Well, Dark Matter’s second season premiered last night and, as predicted, the response was swift and stormy!

So as not to spoil international fans who are waiting for the show to premiere in their part of the world, I will avoid talking specifics for now but…I did warn you it would be a shocker!

Lots o’ links, articles, and reactions to get to…

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

This episode and Episode 12: “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get to Choose” hold the distinction of being the only two episodes of the Dark Matter’s second season in which the title doesn’t appear as a line of dialogue in the finished episode. In this case, “Welcome to Your New Home,” uttered by head guard Durand upon the Raza crew’s entrance to Hyperion-8, ended up on the cutting room floor.

I serve up some Fun Facts About That Premiere Episode

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

Also cut for time was a few seconds off the top of the first Warden scene in which Six checks out the pictures hanging on the walls of the Warden’s office, artwork from “a bunch of first graders over at Admiral Farragut Elementary on Torren-5’s third moon.” One particularly awesome picture is accompanied by the words: “My dad stole thingz and in your jail now. Say hi from Timmy.”

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

Aimee Hicks breaks down the opener for SpoilerTV:

Dark Matter Welcomes You To Your New Home

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!
DARK MATTER — “Welcome To Your New Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Anthony Lemke as Three, Melanie Liburd as Nyx, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four — (Photo by: Jan Thijs/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Tom Gardiner of ThreeIfBySpace offers his own thoughts:

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

A Rude Awakening

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

Mary Powers of TVGeekTalk weighs in with her take on opener:

Betrayals, New Faces, And One Big “Oh Crap!” Ending

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

Josh and Anna of GeekOnReview provide a video review:

Welcome To Your New Home

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!

Kathleen Widel of TVFanatic breaks down our first episode:

That was quite the twist…

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!
DARK MATTER — “Welcome To Your New Home” Episode 201 — Pictured: Melissa O’Neil as Two — (Photo by: Jan Thijs/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

HappyEverAfter’s Veronica Scott recaps both scifi Friday premieres:

“Apparently, this season of Dark Matter will contain some big surprises…”

July 2, 2016: Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere – Reactions, Recaps, And Reviews!
“Dark Matter” Season 2 – Ep.201 Day7/8
Photo: Jan Thijs 2015

DenOfGeek’s Michael Ahr with his review of “Episode 14: Welcome To Your New Home”:

“In the space of one episode, Dark Matter has broadened the scope of its world to a greater extent than in the whole of season 1.”

P.S. We have a winner in our Match the Dog Picture to a Dark Matter Episode contest!  I’ll make the grand announcement in tomorrow’s blog entry.

26 thoughts on “July 2, 2016: Dark Matter season 2 premiere – reactions, recaps, and reviews!

  1. Oh, tis sooo hard to duck n dive these spoilers, reviews etc. I can feel the excitement and shock (?!) without reading anything……
    Now really worried about ‘One big “Oh crap” ending’ too. Hope it’s nothing too bad to do with the pictures either side of the quote … is it?!? … (gulp!) … It is, isn’t it? Oh crap… Hope I’m wrong here…
    Feel quite sick with anticipation to be quite honest. Monday evening feels like never never time …

  2. All I can say about my own review is that the episode was pretty awesome, start to finish. And that ending. Oh, that ending. *mind blown*

    The problem with episodes like this is that it sets such a standard that it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, with the hands that this series is in, I’ve every confidence that it will.

    I really like the new title sequence – that was my least favourite part of season 1. It seemed too short and kind of clunky, even in sound. This one is a great improvement. although still too short! Silly networks, and their precious commercial time. Somebody’s gotta pay the bills though, I suppose. 🙂

    I always really enjoy Thogar’s recaps/reviews! I’m kind of sarcastic (I know!) so I find it hard to recap stuff that’s good. It’s more like, “yeah, it’s great, you should watch it.” I guess that’s why I enjoyed watching those superhero movies/Cookie Monster reviews a while back.

