June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Oh yeah.  Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot shows certain members of the crew all dressed up and heading out.  What’s the special occasion? Well, I can’t be certain, but I suspect it’s the Dark Matter season 2 premiere, airing this Friday night at 10 pm (after Killjoys!) on Syfy and Space Channel!

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

And with the premiere only four days away, here’s a quick season 2 character primer from the gang at TV Fanatic:

Dark Matter season 2 character primer

…including a couple of new faces!

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Meanwhile, Syfy.com offers us a story refresher:

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Matter

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

As well as a rundown of our crew BEFORE they went into stasis and had their memories wiped:

Dark Matter Pre-Season 1 Timeline

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

And then there’s this advance review from Jamie Ruby at Scifi Vision:

Dark Matter Season 2 Preview Review

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Today, the writers’ room convened for more pitching, spinning, and breaking.  I can’t tell you how amazing and exciting it is to pay-off so much of what has come before, while setting up so much of what’s to come.  I’m inspired by these wonderful characters, my fellow writers, and these surprise treats (c/o EP Paul Mullie) chock full o’ creamy goodness.  Also high fructose corn syrup, calcium sulfate, and polysorbate 60!

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

And yellow 5 and red 40!

June 27, 2016: 4 Days To The Dark Matter Season 2 Premiere!

Later that day – Me reconsidering my dietary choices.  And Ivon Bartok’s pitch for the episode 8 tease.

19 thoughts on “June 27, 2016: 4 Days to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

  1. I find it hard to believe you actually eat that stuff! Blech. Since we started eating clean, I can’t even eat an M&M; tastes fake and chemical-ly. I find it so hard to believe I actually used to LOVE that stuff! My go-to breakfast walking to the bus stop in high school was a can of soda (pop to most of you) and a Hostess cake. How my mom let me do that, I’ll never know. (Probably cause she never knew, she had already left for work. She assumed I was having a bowl of sugary cereal, haha.)

  2. @Chris Ivon’s tweet cracked me up because I was thinking the exact same thing as soon as Joe posted his daily contribution to our global human insanity.

  3. Can’t wait! Well, I can, because I must, there’s that pesky time-continuum thing.

    Twinkies are only good when toasted over a campfire. The exterior gets a crunchy toasted caramel-ly texture, and the interior goo becomes bubbly and runny like a roasted marshmallow. Be careful, easy to get hot sugar burns, and that sucks.

  4. @Joe

    Remember? a few weeks ago when i decided
    I could bypass my education teams rule
    of not promoting Dark Matter
    before 6 pm on Fridays
    via posting an article
    about a thieving, knife wielding, crow in Vancouver.
    (Disguising it as an interest story
    for zoology & ornithology researchers
    studying the habits of wild birds
    in an urban environment.)
    Then, -Causally including with the post
    an invite for this badass expert in sharp weaponry
    to follow @DarkMatter_show
    and become a member of our Raza crew,
    as a pseudo afterthought.

    I knew it would worked like a charm
    because it was something that would
    catch my boys off guard and make them laugh!

    With Dark Matter premiering ‘this’ Friday.
    Obviously I need to be able to advertise DM
    Tomorrow and Thursday.

    Knowing I won’t be able to pull the same trick twice
    and get away with it
    I spent much of this morning
    researching a new and much more
    clever way around the rule.


    I think I found a ‘hiding in plain sight’ way
    to advertise to our college student users
    and educators in the U.S 18-49 ratings demographic.
    In fact, It’ll be so well hidden in plain sight
    that our ed team won’t even ‘realize’
    I’m advertising the show in the middle of a work week
    at all!
    It’ll look like a totally legit STEM “learning opportunity”
    for all our beautiful life long learners out there.

    Be sure to check out my ed posts tomorrow,
    Wednesday, @Newscience101
    Let me know what ya think, eh!? 😀

    Hope everyone has a resplendently ingenious day today!


