July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

False alarm!  He’s okay!  He’s okay!

Pictured above: actor Marc Bendavid out for sushi with Akemi and I after shooting “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.  Love this guy.  Super kind, super talented.  He was in Van a couple of weeks ago and he took us out for brunch – and spent some quality time with the dogs…

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Staring longingly into each others eyes…

After that final scene, many of you are asking: “What is up?  Is this the last we’ll see of him?”

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Well, all I can say is that if and when the crew do escape from Hyperion-8, they’re going to have some unfinished business with THIS guy –

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Triggerman Jace Corso.

In the first draft of the script, the new inmates undergo a three-stage decontamination process.  First, they’re blasted with the gas, then, they’re hit with an electric charge that builds up from their feet, arcing over their bodies, and lastly, they are hit with the lights.  The second stage, the arcing, was lost in the edit because this episode came in 6 minutes and 11 seconds over.

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Also lost for time was the line: “Welcome to your new home”, uttered by Durand, the head guard, when the new prisoners first step into Gen. Pop.  When Syfy requested episode titles for season 2, I was of two minds.  On the one hand, I was okay with it.  The fact that the first season episodes had no episode titles made sense given its thematic connection to the ideas of amnesia and loss of identity that played through the show’s first year.  In the show’s second season, we would continue exploring those ideas but, given the fact our characters were on firmer fitting with regard to their backstories, it made sense to add a little clarity.  On the other hand, I’ve always hated coming up with episode titles.  And so, I came up with what I thought was brilliant solution: have the fans choose it!  But how to do it without actually telling them anything about the episode?  I thought about it and came up with the perfect solution, selecting three on-point lines of dialogue from the show and inviting the fans to choose from among them.  “Welcome To Your New Home” was the win.  The Runners up: “Most Noobs Try It” was uttered by Nyx to TWO in their sim yard discussion while “Maximum Time For Minimum Pain” is the mantra Charlie, the older infirmary patient, delivers to THREE as he advises him on how to scam the system.

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

I’ve had this series – it’s various character and story arcs – planned out for years now.  One of the key moments I’d envisioned well before we even sat down to spin stories for season 1 was the shots of the G.A. guards sweeping in and taking the ship followed by the final shot of our incapacitated crew being led out, one by one, with the traitor in their midst – SIX – bringing up the rear, walking alongside Lt. Anders.  The how’s and why’s of SIX seeming turn will be made clear over the course of season 2’s first couple of episodes.

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Once the truth is revealed, you can go back over those last few episodes of season 1 and pick up the subtle hints laid out: SIX’s encounter with Lt. Anders at the end of Episode 8 – an encounter that ends with Anders bizarre disappearance by the time ONE and FOUR arrive, SIX’s reaction to the destruction of the Mikkei research facility, his emotional conversation with FIVE soon after, his insistence that the crew “stay together” when they discover the shock stick missing from the vault.

Roger steps up BIG time in these first two episodes, delivering one of his best (of many great) performances.

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

Roger Cross (SIX) and Jeff Teravainen (Lt. Anders).

Also delivering a terrific performance in this episode is actor Jeff Teravainen who plays the role of Lieutenant Anders.  The character was named after my friend and author Lou Anders (http://www.louanders.com).

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

So many oft-unnoticed details go into a production, contributions made by a myriad of people in various productions.  Like for instance, the Galactic Authority badge that SIX sports in this episode.  Although not featured, it’s a thing of beauty, created by our props department overseen by the wonderful Victoria Klein.

July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

In one of this episode’s early scenes, SIX pays a visit to Warden Treihan.  If you look closely, you can make out adorable pictures adorning his rather sleek office.  A couple were featured in the director’s, part of an opening exchange that was also lost for time.  Here’s a script excerpt of the deleted exchange:

SIX stands in the warden’s office, brow furrowed, checking out a collage of pictures on one wall – crude children’s drawings of prisoners behind bars, guards, or the warden himself with messages like: “Lok up the bad guys”, “Thanks for keping us safe”, and “My dad stole thingz and in your jail now. Say hi from Timmy”.

