July 22, 2016: All-new Episode Of Dark Matter Tonight!  7 Pm Pdt/10 Pm Edt!
DARK MATTER — “We Were Family” Episode 204 — Pictured: Zoie Palmer as The Android — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Tonight, it’s an all-new episode of Dark Matter!  “Episode 17: We Were Family”, aka Episode 204, aka “A Very THREE Reunion”, aka “Android’s Day Out”!

7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Syfy and Space Channel.

Join me for my final live tweet for the foreseeable future and then check out what should be my last live after-show Periscope at 8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT.  I’ll be using Akemi’s iPad for the event so I should, hopefully, be able to make out everyone’s names in spite of the app’s crappy choice of color backgrounds.

July 22, 2016: All-new Episode Of Dark Matter Tonight!  7 Pm Pdt/10 Pm Edt!
DARK MATTER — “We Were Family” Episode 204 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

A LOT going on in this episode and I’ll have plenty to say about it after it airs.  The upcoming blog entries will be chock full o’ BTS pics, vids, and stuff that didn’t make the final cut.  Stay tuned!

July 22, 2016: All-new Episode Of Dark Matter Tonight!  7 Pm Pdt/10 Pm Edt!

For those of you who WILL be joining in the live-tweeting tonight, here (compliments of blog regular and live-tweeting expert PBMom) are some things to remember…

“How to get Dark Matter to trend tonight:

1) Don’t use #DarkMatter before the designated time: 1 HOUR before Dark Matter airs.

2) One # term per Tweet. (Only one hashtag because Twitter doesn’t count tweets towards trending with multiple hashtags. Their algorithm does not pick it up.

Example: If everyone needs to use #DarkMatter there should be a coordinated effort that everyone just use that and not something else. So if someone tweets #FourClan #DarkMatter it won’t count towards trending at all.

3) Lots of people tweeting matters more than the number of tweets.

4) Those with lots of followers help out a lot!

5) Private accounts must have their locked status removed, as the tweets from these accounts do not count toward the trend tally.

6) Retweets are the easiest way to help out the trending effort. Just search for the hashtag, and retweet the ones that have just one hashtag.

7) Thank the sponsors.

(This is true for ANY show. Sponsors do pay attention to this. Often with DVR viewing, commercials are skipped. When people go out of their way to thank the sponsors means a great deal to them. For example: Thank you @subway for sponsoring #DarkMatter. It s a fabulous show. I think a sandwich would go well with it! ) They help with the retweets when they see things like that.”

In case you missed it yesterday, here’s one of my many favorite scenes from this season:

19 thoughts on “July 22, 2016: All-new episode of Dark Matter tonight! 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT!

  1. YAAASSSSS!!! Can not wait. Dark Matter Showtime feeding is Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza. yummmmm.

  2. Excellent Clip! But then Three could just stand there and I would love It! Thanks for the Twitter lessons too. Did not know some of that. Can hard wait for tonight.

  3. no spoilers…seriously – Did Not See That Coming applies to sooooooo many things in tonight’s episode. and now we wait.

  4. Another notch in the Dark Matter belt. Well done episode. I thought last weeks would be my favorite of the season – wrong – We Were Family has jumped to the forefront. Great spotlight on Three and the Android! Lots of team dynamics! Some surprises, some answers & many memorable moments!

  5. The episode was GREAT but one thing won’t stop bothering me – why does Two seem to trust Nyx so much? Arax claims the crew doesn’t trust either of them but they really seem to accept her for some reason and she was perfectly fine killing them if she had to last week.

  6. Wowza! “We were family” was fabulous! So appropriately titled too. Great ep for Three and Five in their scenes together or with others. We had almost forgotten Five’s adept light fingers, didn’t we? Hold onto your wallets!

    Glad Six was unfrozen and treated, I’ve missed seeing him. Also loved the scene between One and Six when she revealed the crew was supportive of him and Five had forgiven him for his betrayal. His expression was a great mix of incredulity and relief, some shame.

    So, Devon has a little substance abuse issue, eh? Wonder if that’s part of his dark secret?

    Loved the interesting twist for Android, “I have no personal designation” when meeting her “buds”. Very cool effect when they revealed their bar code tats. Felt so sorry for Android when that one guy said she was an old, outdated model! But hey, she rocked that black dress!

    So much to think about in this ep, lots of little hints and reveals. Sincere congrats on the excellent writing quality, acting and directing efforts for this series. Dark Matter really is the only show I look forward to watching and thinking about all week. Such a shame that it’s only a short 13 eps.

    Looks like the next ep will bring back Marc Bendavid — yay!

    FYI, I’m dealing with a severe allergic reaction to poison ivy and have no idea how I got it. “Contact dermatitis due to plants; not food” as my doctor diagnosed it. I’m on steroids, allergy med and slathered in Calamine lotion (which looks so fetching, in an ultra-pink way). Once the itching begins, it just goes on and on…
    The heat we’re having doesn’t help it either.


  7. Great episode. Liked all the sub plots. A lot going on. I knew Five did that when she hugged him. How could Three not come out of that without even a scratch? Four has met his match. Nice android story too.

  8. Ponytail: Did you have a better Friday?

    I tried to tweet Drea but I got a migraine from working in that 100F heat yesterday. The most I could manage were some retweets. If it hadn’t been painful to blink, I would have to like to tweeted about Miranda. Somehow that name always reminds me of Summer Glau. 😉

    Great episode but I’m still waiting for One! Not Corso but One. 🙁

    Have a great Saturday Ya’ll!

