Upgrade For The Android

Show Patrol’s Curt Wagner discusses The Android, Butt Slaps, and Science with the cast.

More Season 2 Insights and Previews from Geek Talk TV

A sneak peek scene from tonight’s episode via Comic Book Resources:

Another sneak peek scene from tonight’s episode via SpoilerTV:

Well, actress Melissa O’Neil is just the sweetest.  I woke up this morning to a very nice audio text message from her, kind words sent after reading about Bubba and Lulu in yesterday’s blog entry.  Thanks, Melissa!

27 thoughts on “July 29, 2016: Tonight! Dark Matter “Episode 18: We Voted Not To Space You”!

  1. Oh my our “little girl” Android is all grown up, but there is a hint of the child still there. WOW at these trailers. cannot wait…3 hrs 45 min and counting down.

    Hope the puppies do well. Follow your instincts, Joe, they have always served you well with your babies.

    and we wait….

  2. Since as yet you haven’t named her the android that is I vote for onboard (A) for “Alpha” the beginning, or “Addrion” off board Which is a anagram of Android. and when pronounced is sounds like Adrian. and when spoken sounds like a colloquialism.

  3. No spoilers….brilliantly done.
    mind blowing, blow your socks off…have to re-watch.
    I know I missed some nuances.

  4. Hi Joe
    My hats off to you and your crew. Another fine episode. 5 shows in, each better than the one before it. At this rate the season finale is going to be ‘out of this world’.


  5. Joe, I don’t care how you do it but you better – FIX IT!!! You are a writer, so – FIX IT!!! If it is too late this season, then in season 3 – FIX IT!!! This is unacceptable – JUST FIX IT!!!!!

  6. Mixed emotions. lt was a great episode and the Android was awesome! Loved having ‘Six’ back! Med kid is cool, too. But I was disappointed about the loss of potential development of a particular character. Just feels like a waste and a missed opportunity.


  7. Hope the pups are ok!! Loved tonight’s episode!! Zoie was great!!

    @Ponytail: Fix what??

  8. I’m with Ponytail, Bring One Back! (please) 😉

    Great episode other than missing One.

  9. Stayed up late last night to watch the repeat and again, hoped I would notice some clue that I had missed about “him” not ending. Argh-h-h!! Joe, this season is torture, yet so very, very good. Congratulations to you, crew, staff on another spectacular episode.

    Wonderful work by Zobot – can she get a name now? Loved Two’s strength & leadership, Five’s stating the hard questions & her resourcefulness. Then Three’s always handy with a snarky comeback, and Six’s determination to help them. And I’m warming to Nyx and Devon. Where was Arax?

    As soon as SyFy has it up streaming, I will watch it again. This season requires at least 3 views per ep to catch all the action!

    Agree with Elminster, each ep better than the last!

    Is it Friday yet?

  10. WOW! That was an amazing episode. Funny, the fight scene was one I was cheering at, and well, I was shocked at what happened with you-know-who. But if we are going to start with interdimensional travel themes in the future, there is always a chance that exit could be reversed (so hard to write without spoilers!).

  11. Great episode. Something funky about Nyx. cannot wait for her back story. Far more there than meets the eye.

  12. Hey Ponytail, We didn’t SEE Two kill XXXX (trying to avoid spoilers) …. Maybe there is hope!!!

  13. Hah! What happened in this episode just goes toward confirming my suspicions about what is going on. Either that or you folks really have a hate on for someone. Sheesh.

  14. @ Maggie L80 – I can’t say without it being a spoiler. But I’m behind what 2cats, Tam Dixon, PBMom, and Das (I think) said.

    I love the new hipper android. But don’t go any further with her. She still has all her beloved quirkiness about her. I’d hate to lose that. Zoie must be having a blast playing her.

  15. Hi Joe! Love season 2 so far. I was wondering if this year’s episodes are shorter than previous season. If yes, is it a problem for you to fit everything about the story for one episode ?

  16. Hard to believe that next week will be the mid way point of Season 2(technically half way through episode 6 in terms of content as its a 13 ep season). Time sure flies.

    Anyway I don’t mind deaths in story telling, it keeps things interesting. Blindspot had a few that had shock value.

  17. Ahah. Sorry that was an idiot moment from me. Technically Episode 7 would be the mid way point.

    Anyways. Can’t wait for that Season 3 announcement!

  18. Hee-heee. Am such a geek.
    I Am sooooo loving that human-ness chip
    and am truly impressed with how well Zoie Palmer
    played both her old and new self.

    The mystery of Nyx deepens.
    Cant wait to find out more about her abilities and back story.

    Condolences to everyone who was a fan of you know who.
    Ya never know? He might be back via A.U and flash backs.

    Hope you are feeling a little better today Joe.

    Much Hugs n love to You, Akemi, Bubba & Lulu. xo

  19. I have to say I’m disappointed after this last episode. I can only assume that the actor no longer wanted to be part of this show and that is why you ended his story line with no answers. I really am not pleased that there has been so little reaction from the crew on one of their own’s death and I find it hard to believe that you would so pointlessly kill a character off, but if that’s the direction you are taking your writing I suppose I should stop watching Dark Matter now. One deserved more than what you gave him. You have the capabilities as a writer to bring back One in an interesting and deserving way. If you won’t bring him back, I want an explanation. It was unfair to the actor and to the fans who wanted to see more of his character. You had many opportunities to make him a fan favorite, but instead of taking the challenge you killed him off for ‘shock value’ which is cheap.

  20. No No must be a genetic GA clone playing the Jase Corso character and the and maybe Derick Moss, Corso look alike was actually one of the clones splashed with some of Mosses blood. Moss made a skip before they could actually grab Moss.

    Moss must actually be on the down low hiding form the company man.

    Help in keeping the actors image alive to fight another day. I think Six knows and is protecting Moss just in case there is a GA agent on the ship..

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