I want to start off today’s blog entry by simply stating how bullshit home printers have become.  Today, I was unable to print up a copy of my new script because my HP printer needed to have its magenta cartridge replaced.  Magenta?!!  Seriously. I only require one color for all of my printing needs.  Black.  That’s it!  NOT magenta! NOT yellow!  And certainly NOT cyan, whatever the hell THAT is.  And the fact that they’ve designed printers NOT to print if the color cartridges run low due to evaporation brought on by year’s of disuse is absolutely galling!  Let it be known that, in the Dark Matter universe, HP executives were exiled to a barren moon in the Adhara sector for their shady product practices, only to be forgotten by a disinterested populace.  When someone finally remembered them (“Hey, remember those guys who used to make the printers that would stop printing every time one of their little-used color ink reserves would tap out?”), a rescue shuttle was promptly sent only to discover the remains of the HP brain trust, their remains as desiccated as the innards of my cyan printer cartridge.  Consider it canon.


Hey, what’s up with some of my former Stargate co-workers?  Well, glad you asked…

July 16, 2016: Printer Rant! Stargate Alumni! Dark Matter!

Former Stargate Showrunner (and SGA and SGU co-creator) Robert C. Cooper is an Executive Producer on the forthcoming Dirk Gently’s Holisitic Detective Agency for Netflix.

July 16, 2016: Printer Rant! Stargate Alumni! Dark Matter!

Former Stargate Executive Producer (and Dark Matter Consulting Producer) Martin Gero is show running NBC’s Blindspot and is directing its season 2 premiere (which he also wrote!).

July 16, 2016: Printer Rant! Stargate Alumni! Dark Matter!

Former Stargate stunt coordinator James “Bam Bam” Bamford has been busy on Arrow.  In addition to fight coordinator duties, he’s also directing episodes as well – most recently the first two episodes of the show’s fifth season.

Meanwhile, on the Dark Matter front, some thoughts on “Episode 16: I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”…

Dark Matter Season 2: Is Five the Reason for the Raza’s Change of Heart by Justin Andress at Inverse

In every chapter of forming a family, there’s always the fear that who someone once was will creep back and destroy the ties that bind in the present…by Sashurai at Blade of the Sashurai

It has been said that we all have two sides of ourselves. The side we are in private and the side we show to those around us. On last night’s episode of Dark Matter, this took on a whole new meaning… by Rueben at TV Equals

Little Green-Haired Girl by Katie at Three If By Space

A big episode for the crew, though most importantly Five who continues to grow the most as the heart of this cast of characters…by Jodeobi Odunze at Geeked Out Nation

Something profound happened at the end of this episode, and I really don’t think it was given enough focus… by Kathleen Wiedel at TV Fanatic

It was great to have Five at the center of the narrative, though, with her unwavering belief that her friends should all want to be who they’ve become after the mind-wipe… by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek

Just because someone can’t remember the past doesn’t mean it didn’t leave an everlasting impact on them…by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV

One tiny mystery solved, but of course the bigger ones remain... by Veronica Scott at Happily Ever After

Clearly, we knew this in theory, but it is something to behold actually seeing them in action…by Cort Robinson at Pure Fandom

Now that most of the crew of the Raza are reunited aboard their ship, you’d assume things could slowly return to normal… not yet at least… by Elise Koszarek

Reboot by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

Anna and Josh of Geeksiders weigh in with their thoughts:

And my weekly post-episode discussion with The TV Junkies’ Kelly Townsend:

Dark Matter: Joseph Mallozzi Talks “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”.

Jodelle and Anthony chat with TV Goodness:

Anthony Lemke and Jodelle Ferland Talk Dark Matter Season 2



29 thoughts on “July 16, 2016: Printer rant! Stargate alumni! Dark Matter!

  1. Joe, have you thought about a black and white laser printer? I got one several months ago, and have only had to replace the toner cartridge once (and we use the printer a lot). We’ve kept the regular printer for our color printing needs, but rarely use it. Such a relief to not change the ink constantly!