  9. Ugh @2cats; hope it gets better soon!!

    Great episode last night; going to watch it again when my guys head to the gym in a bit. Happy to see Six up and moving, happy to see clips of One possibly returning next week. Can’t wait to see what happens with Android and he chip.

    I agree @mk; Nyx is trusted pretty quickly. maybe a “keep you enemies close” kind of thing?

    Thanks for the final Periscope Joe; Twitter may not be doing it for you, but Periscope is a totally different thing; meant to share live video, as opposed to just babbling like Twitter focuses on. I’d hate you to lose both cause you aren’t happy with one. I’ve heard there are other apps that you can access Twitter with; that give you options for muting (and things like that) that the Twitter app doesn’t. Just a thought.

  10. Dear Mr. Mallozzi, I know there are only a few hours where you can unfold the backstories for each of the crew within a season.
    PLEASE – I hope our android does not “grow up” too quickly. Want to see her experience life and learn new things.
    Don’t want her to lose her childlike innocence too quickly.
    It is breathtaking to see Zoie give life to your writing….fabulous and BRILLIANT!

    and now….is it Friday yet….want more Dark Matter.

    AND….have you heard anything about T-shirts, Polos, hats, etc.
    that we can buy?

  11. Carol @2cats & @Tam {{{hugs}}} .

    Hope you both feel much better soon. xo

    No worries about last night @Tam. xo <3

    Excellent episode Joe! xo

    It has of course left me with quite a few questions
    about Androids evolution.

    Also About Nyx? (most definitely about Nyx!)

    The pressure suddenly just being off?

    Will be interesting to see who? is actually?
    in bed with who? in regard to our crew and the various
    corporations, factions and such all vying for power.

    Loved that you borrowed a page from the show Humans. <3

    Glad to see SIX recovered.
    Thought we might have to wait till season 3.
    Hope Anders will eventually be coming back as well.
    Definitely want to learn more of their relationship and back story
    and to learn if Anders is actually corrupt.

    Congrats! XO
    Season 2 is shaping up to be a very fun interesting
    chess game thus so far.

  12. Mk: Two and Nyx struck an uneasy alliance while in solitary in the hologram “suite”, their version of “yard time”. I think that Two is still testing her to determine her trustworthiness. And I agree, to keep your potential enemies closer.

    2Cats: have u been out in the yard at all? Has anyone been burning brush lately? Poison Ivy is so not nice, the entire plant (root system included) can get you. If someone burns it, it can get you. The oils from the plant will travel. That big hairy vine growing up a tree is more than likely poison ivy. And if you’re allergic…honey hush! Hope you feel better soon.

    Joe: is it okay that we call you Joe? Thanks for the after show Periscope session. So sad that it’s your last.

    Looking forward to seeing how this season evolves! There is definitely something intriguing about Nyx & her ability to slow down moves in her mind to anticipate her opponents next move. That’s how she did so well with Two. Some genetic enhancements perhaps? I find that I have to stop guessing so much about what’s gonna happen because 9/10 times I’m wrong!! You’re the driver & I’m the passenger. I just need to sit back an enjoy the ride!!

  13. Sorry I missed the last tweet-up and Periscope. I only joined Periscope because of Joe. He’s the only one I’ve watched.

    I LOVED this episode. I can’t imagine what growing up in a world that Three did. I thought I had a bad childhood (LOL).

    I didn’t get to watch all of it until Sunday night. I got through half Friday night after I got home and then the rest Sunday night. Saturday was one of my most stressful pet sitting days yet. It was going to be a long day, but when I got to the house of my client with 3 dogs and 4 cats, I observed their German Shepherd to have (and I hate to be explicitly descriptive here) but explosive, watery, bloody diarrhea. And I couldn’t reach the client. I called their vet (on Saturday morning) and they told me they could work us in, but they were booked today. I was going to have to wait in the car, too, because this dog was anxious. Her paperwork said that the dog was not afraid of the vet and that was not true. I brought a sample in with me. While we were waiting the owner finally got the texts (cell service was spotty where she was). She is a pet sitter herself. They gave him Flagyl and Carafate and some easy to handle wet food. They have a doggy door and I am grateful that he was able to get himself out to go when he needed to. That would have been quite the mess to clean up. Spent 4-1/2 hours that morning with him. Then had to get on to my afternoon clients and was only home for about 2 hours when I had to go back out for my evening clients. I told Jeff I think that was the longest day I’ve ever had without a break in between clients, even counting Christmas and Thanksgiving. Poor baby.

    And this is not an easy task lately. I found out this week why my feet have been hurting so much (well, the right one especially). I have a 1.5 x 8 mm tear in my plantar fascia. Not just plantar fasciitis but a tear. He told me it would take 4-6 weeks from the time I decide I could get off my feet. He didn’t want to put me in an immobilization boot. He told me to come in and try this knee scooter. I thought I would maim myself in doing it, but it was rather cool. However, I don’t own an “open concept” floor-plan house, don’t see me using this at a client’s house, and can’t use it with Patrick who is about to be off school as of 3 p.m. tomorrow until 8/15. I told him I could consider resting my feet on or about 8/15. I suggested maybe using my crutches and just be partial weight-bearing and he agreed that was better than full weight-bearing.

    @2cats How are you doing?

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