July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

Yeeeeah!  Who’s joining me on the Atlantis expedition?!

Oof.  You know what I hate?  Writing.  Especially when I’ve been sitting on the same scene for going on three days.  THREE DAYS!  If I can just forge ahead, get it done and then, hopefully, tear through these last ten or so pages, I can actually take  day off and NOT WRITE…which, frankly, is what I’ve been doing these past three days except that, instead of reading or watching something, I’ve just been staring at my laptop screen.

I’ve been reviewing some of my fave time loop movies and t.v. episodes with Akemi lately.  We started with Groundhog Day (which she found dated and I didn’t love as much on the re-view), then move on to Run Lola Run (she LOVED IT, as did I just as much on the re-view), SG-1’s “Window of Opportunity” (she found Rick’s performance somewhat…disinterested, while I felt the episode showed some age), and SGU’s “Time” (which she found confusing but compelling, and an episode I still consider one of the best time-travel stories we ever did.  Kudos to Robert C. Cooper).  Lined up for future viewing: Star Trek: The Next Generation “Cause and Effect”, Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Life Serial”, The X-Files “Monday”, Angel “Time Bomb”, Lois & Clark “Twas the Night Before Myxomas”, Smallville “Reckoning”, Dr. Who – various,  Farscape “Back and Back and Back to the Future”, and about a dozen more.

Dark Matter “Episode 16: I’ve Seen the Other Side of You” recaps, reactions, and reviews:

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

When this show is over and looked back upon, we feel that this week’s episode will stand out as one of the most memorable and crucial episodes…  by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

Dark Matter: It’s Two vs. Five in “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You” by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint.

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

It turns out that the crew’s memories aren’t gone after all, which Five had to learn the hard way… by Leaf Miranda at The Young Folks

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

Wait, what?  by Siobhan Dempsey at Word of the Nerd Online


July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

Season 2 Episode 3 Fun Facts!

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!

What’s the Deal with the Crystal Tower?

You remember the crystal tower, dontcha?

July 17, 2016: Working, Viewing, Reviewing Dark Matter!


33 thoughts on “July 17, 2016: Working, viewing, reviewing Dark Matter!

  1. Some of my favorites, you’ve been watching lately. Haven’t seen Smallville or Lois & Clark at all; never been a fan of superhero shows. But I LOVE Supergirl, which makes me wonder if I’ve treated other shows unfairly. LOL

    Good luck getting over this stumble; if we can help in any way, let us know!!

  2. I’m in for the Atlantis Expedition! I’ll need one of those cool outfits, though.

    Window of Opportunity probably looks dated because it’s pushing what, 15 years or more? After having that much more experience, you’re bound to look at things you’d do differently now.

    I really liked TNG’s Cause and Effect, but I thought “Time’s Arrow” (I think it was called – the one with Data’s head) was more of a time loop story than Cause and Effect, which was more of a reset each time.

  3. Whoa….wait a minute.
    DUDE….you just gave the tease and left us hanging.

    “Yeeeeah! Who’s joining me on the Atlantis expedition?!”

    What are the details? How do we apply? How can we get into the queue to be considered….etc?????? OR…is this purely re-watch Atlantis?

    S2-3 was really gut wretching. Loved it. AND…FIVE,
    here she comes to save the day….whew!

  4. I am trying not to look at the Dark Matter photos… but after four days in the desert dust, I needed a peek at my usual online haunts. I need a shower, to unpack, do laundry, appease the cats, and replace the back door knob which broke and locked my cat sitter out.

  5. Speaking of Scifi type stories. I’ve always loved the idea behind Zegapain, that humanity was wiped out by a retrovirus(Created by Naga, the founder of Gards-orm) and its survivors live as metabodies inside quantum servers scattered around the world. The enemy being the Gards-orm wanting to wipe out humanity, and those who can fight back do so in advanced ships using mecha, but are essentially projected into the real world as they lack a real body. It’s kinda neat the way that the real world in the series is ruined, and has been for a while but still they want to return to it after beating the Gards-orm. They’re even doing a movie after so many years, I think a compilation one with some new scenes + characters. Hyped.

    Anyways good luck with your scene Joe!