    Loved this latest Dark Matter for the emotional punch, particularly with Three. Who knew he’d be the guy who got us all choked up?

  2. Cyan is one of the three “subtractive” primary colours, along with yellow and magenta, which together form black. As opposed to the three additive primaries red, green, and blue, which together make white! (The More You Know…)

    Anyway, there should be a setting in your printer settings to print “Black Only” which should bypass the need for colour. I haven’t replace the colour cartridge in mine for ages because I always have it default to that option.

    That said, I completely agree about today’s home printers. They’re utter SH*T. They exist solely to sell the profitable ink cartridges, I’m sure. Not to mention that it’s hardly necessary to print much anymore so you wind up spending $40 on a cartridge, print twice with it, and then it goes unused for another 2 months drying up never to work again. Bleh.

    Anyway, I’m off to NH tomorrow for the week to do some hiking and volunteering up around Mt. Washington. Hopefully the weather is good! I’ll be around internet intermittently, so I may still be able to post. BUT, I might not be home Friday night and have to miss the first run of the next DM! Good thing for PVR.

  3. Just checked – on the Mac you have to pick the black only from the File|Print, not from the settings directly (at least on my printer). And it appears on mine the black only is only available for “Fast Draft” which is not as good (but still acceptable IMO) quality).

  4. Yes, sir, feeeeeel that printer pain.
    For one of our conventions in Vancouver, I got a low end Brother black/white laser printer. For one thing…laser if faster and for 2…no other colors needed.
    There are some higher end units, but pinching our pennies, we just got the bare necessities. I think it was best buy or staples???? can’t remember, it has been a while. Meanwhile, I do still have Brother B/W lasers with wifi, no cable.
    now to read the rest of your blog.

  5. Seconding gforce re printer color settings. I have HP printers but use a PC desktop.

    Speaking of Stargate alumni here’s some career news via Facebook. Alexis Cruz recently moved from LA to NYC and has new representation. Colin Cunningham relocated from Vancouver to LA this spring. He just moved to South Africa (!) to film the upcoming “Blood Drive” for Syfy.

  6. Sounds like you need to grab an inexpensive home laser printer. Most of them are about the same price as a low to mid-range inkjet printer. Sure, the low cost ones only print black, but that’s what you need and toner doesn’t dry out.

    Funny you should use the word “canon” in your HP rant. That’s the brand I use & recommend. Brother has a particularly varied line of really inexpensive ones, too.

  7. Ugh printer troubles stink.

    I’m exhausted today. I work part-time/per diem for a local winery;when they need extra bodies for a festival or special event off I go. 10 hour shift today, humid, hot, and two thunderstorms that ran thru during the festival. It’s hard work, lots of bending, lifting and opening wine bottles. Guaranteed to break at least one fingernail, even if I trim them all down beforehand.

    Festival workers work hard! And don’t get paid much either for it. LOL

  8. Oh Joe! Looks like it’s the weekend for rants! I empathize with your printer woes! I have an HP that is from the 90’s. Still works. Rarely use except to print concert tickets, Walker Stalker tickets, and CEU’s.

    Dirk Gently’s has me intrigued. Loved Arrow initially but have not watched this past year. Need to catch up. Gave Blindspot a chance but honestly I couldn’t get past the FBI giving a civilian a gun without proper training (even though she is Jane) and the fact that Weller doesn’t have a backup weapon strapped to his ankle and the whole I’m gonna let my boyfriend look at all this top secret stuff at home that ultimately gets him killed. Let’s no even mention the tattoos. It’s strange that I don’t have a problem with The Walking Dead (in general), GoT’s dragons, white walkers, the three eyed raven, or the Seven Kingdoms, and the majority of SciFi shows. I’m weird, I know. I can only suspend disbelief so much. Loved Colin Cunningham in SG1 and he was my favorite character in Falling Skies. Alexis Cruz…goes without saying.

    Thanks for all the links. Gonna take awhile to get through them.