    Um, we should do that again!

  3. Man, that episode was a great one. The ending was quite the twist. Somewhere through the episode I came up with this theory out of the blue because I just realized something, not sure if it’s correct, but it sounds plausible.:

    Jace was hired by the ceo to kill One’s wife because she was either onto something or the ceo wasn’t able to really manipulate her into doing whatever was best for him. One in his olden days wasn’t as good to catching onto things because he and ceo knew each other quite well and he believed him when he was told three did it.

    So yeah, whatever happened, the ceo and jace were both part of it.

  4. Last night’s episode was absolutely bad-ass! I Tweeted my butt off too. I’ve never used the Twit so often. Well done DM Crew! Well f’ing done!

    #no spoilers so I’ll leave this at that.

  5. Mean Joe making us wait one more day to find out we didn’t win…LOL Just kidding. So since there was a tie, and now you say we have a winner, that means one of the most recent guessers has won. It was hard, but fun. Hope we can do it again for season 3!

    I dont’ want to say too much either, to not spoil for those who haven’t seen it. I tried to keep my tweets spoiler-free too, as best I could. I didn’t see #DarkMatter trend while I was on; did it at any point? Killjoys was trending when I logged on around 10:15pm EST.

  6. Wicked….and loving it. The WTF moment – was a bit too soon for us waiting and waiting for Season 2 to arrive. And, we wait and wait again to see how allllll of this is resolved.

  7. Freow! That was not what I was expecting at the end of the episode! Talk about taking a can of worms, tipping it into a beehive and shaking it up!

  8. Still no Dark Matter on Apple TV. They even took season one down. What is going on? Very annoyed with Apple TV right now. I really don’t care for Charter my cable provider but I might just have to bite the bullet and join up again. Urgh! Not cool!

  9. Kathy: How was the game? Dark Matter didn’t end up trending in U.S till “after” the 1st airing of the premiere was finished. Lots n lots of viewers the U.S Like Jim, Jeff W, Kelli, myself and so very many others tweeted and RT’d their butts off during the episode!
    Unfortunately too many used more than than one hashtag in their tweets so it did not trend in U.S till after the episode and then only briefly.

    It was still a whole lot of fun though
    and a most wonderful start to what looks like
    it is going to be one BIG mind blowing
    of a season! xo

    am finding it really hard to NOT discuss that shocking ending!
    Albeit Lets not blow it for those still waiting to watch it. xo

  10. Ok my wife says she was able to buy the season on iTunes. I will be watching tonight after a movie. Yay! Finally! If I’m too full of wine to remember what I watched I may have to rewatch it tomorrow. 🙂

  11. Awesome first episode, the re-watch was just as good, thanks for my Friday night fix. It was surely a wtf ending,(you know what I mean), I will be back for the rest of the story next week.

  12. @Drea we made it to the top of the 7th and then the rain poured down on us. We had to wait around a bit as my hubby bid on a silent auction for a charity that was there, and he was the top bidder; you had to be present at the end or they’d go to the next bid. So he won, and by the time we paid and collected our prize (golf, yawn) and got home, we were about 15 minutes behind.

  13. Joe, Joe, Joe! What have you done! Fantastic “out of the gate” season premiere! I watched it last night on the second airing at midnight but had several interruptions & missed quite a bit of what was going on. All those fine little nuances. Watched again tonight when I got home & was blown away by all the little things I missed like “Bubba” & the talk of plastic surgery. Trying not to spoil too much but it’s just so gosh darn hard. I won’t even bring up the OMG ending! Amanda did a phenomenal job in directing! Love the new cast additions. Excited for the season!

    @Jon H: I was also disappointed in iTunes. Had hoped I could download Ep14 or S2 Ep1 to watch/listen to on the drive home and was dismayed to discover it was not available. Thanks for the heads up that it is now available – downloading as I type.