WARDEN TREIHAN: Those are from a bunch of first graders over at Admiral Farragut Elementary on Torren-5’s third moon.

SIX glances over as WARDEN TREIHAN walks in – mid forties, sly and calculating.

WARDEN TREIHAN: School figures it helps establish clear ethical boundaries at an early age. But who’re we kidding?

He walks over, pours himself a drink at his desk.

WARDEN TREIHAN: Where they’re being raised – poor little bastards – half those kids’ll eventually wind up in here. Best they can hope for is ending up as guards instead of prisoners.

He knocks back his drink, grimaces.

SIX: You always drink alone in your office?

WARDEN TREIHAN: I’m not drinking. I’m treating a throat condition. (clears his throat) There. Better.

He throws SIX an affable smile. July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

The role of Warden Treihan is played with masterful aplomb by veteran actor (24, World Without End, Jane the Virgin, Stargate: Universe) and culinary expert Carlo Rota.  Between scenes, we’d discuss food more than the actual script.

 July 5, 2016: Behind The Scenes On “episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”!  Major Spoilers!

The part of Darius der Hoeven was played by actor Doug MacLeod who delivers a delightfully devious performance as the standing CEO of Corelactic Industries.  And he does so sporting MY pocket handkerchief.  Yes, just before his scene was to shoot, Dark Matter costume designer Noreen Landry snagged the handkerchief right out of my suit pocket and tucked it into Doug’s.  I have, thus, been immortalized onscreen!

Plenty more behind-the-scenes insights to offer, but I’ll leave it there for now. Tomorrow, I continue our look at “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.

20 thoughts on “July 5, 2016: Behind the scenes on “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”! Major Spoilers!

  1. Wish they could leave in all the good stuff. 🙁

    I can’t wait to see how “You know who” survives! He survives, right? 🙁

    I’m almost recovered from the 4th of July. I enjoyed the fireworks but some of the neighbors go too far by shooting them into the wee hours of the morning. Especially, when the morning is an early work day.

  2. Wait a minute.

    Is Lt. Anders named after Lou Anders?

    Okay back to reading…

  3. Love the behind the scenes insights. I did notice the children’s drawings when they popped up onscreen. Who made them?

  4. This is science fiction, so I’m going to trust that you are going to use your creative mind to bring back One. After all, he knew someone was after him. And One is smart. HE CAN’T BE DEAD! I’m thinking the alcohol has something to do with it. I don’t know what, but it’s a clue.

  5. I’m done reading now. I shouldn’t try to watch Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell while trying to read your blog. Now I’m not sure if the prison’s food was crappy and the rooms stunk or if that was the hotel he was trying to turn around. Maybe both…?

    “False alarm! He’s okay! He’s okay!” Whew! You had me worried there for a moment. All I can say is he better be! If evil one wasn’t still around you’d be in big trouble mister! Never kill the good looking ones.

    “Staring longingly into each others eyes…” Don’t fall for that look Marc! Lulu has more boyfriends than you can count! You’re just another notch on her collar!

    Six has a lot of redeeming to do. Right now, don’t like him, don’t trust him!

  6. I agree with @Ponytail, the fans did do a good job in picking the title, hate that the actual mention had to be cut. Also would have loved to see the scene between Six and Treihan (he is quite weasely) play out. I did notice the drawings in his office when I rewatch end the episode. Nice touch.

    Thanks for all the behind the scenes tidbits, pics & miscellaneous musings. Would love to see more of Lt. Anders (besides just the next episode).

    The hankerchief was a nice touch as well.

  7. The metal/ or was it the blaster proof vest, provided by six, that mitigated the damage? One is highly pissed and wants to know who hired Jase Corso among other things.

    That’s my guess.

  8. HEY JOE! What ‘ ya mean? ‘If and when the crew escape hyperion 8’

    “We’re the crew of the Raza
    You’re damn right we’re doing this!!”

