July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

Tomorrow night, it’s a brand new episode of Dark Matter

On this week’s all-new episode of Dark Matter, THREE (Anthony Lemke) reconnects with his former crew while The Android (Zoie Palmer) finds herself in unique company.

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

Screen Spy has an EXCLUSIVE SCOOP on the episode, offering some intriguing teasers, individually titled: “Sentimental Memories”, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”, “Sexy Sparring”, “Pretty Woman”, and “The Key to Victory”.

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!
DARK MATTER — “We Were Family” Episode 204 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

This episode promises some great developments for everyone on board The Raza, offering insights into THREE’s past, the Android’s potential, TWO’s backstory, Nyx’s secret, Devon’s demons, Arax’s hidden agenda, and one of my favorite THRE/FIVE scenes of the season.  The latter is a lot of fun and gives us a glimpse of their burgeoning atypical friendship…Ah, hell.  Why don’t I just show you.  Check it out:

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, I grow weary of twitter and have seriously begun to question its value simply so far as I’m concerned.  I’m going to give live-tweeting another go when tomorrow night’s episode airs (7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Syfy and Space Channel) and then, at Akemi’s behest, follow up with (probably) a final after-show Periscope (8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT).  New blog entries will be automatically uploaded to my twitter feed and I’ll retweet the occasional article but, moving forward, this blog and reddit will be THE sources of BTS pics, videos, and insights.  Maybe, in some not too distant future, when twitter has worked out the bugs and Periscope is less annoying to use, I may return.  In the meantime, I hear there’s this thing called Meerkat…

Hey, it’s been a while!  Let’s hit the mailbag!

arcticgoddess writes: “With all the time travel episodes you are watching, are you planning on writing a time travel ep for season three?”

Answer: Maaaaaybeeee!

KathyC writes: “Is the food getting any better? You weren’t very happy when you got home.”

Answer: Checked out two new (to me!) local restaurants with Akemi and Anthony recently, and both were winners: Mission (http://missionkits.ca) whose head chef, in addition to being a Stargate fan, creates some truly incredible dishes like –

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

Stuffed zucchini blossoms.

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

Sea urchin pasta.

And, for dessert, an unbelievable apricot-soaked savarin.

We also hit Fable Diner where we enjoyed some spectacular duck and kimchee pancakes and a this –

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

EJ writes: “Mailbag question that’s had me curious since the first episode: how did you come up with the name “Raza” for the ship?”

Answer: It’s actually from the Latin “tabula rasa”.

Maggie L80 writes: “I know lots of people have commented on Five’s abundant supply of clothing compared to the others and she’s been on the ship the least amount of time. Any new wardrobe changes for the others this season?”

Answer: Yep.  TWO gets an especially awesome new jacket later this season.

2cats writes: “Mailbag questions:
1) The Raza is in space and yet they fire propellant weapons inside? Wasn’t that a bad thing last season with the derelict zombie ship, causing hull breaches? Why weren’t there any hull breaches during this latest firefight?”

Answer: Certainly unwise.  As for why no hull breaches – The Raza is a much better than that old freighter.

“2) Is Marc excited to be playing a bad guy from now on (Jace Corso)?”

Answer: I believe so, but this is a question for Marc.

“3) Does the Doc and Nyx know about Arax’s connection to the lady that’s seeking to “get” Five”?”

Answer: You’ll have to wait and see to find out.

ceresis64 writes: “But, why was Android so hostile when activated?”

Answer: The answer to this question coming your way in Episode 208.

“Back to S2, is Randroid set to Android’s default settings?”

Answer: Yes.

Wouter writeS: “Questions for Joe:
-Initial ratings for S2 that I’ve seen, only for Syfy, didn’t look great. Are there other metrics that may decide the fate of the show, like how it’s doing on Space Channel, or alternative means to watch like digital views (Netflix) or downloads (iTunes)? Is S2 even available on the later options? Could strong sales on DVD/Blu-ray or on iTunes save the show even if ratings are disappointing?”

Answer: Sure.  Ultimately all of the aforementioned will play a role in the show’s future.  Some, however, will hold more weight than others.

“When Two was outside the ship when the other mercs had taken over the Raza, some explanation was offered why she survived for so long. But I don’t recall ever getting an explanation of how she managed to keep breathing (or alternatively, why she could survive without breathing if that is the case). Nanites migrating to the skin doesn’t cover that, AFAIK.”

Answer: It was both a matter of the nanites making highly efficient use of oxygen stores and placing her in a physiological state that minimized those oxygen requirements.  It was a stop gap measure that would not have worked indefinitely.