  14. Finally saw it… hummm… What did I think? LOVED IT! Was I shocked by the end. Yes. But I understand why it was done… I think. I’m looking forward to seeing where we go from here. Soooo much to look forward to!

  15. Awesome episode to all involved! So glad Dark Matter is back. Nice to have a ship based Sci Fi show on the air. And I like the new opening.

  16. Everyone looked fabulous. Especially the new cast members and guest stars. You sure do know how to cast a show. Paul Mullie’s script was tight and engrossing. Amanda Tapping’s direction was spot on and beautiful. The android has gotten sassy! Loved the sets. I winced when you-know-who was working. “I don’t want to go!” Haha!! And the final what-the-heck! moment was shocking. Bad boy Mullie!!

  17. https://news.artnet.com/art-world/yinmn-blue-to-be-sold-commercially-520433

    Here is the color I’ve long thought should be in science fiction since there are ships that go through large temperature changes and the elements to form it are there and those elements diffuse to the surface during those temperature changes and sometimes enough oxygen would be present to form it. (I did once include it in my own writing, very briefly, as a blue oxide that spalled off to show the shiny metal underneath when a bullet hit a spaceship and someone needed to turn and see evidence that it hit close to him.) I was going to post a link to a picture of this color back when you were posting pictures of the patina on the walls of the Destiny sets being built, but couldn’t find an example to do it justice.

    I know, to read this article, you’d think this was discovered in 2009. It wasn’t. Making it cheaply may be new, but materials scientists have been “discovering” blue oxides for many decades. I’ve seen it and it is special, though. It gets extra scrutiny even if it’s a sidebar to the research just because it looks awesome.

    You may be thinking “Tardis blue”, but the black shadows in the texturing are making it look more Tardis blue and less of what it is, pure blue, though this image is the closest I’ve seen online to my memory of it as it forms with a lot of texturing. This would look different and even more special if the lighting effects were handled just so.

  18. I’m wondering if Dark Matters ratings will grow from Killjoys like it did last season. Not long to wait though. Monday can’t come soon enough!

  19. Melanie Liburd looks like a young Vanessa Williams. Gorgeous lady!

    We watched it again and noticed the picture posted in the warden’s office. Too funny!

  20. Great opener! Everyone got their time in sun. It must be easier to juggle all of the characters when they’re so well fleshed out. I love how every episode of the series so far just hums along, sometimes at breakneck speed. Never feels like any scene is filler. Everything counts. Every moment counts. Really good writing. Thumbs up!

  21. First episode is great! After few minutes I was hooked…
    My comments:

    – That prison is really bad-ass. There is also Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen with them in the opening scene (or Sting?). :-))
    – When they walk to mess hall for the first time there is marvelous tense music! Benjamin Pinkerton did wonderfull job.
    – The guard: “Its the highlight of my day” 🙂
    – Two said to Nyx: “Surprisingly good” (fighter). Is it a hint that Nyx is somehow special? Maybe bio-engineered too? (probably not) I had that idea here several months ago.
    – Will there be second round between Two and Nyx? 🙂
    – I think that evil CEO is too simple. Im more suspicious about that lawyer FELICIA. She knew about One’s interest in the case too.

    – Regarding the shocking end – I still think that One is alive. There are two hints in the episode.
    1. Lawyer said that there is surgeon prepared for him.
    2. In scene with Six One said that “something is not right… it opened his eyes. He shouldnt be trustful” I think its pretty big hint. So I hope that he did some preparations (he could use a clone) because he was clearly suspicious. And he is not fool. I hope Im right because I wouldnt like it if he is killed in that way.. so early.

  22. Like everyone else said about the ending….OMG!! Can’t wait to see where this goes.
    I love that we know the characters’ backstories a little better.
    The new added cast was great. Nyx is a real badass. She and two have great BFF chemistry.
    Dark Matters and Kill Joys. PERFECT!

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