June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Good news!  You don’t have to worry about missing Dark Matter the next time you travel to Qatar because NBCU will be partnering with OSN to launch Syfy across the Middle East and Africa!

NBCUniversal and OSN Set to Launch Syfy in Middle East

I am READY for my first Dark Matter con in Dubai!

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Pictured above, our season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day.  Looks a tad nefarious, no?

A little more productive today as I got some work done on the new pilot.  About 40 pages in, I have a feeling I’ll be doing multiple “tighten and trim” passes to get it down to a lean and mean length.  By the way, thanks for those who offered to lend their military expertise.  I’ll be in touch!

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Uh oh.  The Dark Matter season 2 premiere is about three weeks away.  Are you all caught up?  If not, head on over to Netflix and binge the entire first season.  If you are, then head on over to Netflix and binge the entire first season for review purposes.  And then, just to be on the safe side, check out this handy character primer from the gang at Syfy:

The Six: What We Know

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

One of the first things I did upon my return to Vancouver was to hit my favorite bookstores.  This is my latest haul:

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity this summer as my Dark Matter duties have really eaten into my free time.  At present, the only reading I get in is about an hour before bedtime.  And I’ve been relying on two marvelous online sites for that pre-bedtime reading material…

comixology – allows you to instantly purchase and download endless comic titles, from classics to new releases.  Never again will you miss a back issue with this handy site.

Rocket Stank Rank – offers aggregate ratings of short stories, novelettes, and novellas along with – in many instances – links to the various works.

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

My journey through my immense Stargate archives continues with a subspace communicator design for the episode “Avalon” (by James Robbins) –

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Control room layout, “The Other Guys” –

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

Felger and Coombs activate the control unit, “The Other Guys” (drawn by James Robbins).

Finally, look at who got new goggles today, just in time for summer swimming…

June 9, 2016: Dark Matter Expands Its Viewership!

16 thoughts on “June 9, 2016: Dark Matter expands its viewership!

  1. Congrats on the increased distribution! Awesome!

    Love all the pics! Nice reading selections! Seems you like Robert Wilson – 2 choices in the stack.

    The goggles rock!

  2. Coolness!

    I was JUST talking about Comixology and how I couldn’t use that because I am trying to be supportive of my comic guy, and other brick and mortar shops. However, with my increasing collection and decreasing storage, I sometimes question my decision. 😛


  3. … and Bubba doesn’t look like he minds having on goggles. I guess as long as he is in mom’s lap, he’s good.

  4. Congrats to NBCU on the expansion. Really haven’t a clue about how well Dark Matter will do in the middle east other than with wealthy tourists but have a rather strong feeling it will do quite well with locals in South Africa. 🙂

    Of the 13 stories in Sharp Ends
    I particularly enjoyed Small Kindenesses.
    Found it to be a really good late night book to read.

    Here’s to conquering the world!
    Go get em handsome! xo

  5. speaking of world domination…..

    T-Minus 21 days to Dark Matter Impact.

    Attention U.S/Ca #RazaCrew:
    This is not a drill.
    i repeat.
    This Is Not A Drill.
    Report to Commander Joe @DarkMatter_show
    And Prepare to take over twitter July 1st!

  6. That’s soo cool Joe. I ‘d love a Dark Matter con in Australia. It’s Oz Comic Con this weekend, and we have Rachel & Paul McG here. Very excited to see them.

    Cheers, Chev

  7. Please let us know if you find any good books!

    We’ll get right on the Netflix DM S1 review!

    I agree with Ponytail. Bubba would tolerate anything if he was on Akemi’s lap. Face it, you’ve lost him. 😉

    Please say prayers for Dr Jo today. It’s the big surgery that’s going to remove the tumor from her face. They are taking part of her jaw/lips. She says that she’ll just smile with her eyes.

  8. I gotta see what a pug swimming in goggles looks like, I’m betting it’s even cuter than pugs eating ice cream, napping in sunspots and/or fighting for beds. I’m debating reading Seveneves or waiting on the movie. Stealing People looks interesting. For any aspiring directors out there WB is accepting apps for their directing workshop: https://filmworkshop.warnerbros.com/

  9. Drea: The cold still there. 🙁 I’m hoping I’ll make it until Wednesday. I have a dr’s appointment that day for something else. The closer I get to my B-day, the more things are breaking. I’d feel sorry for myself but then I think about Dr Jo’s surgery. Her sister texted me that the surgery went well. Her dr’s are confident that all the cancer is gone! I pray that’s true.

    TheOtherOne : Deepest condolences on your loss. We all know here what’s it like to lose a buddy. 🙁

  10. “…look at who got new goggles today…”

    Was there something wrong with his old ones?

    How are the dogs doing since you got home? Do they recognize the place? Do they seem happy to be back?

  11. I’m finally embarking on the Culture series during my 2 weeks off coming up (read Consider Phlebas some years ago now but never got further), but seeing Joe Abercrombie in your pile of books reminded me I’ve been meaning to add some of his work to the reading list for some time. Shall do that before heading off. I’ve missed reading. Looking forward to some dedicated impersonating of an inanimate object with some good reading.

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