“I rather like much of the short music tracks that accompany the episodes – for example, the ending of ep 5 of S1 had nice music. Are there any plans to release a soundtrack or at least to put bits and pieces online?”

Answer: I have asked our brilliant composer, Benjamin Pinkerton about this.  He told me intends to eventually.

fsmn36 writes: “How long were One and Six part of the team before Five stowed away?”

Answer: Timing would suggest – not all that long.

“What convinced Portia, Boone and Ryo to allow them to join?”

Answer: The crew of The Raza has a rotating lineup.  Members are presumably made and lost along the way.  We’ll learn more about the ORIGINAL original crew in time.

neosmithxeno writes: “For one thing, why did the prison arc end so quickly? It felt like there should’ve been at least another episode before the gang returned to the Raza. Was this always the plan?”

Answer: The prison storyline was originally planned as a three-episode arc but was compressed to two after several requests to shorten it.  In fact, one request was to have them escape halfway through the premiere (!).

“Second, why reveal almost immediately that Arax Nero is the asset, rather than tease the mystery out for a few episodes?”

Answer: We went back and forth on this but, ultimately, there’s another storyline we want to get moving on that requires us to advance the Arax Nero storyline first.

“Third, I was confused about whether or not pre-Ryo/Marcus knew about pre-Portia’s status as an advanced synthetic. They didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that she could link to the ship, an ability I thought was exclusive to the Android. So, did they know what she really is or not?”

Answer: The answer to this question will come in time.

“Finally, assuming that Marcus did go inside the Vault and see Sarah’s body, did he also find the Frozen Six? Was there maybe a scene that addressed this?”

Answer: SIX’s stasis pod was not in the vault.  It was in one of several holds located in the ship’s underbelly.

Hey, don’t forget to check out the Dark Matter panel at Comic Con tonight!

July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “episode 17: We Were Family” Sneak Peek!  Mailbag!

26 thoughts on “July 21, 2016: Dark Matter “Episode 17: We Were Family” sneak peek! Mailbag!

  1. I really hope Dark Matter comes to New York Comic Con. That would be so awesome. But only if they come on Sunday. Any other day would stink. Cause I will only be there Sunday!!

  2. This is one of the times when “TIME” moves tooooo slow. It needs to be Dark Matter showtime on Friday night…NOW!

  3. Is it actor Lemke that has been living with you? How do you feel about multi-show characters like Munch from Dick Wolf show, Homicide, X-Files etc.? Could one of your characters appear on the Gero NBC show..the woman covered with tats, if you wanted them too or do you have rights for that? If not, how do multi-show characters happen? I love that… Thanks!

  4. Any chance of you making an appearance at Gatecon in September. Jodelle, Roger Cross and Mike Dopud will be there. Would love to see you making an appearance in you Ba’al jacket.

  5. I hope that the new suit that the Android, and the others ware is insulated,. They must be getting tired of having people shock them senseless.

  6. You know me, as always, love the pics! The little boy with the rocket is heartbreaking….and Titch…or should we say Marcus/Three (that’s my guess). That trailer for tomorrow tugs at the heartstrings! I’m curious though how Three is seen standing reaching out to the young boy. My guess, an interactive interface with his memories, maybe some type of virtual journal. I can’t wait!!

    Love the shared scene of Three & FIve. Not what I was expecting but sooo wonderful! I’d say that scene occurs early in the episode – poor Three, he’s gonna owe Five a lot of money! Just add loan shark to Five’s curriculum vitae.

    Thanks for the mailbag. Lots of good questions, good answers & teasers of things to come. As hinted by Screen Spy, I think a Fyx (Four & Nyx) pairing would be interesting though I could see a Thryx in the future as well. Now that One is dead, will Two & Three possibly hook up again? Not that everyone has to be hooking up all the time, it’s just that space can get lonely.

    I will try to follow Twitter tomorrow night to get #DarkMatter trending but I find that I can’t read, type & watch the show at the same time. I will definitely be following Periscope afterward, “good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”.

    Oh, for all you Trekkies out there. So see ST:Beyond, as if I have to tell you, then we can discuss…I saw it earlier tonight. I will be going back to see it again in 3D next time.

  7. Also “Tabula Rasa”. Nice touch. As seen in the SGA episode bearing the same name and in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Very fitting for our crew of memory-challenged misfits.

  8. Is that carrot cake? Oh yum.

    I can’t wait until the heat breaks and I can bake again. We have a swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) and the house gets toasty even with that. I can retreat to the basement, or to the AC in the bedroom, but baking when it is 81 degrees even at four in the morning? All sorts of nope.