    Oh and I don’t know how many Death Note fans are here, but there’s a pretty cool article with a trailer about the new live action Death Note movie that takes place 10 years after the events of the original one. Misa, Ryuk and Matsuda return, but there’s a whole bunch of new characters.


  6. Barb and I will be re-watching “I’ve Seen The Other Side of You” tonight. Sometime it’s hard to catch all the nuances with a single viewing. I’ll be watching carefully for clues.

    While not being Time Loop movies expressly, you may also also want to look at Time Lapse and Primer (both on Netflix US, hopefully Netflix Canada too). Time Lapse looks at whether the future is set in stone or not, while Primer addresses how time travel could be used in creative and malicious ways.

    Now for the rewatch!

  7. Time-manipulation suggestions:
    –Robert J Sawyer’s “FlashForward” (TV)
    –the BACK TO THE FUTURE films
    –Anne McCaffrey’s “Dragonriders of Pern” novels (last I heard, Warners had the film option and had hired a writer)
    –“Journeyman”(TV–NBC, Fall 2007)
    –“7 Days” (TV)
    –“Life on Mars” (TV–US version; I’ve not seen the UK original)
    –“Quantum Leap” (TV)

  8. ooooh – Are we gonna get to see the crystal tower on screen in next ep?! @PBMom Hilda n I will both be leading the live tweet up for team U.S next week so that;ll be fun! Hope lots of the U.S fans can join us this next Friday so we can get #DarkMatter trending!! 😀 XOXO

    Love time travel episodes. My fav SGA episode of all time was
    “Last Man”. So Beautifully done!
    I was tightly glued to the screen for the entire episode
    and As Teal’c once said
    “Undomesticated equines could not remove me!”

    Time loop episodes are always fun. As are “paradox” episodes.
    i.e: The character goes into the past or future
    and interferes with themselves or another character
    and upon returning to the present
    they find things negatively changed
    so they have to keep going back to the future or past
    over and over again in the episode
    trying to restore things to their original
    normal settings in the present.

    Can be all at once fascinating
    and very comical if executed properly.

    I think? The show Andromeda
    might have done a time loop ep?
    Haven’t re-watched that show in a while so don’t quite recall.

    I laughed my ass off at the lunch room
    and some of the other scenes in SG1s Window Of Op.
    Anderson was so perfect in that!

    Have you ever read Stephen Baxter’s “Time Ships?”
    He’s a mathematician and wrote the story as a sequel to
    HG Wells Time Machine.

  9. D’oh! How could I forget to mention my current TV obsession, “Outlander”!

  10. @PBmom Got it! Sent ya a reply. And no worries, eh!?
    I have the perfect assignment for ya
    on the planning committee that is truly right up your alley! xo

    We have about 10 people signed up for planning committee now.
    This is going to be so much fun! Can’t wait to get started! xo

    if anyone out there
    Maybe @Chev? or @2cats? or @JohnHrubesch?
    know how to merge a bunch of separate video clips
    into one single longer video
    and have the right editing software at home to do it
    I do hope you’ll consider joining our planning committee.
    just in case we elect to include vid as part of
    our celebration tribute xo

    Joe’s Anniversary celebration planning committee
    invite details:
    All are welcome to join us!
    (scroll down to my “by the way” comments)


  11. Arrgggggggghhhhh.. We had a power quick brown out Friday night. So while my TV viewing was uninterrupted on the first viewing (other than Twitter which doesn’t allow for really good intense viewing), we discovered that it takes a long time for the satellite DVR to reboot because of all this “checking” stuff it has to do. Therefore we are missing “time” in this episode. I may have to buy it on ITunes so Jeff can watch it. Very irritating.

    Among what the others (especially Baterista) and you have mentioned, a must-see love story is Time Traveler’s Wife. I also liked Timecop, a love story in a more kick-ass fashion.

    SGU’s “Time” was pretty phenomenal, but SG-1’s WoO does hold up I think. So does Farscape.

  12. @baterista9 – some great choices! I love The Lake House – even though it’s gotten really bad reviews, I loved it. The Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves Lake House, not the James Patterson book that was turned into a tv movie version.