    Sincerely Signed,
    Wiley Coyote evil super genius’s cousin

    (yeah, ok. So – I know the double s’s aren’t necessary or correct
    but I like em
    so am gonna keep usin’ em anyway, eh!) 😀

  5. That last pic is a great one of you Joe even with all the moon pie detritus scattered about, dark pewter is a nice color on you. Is it really this Friday? Because I’m so ready for Killjoys and DM. I may see Independence Day Rez again; I can’t resist giant aliens and space battles.

  6. @Joe:

    The sight of you holding a Twinkies box makes me think of that Junk Food Junkie song by Larry Groce. Perhaps you’re admitting to us now that you’re a junk food junkie? I can’t believe it though…

    @Drea on your hiding in plain sight promotion method:

    I should try that in my GPS presentation in Santa Clara tomorrow; I just have to think of a lead in. Android tracking applications? Resolving signal versus noise below the noise floor in tracking the Raza in the Dark Matter universe?

    Hmmm…maybe I should sleep on it.

  7. You must have a cast iron stomach and an extremely high metabolism!

    Bubba any better?

    Friday can’t come too soon!

    Drea: 🙂 Good news on Dr Jo, the trach tube is out! That leaves the feeding tube and an IV port for medications. Her A/C is still out at her house but Bobby’s (Her ex) on it. The cats have been moved to the animal clinic. Poor kitties.

  8. I decided that there is no way I can catch up with all the blog posts I’ve missed, so I will keep up with these going forward and if I find time, I’ll backtrack and catch up from that point to this point. June sucked in a major big way (except for Saturday when Jeff and I got to go see ID Resurgence. My afternoon client cancelled and we found a babysitter. The universe must have heard my literal crying that I needed a break and some happiness for a bit.

    @TamDixon Glad to hear that Dr. Jo is progressing. Always in my prayers.

    I have a client from 5:00-6:00 p.m. central time but nothing after and I have already told Jeff that I get to live-tweet the premiere. Then we can watch it together afterwards because I can’t absorb anything when I’m live-tweeting.

    Now, a reminder of the rules if you want to the show to trend.

    The fan base from Fringe really perfected this art of getting shows to trend. I took their model and did a blog about how to get Dark Matter to trend:


    (But this is what it says if you don’t want to go to the blog–this was at least true of the “no named episodes” for Dark Matter for season 1, but obviously things changed for season 2):

    ( http://morethanoneofeverything.net/2012/10/01/fringe-twitter-event-all-is-not-lost-theres-got-to-be-anotherway/ perfected the best protocol for getting something to trend. Because the single word “Fringe” never trended (well it finally did at the finale), they got with Fox Broadcasting and instead of using Fringe they used the title of the episode. They trended EVERY SINGLE WEEK using this. It took a labor intensive coordinated effort to get people on board.

    Since Dark Matter has no named episodes, #DarkMatter would work just fine (if it doesn’t, then #DarkMatterTV might be something to try in the future). I am going to post what the rules were for Fringe and I’ll put my comments in bold about Dark Matter).

    I tried very hard to get the fans of Enlisted on Fox Broadcasting to follow the protocol and it never worked (and it, like Fringe, had a name of the show as a common word that would never likely trend) but it was next to impossible. The fans think that more hashtags make things better, but it does not. Fringe had a very organized process and anyone they saw tweeting more than one hashtag, they kindly asked the person to just use one. If they saw someone not using a hashtag, they politely reminded them to use the hashtag.

    This was an example of the Fringe approach (my comments about Dark Matter are in bold and italics below the Fringe approach):

    1) Don’t use #LoveIsTheAnswer before the designated time: 1 HOUR before Fringe airs.

    (In this case, don’t use #DarkMatter until 1 hour before airtime; you can use DarkMatter without the hashtag, but don’t start using the hashtag until 1 hour before airtime).

    2) One # term per Tweet. (Only one hashtag because Twitter doesn’t count tweets towards trending with multiple hashtags).

