June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art!

Hey, Dark Matter fans!  Who’s up for another behind-the-scenes Q&A?  While we await Melissa O’Neil and Zoie Palmer’s responses to your burning questions (There were A LOT of them, so be patient!), let’s turn our sights to architect of The Raza – and countless other cool sets, from episode 3’s Blade Runner-esque noodle bar to Alexander Rook’s lab – Production Designer Ian Brock.  Seriously.  If it wasn’t for him, the crew would be flying around in a refurbished winnebago!

June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art!

Post your comments for Ian in the comments section.  I’ll gather them up over the course of the next few days and send them his way.

And several more Q&A’s in the works including cast members, new AND established (notice I didn’t say “old”?).

June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art!

Oh crap.  Today’s Dark Matter season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day suggests all sorts of trouble.

June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art!

MyM Magazine is out now featuring Dark Matter.  Check it out!

Well, that’s a wrap on week 1 of the writers’ room.  Looks like I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me this weekend fleshing things out and writing things up.  It’s ALL coming together. Ish.  Sort of.  Let’s circle back on this Monday.

Stargate fans, rejoice!  I’ve got you covered with glorious art work from SG-1’s “Nightwalkers” courtesy of former Stargate Production Designer James Robbins:

June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art! June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art! June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&a!  More Stargate Concept Art!

14 thoughts on “June 17, 2016: Another Dark Matter Q&A! More Stargate concept art!

  1. Question for Ian: where do you turn to for inspiration? Is there a special place you like to draw ideas from?

    Cool magazine cover!!

  2. Love the Raza’s dining room! Cool set design especially the ever changing back drop. My favorite is the fishes but the Zen look this pic has is pretty cool too. Love The Android’s new look! Does she have a name yet? Always a pleasure to see Torri on set.

    On a side note, bought my blu-ray collection of Dark Matter at Best Buy today!! Had already downloaded on ITunes last year so wasn’t in a big hurry. Now I need me a new “big ass” TV to watch it on. Time to start binge watching, only two more weeks until the wait is over!

    To Mr. Brock:
    Favorite movie?
    Do you have an architectural inspiration whether it be place or person?
    Lighting appears to be a big component, what’s the process?

  3. Got my DM Season 1 Blu Ray – delivered today. Boy, that was quick….
    As for Season 2 — BRING IT ON!

  4. I like Dark Matter but what you’re doing with the Stargate concept art is just wonderful, please keep doing this as long as you can 🙂
    Thanks so much !

  5. No questions for Ian because I think he’ll be overloaded. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with his designs. It’s amazing how those drawings come to life.

    Katy C: My son started college in a special summer program too. I’m glad he did. It gave him a chance to get settled in before the campus became too crazy. Good luck to your son!

    Ponytail: Good! I hope they like it. I use a lot of her recipes (Ree) and they usually turn out great.

    Drea: Much better and Thanks! So sorry about your friend. It’s been a bad time for a lot of people. 🙁

  6. For Ian:
    I remember the first time your work caught my eye.
    It was in Goose Bumps.
    I was so impressed
    I decided to look up who was responsible.
    The next time was while I was visiting a friend.
    She was watching a show called Being Erica.
    Again, I was impressed enough with some episodes
    I decided to look up who was responsible.
    Sure enough – there was your name once again.
    (it should have been stamped in gold!).

    Thank you for that
    and for all your hard work & dedication on DM.
    From the look and feel of The Raza
    To the chop sticks suspended in mid air at the noodle bar
    it has all been nothing short of
    a wondrously adventurous enchantment
    that never gets old.


    Drea Crysel
    Program Coordinator

  7. @Tam Thanks. I only met David
    (the band member who lost a friend that day) once
    and I’ve no idea who his friend was,
    but the magnitude of this particular dark event
    really hit home, just the same.
    A neighbor 3 doors down knew someone who was injured.
    A client at one of the local schools I’ve worked with
    knew the mom who was at the club in support of her son.
    And while I was sitting the other morning
    enjoying a cup of tea at a local cafe
    sitting next to me was yet another person
    who lost a loved one.

    Every one of the victims was some body’s beloved son/daughter/sister/brother/niece/nephew/cousin/friend.
    The tragedy affected so much more than
    just the LGBT community.
    It impacted the whole town & surrounding suburbs.
    Human beings of every age. From all walks of life.

  8. Questions and comments for Ian

    1. The Raza is a beautiful ship, well done. I think the design is great.

    2. How has it been for you working on Dark Matter? like the highs and lows of the job?

    3. What is your fav spaceship in any Scifi show or movie to date?

    4. What inspired you to become a production designer?

    5. Were you a fan of Stargate before working on Dark Matter?

    6. Do you think humanity will ever venture out beyond our solar system and into the universe? If so, do you think humanity will ever have the technological means to travel faster than light and seek out intelligent civilizations wherever they may be?

    7. Do you believe in the multiverse theory?

    8. Thank-you for taking the time to answer these questions, all the best in the future. Like everyone, I’m hoping Dark Matter has a very long run, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  9. Questions for Ian:

    What is the process behind taking a concept and turning it into a finished product?

    What is your preferred medium for your initial design process? Paper? Computer? Legos?

    How long does it generally take to go from idea to completion for something like Alexander Rook’s lab?

    The floor of the Raza has been the topic of conversation on several occasions. It’s a great departure from the plain, unadorned floors often seen on spaceships. Was that your design and what inspired it?

    When tasked with designing a set, from where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

    When you were a kid, did you build spaceships, robots, or other models out of random stuff and play astronaut, or is it just me? Please don’t leave me hanging in imaginary space, bro.

    Are you a fan of genre entertainment and what is your favorite show, movie, or franchise? (I’m a Star Trek [TOS] man, myself.)

    Would you build me a TARDIS? You can come over and play in it.

  10. Screen shot teaser…..weapons drawn and at the ready…. 🤔

    For Ian –
    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for Season 2. Thanks for doing this Q&A –

    What/who was your inspiration to get into production design?

    What do you discuss with the director? What sort of conversation would you have?

    Is there something you have not done in your career that you would like to do?

  11. A couple of questions for Mr. Brock….

    What could you do with a Winnebago? (“Seriously. If it wasn’t for him, the crew would be flying around in a refurbished winnebago!”)

    How long have you had the beard? (You are very handsome!)

    As a kid, what was your favorite TV show?

    What was the most fun set to design on Dark Matter?

    Thanks for being a good sport Ian and taking on our endless questions. We can’t help it if you are an interesting person!

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