    Quantum Leap was running on a local cable channel not too long ago; couple episodes a day. I was so disappointed when it stopped. 🙁

  13. Joe, love the Season One Atlantis science dept outfit! Love the pics and additional links.

    Time travel viewing: I love 1969 from SG1, might not be as dated as you think. Flower power!! How about The Last Man from SGA? Yesterday’s Enterprise & The Inner Light from ST: TNG. Though Yesterday’s Enterprise may technically be considered an alternate universe, it’s one of my favorites. Then there’s ST: Generations (the movie). Malcolm McDowell is always a great villian. And the new Star Trek verse, loved J. J. Abrams spin – time travel that creates an alternate universe.

    Do you remember the old TV show The Time Tunnel? 1960’s at it’s best. I agree, Seven Days, Quantum Theory, Life On Mars (both versions) all offer time traveling options. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer does Fool for Love count? Another favorite of mine “gonna have me a real good day” Spike & Buffy centric episode (may be considered a flashback backstory episode though).

    I love Groundhog Day “don’t drive angry”; all three Back To The Futures “hello, McFly” and Run Lola Run is a thrill. Men In Black 3 is a guilty pleasure. Have you considered Looper, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Time Machine (Rob Taylor’s version is my favorite though very dated, Guy Pearce’s version grows on you with multiple viewings).

    Lots of great TV shows and movies to choose from. Good luck on your writing endeavors! Quit procrastinating (find your muse) so you can have some guilt free downtime.

  14. Coincidentally, I am rewatching the SG-1 for the fourth time and have just finished the Window of Opportunity episode. Feeling trapped in the Stargate loop. Oh, and I thought it would be great to know some good book on Latin, so I have googled the writer’s name of the book that Jack was reading in the episode. Expected Amazon link, but got this blog instead 😄

  15. Just got around to reading the post
    – the crystal tower link was pointing to.

    That is sooo not fair, Joe.
    Why give us such a beautiful tower in the background
    if you were just going to distract our focus
    via Five dominating TWO in that alley!
    I don’t recall seeing the tower on screen at all!

    Damn! Now i gotta go back and re-watch 203
    for a third time just to get a glimpse of it!

    Hey! @Syfy!!
    Are you getting all the tricks this puppet master
    has up his sleeve to make viewers re-watch
    each episode 2-3 times each week?!
    You guys could make a financial killing
    running repeats of #DarkMatter episodes
    a few times per week!! 😀

  16. @Boris 😀 LOL! 😀

    Hey Joe! Boris may be onto something!
    Instead of a time loop episode
    How ’bout? a fast paced serendipitous time travel adventure
    with lots of twists n turns
    that lead the traveller to the true destination
    he had not realized he was meant to be at all along! xo

  17. Crystal Tower….did not see that at all…kinda the moon walking bear because of the focus on Two and Five. It was pretty background in the futuristic vision and there but not there.

    Had to re-watch a 4th time, cause I missed it the first 3….sigh.

  18. Don’t forget Daybreak (Day Break..? DayBreak?! *shrugs*)
    A single-season show from a few years back. Got cancelled, I think mostly because viewers were baffled that each episode seemed to be the exact same thing!

    It was a whole show of time-loop!

    .. You’ll probably have to torrent that one, though! I don’t think it’s available anywhere.

  19. Cher ami,
    votre 2ième saison est meilleure que la première. Nous avons apprécié notamment le jeu des acteurs qui , en nuance, ont fait comprendre ce qui arrivait à leur personnage. Excellent!

  20. I’m with gforce on the Atlantis expedition and holy hanna 15 years!? yah i guess things do start to look dated but still gotta love it. KathyC Quantum Leap is on Netflix and they have added more eps. So wait now what have i missed an anniversary celebration? i’m all for parties! And i’m gonna party like nobody’s business when i can finally shake this cast.

  21. The Doctor Who episode I recommend as a time travel story (as opposed to stories that use time travel only to get to another setting) is Blink. That’s also a common recommendation for a first episode to watch when you’re trying to get your friends to watch Dr. Who.

