Let me kick off today’s entry by announcing the winner of the cast-signed, annotated script of “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”.  Congratulations to MFB, Mike From Blaine, who matched an astounding 9 of 13 episodes to their thematic dog picture counterparts.  I say astounding because, as it turns out, this contest was really, really hard.  The average number of correct guesses from the approximately 100 people who entered?  3.  3!!

Anyway, as longtime blog reader Line Noise pointed out: “Statistical analysis of everyone’s answers shows overwhelming support for picture 12 for episode 14.” And the majority were spot on!

July 3, 2016: Dark Matter Contest Winner!

“Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”

A reminder that I will doing a live Periscope following the UK premiere of Dark Matter’s second season!

Premiere = 20:00 Monday, July 4th

Periscope = 21:00 Monday, July 4th

Get the app and watch for the announcement on my twitter timeline (@BaronDestructo).

More thoughts on our premiere episode.   But beware!  Spoilers abound!

July 3, 2016: Dark Matter Contest Winner!


“Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are pulling no punches this season.”

July 3, 2016: Dark Matter Contest Winner!

Craig Suide of SciFiMoviePage:

“The mysteries of season one on this series only seem to deepen. the more you think you know, the more you realize there’s something else going on behind it.”

July 3, 2016: Dark Matter Contest Winner!

Tyler F.M. Edwards at Superior-Realities:

“Action, suspense, mystery, emotion, character development — the season premiere has it all.”

July 3, 2016: Dark Matter Contest Winner!

Sashurai at Blade of the Sashurai:

“For every mystery solved, there’s two more in it’s place giving season 02 plenty of juice to work with.”

I’m going to continue to be “non-specific” in my comments here until we get a few more international premieres under our belt but, in the coming days, I’ll be fielding your questions, offering up hints of what’s to come and, also, another BIG cast/fan Q&A announcement!

20 thoughts on “July 3, 2016: Dark Matter contest winner!

  1. Congratulations MFB!!
    9 out of 13? You smashed it, mate!!! 😎

    Just over 24hrs to go before I get to see Dark Matter premiere! Am breathless with anticipation!!!…. (and still a bit anxious too…)

  2. Oy. I just went and found MFB’s entry; I guessed only 2 the same as he did, one of the two being the first one that almost everyone got right. So chances are…I only got 2 right! Wow that’s bad….

  3. Thanks for the ping on the review for 2×01! Earlier this week I also did a musical cover of season 01’s climactic finale moment in honor of the premiere, which was fantastic! Hope you enjoy!

  4. Congratulations MFB aka Mike From Blaine. I bow to your ability to guess correctly. Hey KathyC. I compared my answers to Mike’s and matched 4 of his. Whoa!

  5. Congrats to Mike from Blaine. Sad i lost but it was really hard. I will look forward to an easier future contest.

  6. Do you know I put Dog 12 for my first guess for Episode 14, but then I thought it was more dog 1 because I knew all of them were 5 minutes from making their escape, but then dog 12 became increasingly more difficult to assign and I assigned it to “We Should Have Seen This Coming” thinking perhaps they landed back IN jail. That was at least my deductive reasoning process.

    Congrats to Mike From Blaine. That is awesome. It was a very difficult contest. I need to go see what else you guessed.

  7. Congrats to Mike!

    I don’t think I got even the easy one right! I had it at first and then I think I second guessed it as can’t being right because it was too obvious. Yeesh.

  8. Okay, it seems I only guessed 2 that MFB guessed, but that leaves 4 others that MFB didn’t get right that I might have gotten. So we’ll see. I know for sure I did not match episode 1 correctly, but I’ll keep tabs until the end of the season.

  9. Congrats MFB!

    I thought if I used everyone’s collective wisdom and totalled up the most popular answers then I’d win easily. I didn’t factor in everyone’s ineptitude! 😛

  10. Congrats MFB! That was a difficult contest, so well done to you.
    You are just going to love receiving that script 👍

    Wow, wow, wow….what a cracking first episode #bringonepisode2

  11. Congrats to Mike!! That contest was apparently even harder than I thought it was. I only matched 3 of your answers.

    @Sashuri, that’s a nice take on the DM closing theme for the finale.

    Joe, thanks for all the pics and links. All very interesting!! Are we talking about the episode yet? Still spoiler “lite”?

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