    If everyone needs to use #DarkMatter there should be a coordinated effort that everyone just use that and not something else. So if someone tweets #FourClan #DarkMatter it won’t count towards trending at all.

    3) Lots of people tweeting matters more than the number of tweets.

    (Rules apply to Dark Matter as well)

    4) Those with lots of followers help out a lot!

    (Rules apply to Dark Matter as well)

    5) We want to pique the interest of non-Fringe fans. (In our case non-Dark Matter fans).

    (This was more because they were using the episode titles. If we could get Syfy to pick a hashtag other than #DarkMatter to describe the episode that people would say, “Hey what’s this” that would be great. But the key is a fully coordinated effort).

    6) We can discuss aspects of the show in our tweets -TRY to include the word FRINGE (with no #) in your tweet if possible.

    (For Dark Matter, if you wanted for example to trend #WeAreDangerous then only use that as a hashtag and type darkmatter in or Dark Matter as two words without a hashtag– another example: You always need to worry about the silent deadly types, especially with FOUR #DarkMatter If you wanted #FOUR to be the trending hashtag, then that sentence would look like You always need to worry about the silent deadly types especially with #FOUR DarkMatter ) See the difference?

    7) Private accounts must have their locked status removed, as the tweets from these accounts do not count toward the trend tally.

    (Rule applies for any trending event)

    8) Retweets are the easiest way to help out the trending effort. Just search for the hashtag, and retweet the ones that are interesting to you (and ones with just one hashtag). If you know how to use a Twitter application suite like TweetDeck or HootSuite, this is made even easier.

    (Don’t retweet multiple hashtags (or before retweeting correct them by removing all hashtags except #DarkMatter)

    9) Thank the sponsors.

    (This is true for ANY show. Sponsors do pay attention to this. Often with DVR viewing, commercials are skipped. When people go out of their way to thank the sponsors means a great deal to them. For example: @subway Thank you for sponsoring #DarkMatter. It s a fabulous show. I think a sandwich would go well with it!

  9. “Dinner and a show. Four couldn’t ask for more.”

    Hilarious. I was studying all the action when I spotted Four.

  10. I hope your impending belly ache goes away quickly….
    Jodelle looks adorable in her outfit,. I got my first email fro SYFY Monday to remind me of Dark Matter and Killjoys, never have watched Killjoys. Am looking forward to DM, hoping to keep up with all the action!!

  11. @JeffW 😎Am still thinking on the wording for mine too but i think I’ll sandwich it between 2 federal agency resource posts to make it appear even more legit! -Good luck tomorrow!
    B sure to let us know how it turns out! XO

  12. @pbmom you must have missed a lot of blog posts; each episode title HAS a name! We voted for each one. So your ideas based on Fringe (which I loved the first few seasons, but then with the pack and for between realities lost my interest) can be done with episode titles. Some are kinda long though, so they will need to be shortened.

    Guess what my hubby did? He got us tickets for a local baseball game Friday night. Yep, that’s right. Sigh. So I’ll be here, but a bit behind. Should be home between 10-10:30EST. Sigh.

  13. @Tam poor kitties. I hope he can find someone to fix the a\c soon so they can retururn to the comfort of home. Glad to hear Jo got the tube out though. Am sure it’ll significantly ease the level of discomfort she must be experiencing. Sending love and good thoughts her way always. ❤

  14. @PBmom. Yay Hilda. Am so glad you’ve decided to join us. It would not have been the same without ya. ❤
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful trending tips as well!

  15. Making the wait even more unbearable!! The countdown continues…. Thanks for all the links. Have watched and am ready….

    Love the sneak peak pic, Three cleans up well & Two is stunning. Love Nyx & Six in the background. Am eager to see this episode in real time.

  16. Cool info links, I like the timeline. 🙂

    Btw is there a reason both in the ‘everything you need to know’ and ‘timeline’ that Rook is called a “mad ferrous corp scientist”? Is that an error or is it a spoiler that he’s a double scientist agent sorta like Griffin? lol

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