  9. Glad to hear One is going to be ok but I’m still kinda hoping you decided to bring Wexler back via the AU episode.

  10. @MaggieL80 Agree with ya about Lt Anders. Am thinking there’s definitely more to this cynical GA guy’s story. I’m still kinda hoping he decides to leave the corrupt GA. Albeit just when SIx starts to trust him again it’ll turn out Anders sold his soul to the highest bidder long ago and far away.
    Maybe Fours evil step mummy paid him a whole big fistful of dirty sweaty cash to be her inside informant at the GA. Then to make matters worse someone even more evil than Fours step mother came along and out bid her. So Anders will prove to work for the most corrupt, most evil person in the Dark Matter universe! Albeit in an alternate universe he’s just a sweet down home boy who remodels the bathrooms at home whenever his wife asks him to help her redecorate the house. 😎

  11. Yay! Mr MB! Really nice (and welcome) piccys 😊

    But, as for you Mr Mallozzi (and partner-in-crime, Mr Mullie) NOT forgiven!!!

    PS Meant to mention … What an epic opener! Brilliant! Love Android – she was just like a stroppy self assured 12yo, when she answered back to that techy guy. Like it! Nyx made an instant, memorable, impact (in more ways than one!) but I trust her as far as I could throw SIX. Have watched DM Ep14 three times now and still thoroughly enjoying it!!

    …. except for the end bit 😒 Not nice!
    . ….mumble, mumble, mumble…

  12. Does Marc get paid double for playing two characters? How’s plans for S3?

    I agree with Thogar that Netflix should offer longer versions. I suppose that would mean more work during production though.

  13. Cool badge!

    Gee, I hate it when I have to treat a throat condition before breakfast.

    Sea story: long ago, when I was fresh out of boot camp and waiting for my Basic Electronics course to begin, I’d be sent to various locations daily to work. Mostly janitorial stuff, but I’d catch an office gig now and then, answer phones, gopher, filing. One Senior Chief who must have joined the Navy beside Davy Jones, had me man his desk when he left for lunch. I had been given papers to collate and was looking for staples when I found a bottle of whisky in his bottom desk drawer. Old Crow or Early Times? Terrible cheap stuff. I was shocked! I looked up to chiefs, my Dad had been a Masterchief after all. Booze at work? Unthinkable! But now I have had my faith restored, Senior simply had “a throat condition”. Whew.

  14. @Does Marc get paid double for playing two characters?

    I really doubt that. You’ll find he gets paid for doing the roles he’s given, no different to anyone else. If a character has a double or whatever, that doesn’t mean he’d get more $$$.

  15. I’ve re-watched this episode several times now and each time I pick up on a new bit of dialog or subtle expression that keeps me thinking of different “what if’s”. That’s a kudo to the excellent writing (Mullie and Mallozzi), great directing (Amanda Tapping) and wonderful performances by the actors and off-camera crew magic. THANK YOU!

    My latest thought is that Six is still being played by the GA. He really isn’t an agent of theirs, but is in fact, an insurrectionist. They planted his “agent personnel file” on the Raza computer because they told him where to go to find it. I think Six has been brainwashed or “reconditioned” to serve their ends. I trust that the rest of the crew will see through the charade and help him.

    Five is obviously suspicious of a great many things, hence her expression when stopped during her transfer by Commander Shaddick, who seems keenly interested in Five. Maybe she plans to use a mind probe? Never underestimate a 16 yr. old genius.

    I have not looked at any spoilers for the next episode and wish to be completely enthralled. Wonder if I get any of this right?

    So far, season 2 is AMAZING! And I love the new opening with the lightening strikes!


  16. And here I thought Anders referred to the character in Battlestar Galactica. Love hearing about all these details post-watching-the-episode because now I’ll have to go back. I kept episode 1 on my DVR for the moment, because I went back and there is a lengthy thing about the psychological profile on one of the screens and I want to read it!

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