    Thanks for another great episode! With this whole memory recovery thing, are we not the sum of our memories, actions, and life’s experiences? Are not Three, Four & Two somehow less if they are not able to meld the two sets of memories. We assume that they will revert back to their former selves but what if they come out a better person? I imagine in their instance it would be nice not to have all that extra baggage. I think if anyone opts to reclaim their blocked memories it would be Four in order to help him reclaim his throne. Though you have to wonder if the real Ryo even wanted that.

  9. Totally legit canon. I believe it. 😉 They must have been replaced by those people that make all the holograms in those SyFy movies. 🙂

  10. Oow the colour printer blues (or cyans) and what is it with magenta ink cartridges?!!
    I too consistently run low on that colour and I hardly use my hp printer! They used to last sooo much longer – I even invest in the Xlarge cartridges and they’re not that much longer lasting either!!! Tried to use the black only default but my dear little printer refuses to comply (-maybe it knows of Android!?).
    Think I will try @Liz’s suggestion and go black …

  11. I understand the feeling about the printer….hence why I’ve given up on getting a printer while I’m living on campus and just go with having a print card for the U of M’s “Copy & Print Centre” to use their self-serve printer. It’s worth it, that’s for sure!

    I feel like I’ve been falling behind with your blog, as I’ve been madly in preproduction for a short film I’ll be shooting this coming week (Monday and Tuesday, eeek!) with my on-screen bestie Evan, as he’ll be moving to Vancouver next month to attend UBC and to live with his parents (hopefuly they’ll keep him out of trouble, lol!). However, we’d promised each other that we’d shoot one last short film together before he leaves, and as it’s a bit of a period piece, I’ve been having to make period-like costumes for us (he is not much for seeking out his own costumes, lol). Thankfully, I was able to *estimate* his shirt size as the nice, colourful shirts he wore in Preflight (which I’m still editing, 2 episodes left, lol) were all ones that I bought at a thrift shop, and made the pattern a bit more roomy so the shirts i made look a bit more “romantic”, lol. I’m also making him a kilt as he is yet again playing the part of a Scottish man (he’s awesome with that dialect!), but odd to say, the costumes I made for myself took even more time than his! Though granted, I still have to finish his kilt, with no measurements, I have to fit it on him.

    So back to the printing….I know I’ll be needing to print off release forms and an extra copy of the script, so I am thankful for having my little copy card 😀

  12. PS Will (guardedly) look forward to Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency hitting Netflix. Love Douglas Adams’s books and was an avid fan of HHG2G radio series. Still have it on tape (wot’s that!?). Unfortunately, most of his books translated to tv or screen have been more miss that hit.
    Creator of the original paranoid android (brain the size of a planet) dear, depressed Marvin. I think DM Android would be good for him – she’s always so positive…oow, now there’s an idea…..

  13. I would recommend a Samsung ML-1630. While it is no longer manufactured it is a fairly sturdy unity for a personal laser printer and can be had on amazon or ebay. cartridges can be had but I would get a about three or four and fa refilling kit. and have your tech people pet it service. it will print up to about 2000 pages per fill of the after market cartridge. and is very easy to replace the cartridge when needed. requires toner, and electronic chip when doing refill. Have the tech do it. about two or three hundred for printer thirty or so for the cartridge. and the latest universal driver.

  14. Why didn’t Two, Three and Four question where One & Six were after regaining their memories?


  15. Yeah, as others have suggested, I’d go for a B&W Laser printer.
    I bought a colour one, and it’s been such a joy being able to simply click the Print button at any time, and know that it’ll actually print, without me having to faff about with inks every week or so.
    Expensive to refill, but they last AGES!!!

  16. I was already keen to see Dirk Gently as it’s one of my top ten favourite books and even though the UK TV series several years ago didn’t do the book justice I did still enjoy it. Now that I know that Mr Cooper is EP on the US version I’m even more keen!

    Your printer has magenta ink? Impressive considering that magenta doesn’t exist!