  9. @maggiemayday: no AC anywhere else in the house? I had a friend who moved to Pennslyvania & the house they bought only had baseboard heaters, no AC. Having been from “the South” all my life, I can’t imagine!!

  10. I was just looking at a recipe for the stuff zucchini blossoms, always wonder what to do with mine. Yippee food pictures!! and mailbag..
    I am ready, popcorn and all for tonight’s episode, looks to be another wild ride, thanks.

  11. @Akemi, thanke you for making Joe to do the periscope. I really enjoy you YouTube videos!

  12. Ah, time travel,,,lots of fun but almost never logical…if you have a reason for traveling back in time, if you undo that reason, then you can never have done the time travel in the first place,,,there are only two ways I can see for that to work,,,1) You’re merely an observer, unable to affect a change. 2) if the reason for the travel has nothing to do with your wishes, ie, a massive worm hole or such like sucks you in and passes you into the past and you’re unable to avoid it as you return to the “now”, in other words, there is no decision/action you can do to avoid the worm hole,,,then yeah, the causality thing does not come into play…no paradox involved.

  13. I like those food pics, the pasta looks perfect. Is that bread pudding with ice cream? Soooooo glad it’s Friday, this weekend will be devoted to all things DM, Killjoys and Trek, it will be a sci fi overload.

  14. Maggiemayday: Did you see the recipes on food network for microwave mug cake? Here’s a coconut version but I know I’ve seen chocolate versions too. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/coconut-mug-cake-with-coconut-whipped-cream-and-tropical-fruit.html
    I grew up without A/C in the deep South. It was brutal! I thank God every summer for A/C. The heat index today is supposed to be 110F and above. The parking spaces with shade go fast!

    Great Q & A! Interesting foods too. I would try it, they all look good. I’m wondering how they make pasta from Sea Urchins though?

  15. @Maggiemayday How are the kitties doing? Have they forgiven you yet? And how’d the art exhibit go last month?

  16. YAY! Packed house at #SDCC last night for Dark Matter and looks like everyone had a blast! 🙂 XO


    Hey U.S/Ca fans! Help get #DarkMatter trending tonight and keep Joe on Twitter!

    Pweeze! Pweeeze!
    Use only ‘one’ hash tag per tweet -> #DarkMatter
    to help towards trending.

    Remember Simple RTs are as helpful as original postings!
    You can follow @DarkMatter_show @PBmom or @NewScience101
    for tweets to RT or just do a twitter search for #DarkMatter.

    ~Luv ya guys! <3

    @Joe Meerkat looks cool. If you decide to give it a try
    am sure you know we will support and follow you there.
    Albeit, I do hope you will at the very least continue
    using twitter to rt cast postings
    chat with pals from time to time
    and advertise dog rescue/adoption calls,
    other friends shows
    or any other such things that may not make it into the daily blog.

    @DP Congrats on the new family addition! xo

  17. @MaggieL80 Thanks. xo. As I mentioned yesterday it was completely unprecedented that ‘all’ should phone me to talk about the wise, positive,
    life lessons Nola had instilled in them
    so i felt it worth sharing
    and hope it serves as a wee bit of comfort to her family and friends
    to know she had made such a lasting impact on others.

  18. Well darn, that’s one of the main reasons I kept up live on Twitter during the live broadcast. Still, a lot of the cast are doing it so maybe I’ll continue.

    I’m disappointed that I missed the mailbag! Though I admit that the important and pivotal question that I was intending to ask, I’ve completely forgotten.

    Obviously back down off the mountain from volunteering. Great time, and pictures (and video) to come!

  19. Joe, thanks for the answers! The open communication with fans is appreciated.

    I’m looking forward to watching the next episode.

  20. Turn off the mute and pump up the volume on this!



    P.S: I know its too distracting for some of you to tweet and watch the episode at same time but really you only need to tweet / RT ‘one or two’ #DarkMatter posts during the episode.

    More people tweeting/Rting the hash tag counts more than only a few of us posting a whole slew of tweets between 10-11 pm eastern time.

    Share the Love! Time to #BRING IT!
    Lets all show Joe What’s we got, eh! xo

  21. So much happening that I’m finding it difficult to keep pace with it all! lol
    But, I love it!

    Great mailbag again, Joe 👍

  22. Thanks, Joe!

    I haven’t been paying attention to ratings, but I hope if they are low that SDCC gives them a big (lasting) boost! I love this show and don’t want it to go anywhere.

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