    You’d think every Doctor Who story is a time travel story, but it actually treats changing something you’ve already witnessed as a huge deal and either has the Doctor refusing to do it as a heart-wrenching rule or facing huge consequences for doing it. For example, the 10th Doctor becoming willing to change the timeline on Mars caused him to go through a sweep of Godhood delusion and his egotistical focus made the usual bravery that goes along with a sacrificial death not as present for the death of that incarnation so it was harder on him.

    I think the setting of Groundhog Day was meant to feel dated even when it was made. That was part of what made that particular day so grueling for that particular character until he became more accepting of the town. That actually make the movie timeless.

  22. @baterista9 – Lake House is one my faves. unlike that creepy Eric Bana time travel movie (you meet your future wife when she’s a little girl and you’re a grown man, ewwwww).
    If I collected all my tears at the end of every Lake House viewing I would singlehandedly end the drought in California.

    I loved Eureka “Once in a Life Time,” “Founders Day” and “I Do Over”, Misfits Season 3, Run Lola Run is awesome, as is Looper. And the biggie “Somewhere in Time,” more tears with that beautiful score.

    I love the touch in Buffy of having the magic shop bell ring to reset the time loop, such a friendly yet increasingly frustrating sound.

    This weekend was devoted to blissfully long naps and the wonderful Stranger Things, Roadies and gruesomely healthy eating.

  23. I didn’t find Dirk Gently on Netfix here (U.S.) but I’ll look on Amazon later.

    If you want a amnesia flick “The Long Kiss Goodnight” was fun. An oldie but I love the way her old life and new life merge (when her memory comes back).

    Are you taking DM episode questions now? It was interesting seeing Portia/Two with all these previously unknown abilities.

    Thanks for all the positivity Mr. M.! After watching the news, it’s like the world’s gone crazy. 🙁

  24. Dark Matters DVR numbers are quite interesting. I mean.

    The premiere grew from a 0.2 to a 0.5 with Live+3. That’s a 0.3 gain. It also added an additional 657k viewers to make a overall total of 1.48 million viewers.

    The Live+7 numbers for this episode should be out pretty soon. I think we’re likely to see a scenario where more viewers are watching Dark Matter via DVR than they are live.

  25. @Kabra How’s the bone healing coming along?

    Joe’s 10 year blog anniversary is in November.
    You are definitely welcome
    to join the celebration planning committee if you’d like?
    Just zip whatever email you would like to use
    for group planning discussions to:

    There are about a dozen of us signed up for committee now.
    Its going to be a whole lot of fun! XO
    We are going to begin group discussions
    to brainstorm ideas for it
    the first week of August.

    (if you send email – just be sure to let me know it’s you
    so I do not mistake you
    for a spammer or Joe secretly posing as a blog regular
    just so he can spy on whatever we plan.)
    LOL! 😀

    -Thanks! xo

    See invite details here:
    (scroll to Drea’s by the way comments)


  26. @Drea I’ve sent you an email 👍

    Thoroughly enjoyed Ep3! It’ll need (at least) another viewing to absorb everything that happened, as it is fast and furious from the get-go. And, also to catch all those little teasers that I just know you’ve got in there, Joe for future episodes 😉
    Now, to catch up with SO many post, comments, etc. My timeline has been chock full of reviews that’s it going to take me ages to read them all. And I see there are photos, promos and sneak peeks for Ep4 and Ep5 – wow!

  27. Oow Joe, that was a gooden! Just seen Ep16.
    I must confess, I quite like the evil us’s Two, Three and especially Four. I can totally accept/believe his ruthless n bloody reputation.
    I kinda think they have ‘woken up’ to a time before One and Six joined them, hence not remembering their existence. And wasn’t Two’s possible neural link with the ship sort of hinted at by Android in Episode3 – am I right? I like this

  28. Hello Drea, I would love to be in on the planning, but I have previous plans for first couple weeks of Aug, Our son is getting married, so will be largely unavailable. I wish you good luck on the planning, and thanks for the invite.

  29. Hi, me again….
    And I know I keep on about this, but it was good to see Two somewhat torn emotionally by the news of One’s death and her guilt in doubting his loyalty to the crew and Three’s reaction to the revelations of why One was originally there.
    Good stuff, nuff said

    Except ….. when’s One coming back?

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