  17. Not to be that person but I really can’t see Blindspot lasting past its second season. It lost a significant amount of viewers from its premiere, and it’s not even a network owned show.

    To go from a 10.31 million, 3.1 18-49 premiere, to a 5.85 million, 1.3 18-49 season finale is horrible. And moving to the networks death slot(Once occupied by Heartbeat and The Mysteries of Laura), it has literally no room to drop.

    I wouldn’t say the shows chances of renewal are impossible. But it’s certainly the underdog going into the 2016-17 television season. Because a renewal now would be a renewal for two seasons because of syndication. You can’t renew something with Blindspots episode count for a third season and not get a fourth.

    But less of the doom and gloom, I’ll support this show for renewal, and will stick with it. It’s a good show, people just need to come back and support.

  18. All right, I have now watched 203 three times and finally get it. First watch was distracted by cat issues and people texting me. Second watch, had TV issues with sound quality and I cannot read lips. Third watch, I caught the dialog and was able to focus on and follow the story. Verdict: LOVED IT ~ FABULOUS!~

    I’ll bet it was fun for our cast to “go dark” for a while. Again, Jodelle was outstandingly good. Everyone else was also good and so believable and awesome.

    Question: The Raza is in space and yet they fire propellant weapons inside? Wasn’t that a bad thing last season with the derelict zombie ship, causing hull breaches? Why weren’t there any hull breaches during this latest firefight?

    I’m glad they didn’t opt to revert to their imprinted copies. Good counsel from Zobot.

    Okay, is it Friday yet?


  19. @Joe {{{Hugs}}} Definitely feels on the printer pain! I Bought a cannon black n white laser print to resolve the problem. Works great!

    @MaggieL80 @Elminster @Zoe got it. Thanks! xo
    sent ya all reply.

    Anyone else wanting in on the planning committee for Joe’s 10 year anniversary celebration see invite details under the July 14th blog entry
    The more the merrier!


  20. BYW, I have a Brother 4-in1 ink jet printer and am also annoyed by evaporating ink pods, which, mysteriously surface whenever I (rarely) have to print something in color. I completely agree with others here who have recommended a B/W laser printer. While more costly upfront, and replacement cartridges also pricey, they are more dependable and last longer. Go get one. I certainly plan to do so.


  21. I’ll look up Dirk Gently. Trying to get into Blind Spot. Like Maggie L80 said, I’ve had to overlook some plot holes. Good cast and innovative plots though. I especially liked the episode about law enforcement cameras.

    We had problems with our printer because we switched routers. It took a while to find new drivers so it would work wirelessly. What a pain!!!!! I don’t use the printer that often but I do print our checks or a letter. It gets clogged because of lack of use. More ink to clean out the heads.

    Ponytail: Did you have that relaxing evening yet? Hope your parents are doing ok.

  22. By the way:

    @Akemi – (peasnatch) You are more than welcome to join the blog anniversary celebration planning committee if you would like -so long as you absolutely promise to keep the details of anything we plan a secret from Joe till we are ready in November.

  23. It looks like Dark Matter & Killjoys outperformed their series premieres with their Season 2 Canadian premiere numbers. Bodes well I’d say.

  24. I don’t have a problem with my HP printer. I have a black cartridge and a color cartridge and that’s it. I usually just print in black though (an option through the “print” settings of any document I’m printing from Word.

    Let’s not forget Carl Binder’s Houdini & Doyle which I hope gets a season 2 Fox pickup. I got behind in viewing, but it is really great. I also didn’t think it was a show that would be for me, but it has a wonderful blend of science and supernatural.

    Also, Brad Wright’s Travelers that will also be on Netflix. Netflix is really developing some wonderful original series.

    That’s great about the ratings for Dark Matter. Hopefully they won’t be making us wait until after the series is over this season to renew it for next year. That was truly agonizing waiting.

  25. Joe – You can set the printer to print “black” instead of using all the colors … But yeah, you might want a black and white printer with a high yield toner cartridge (brother makes some, dunno about the rest). My last one lasted me 10 years… But I don’t print that much.

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