June 8, 2016: One Drops By!

Well, look who dropped by the house today to say hello to Lulu.  If it isn’t Dark Matter’s ONE/Jace Corso, Marc Bendavid.  In addition to coming up to visit with Lulu, he’s also in town shooting a movie.  Today was a rare day off from set, so we got together for lunch at Fable Kitchen (he got a double order of the chickpea fritters, I got my burger medium-rare), then…

June 8, 2016: One Drops By!

Back to the house for some unbelievable sake (ginger and orange peel) ice cream we picked up from Tangram Creamery on Arbutus.  HIGHLY recommended.

June 8, 2016: One Drops By!

Today’s season 2 sneak peek screen shot of the day.  A familiar piece of jewelry from season 1.

Approximately three weeks to the Dark Matter season 2 premiere!

Today was unproductive.  I’d love to chalk it up to distractions but, truth is, I just wasn’t in a writing mood.  Discussed some visual effects shots, gave notes on the blooper reel, and sent off my rough outline for episode 301.  I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening reading short stories, perusing comixology, and watching the new season on Chef’s Table.

A few BTS tidbits for the Stargate-minded among you…

June 8, 2016: One Drops By!

Column control unit – “The Other Guys” (designed by James Robbins).

June 8, 2016: One Drops By!

Wraith ultrasound handset – “Kindred II” (designed by James Robbins).

And a little something from playback.  F-302: Target locked!

12 thoughts on “June 8, 2016: ONE drops by!

  1. You deserve a day to rest and hang out! Glad Lulu’s friend could stop by to see her, and you could go out to lunch together.

  2. It’s good to take a day off now and then. I’ve had several years of being unproductive, apart from my paid work. Nice that one of Lulu’s many boyfriends could visit her. They make a cute couple. <3

  3. Lucky Lulu!

    That Lulu is a man-killer! They are drawn to her like flies! Way to go girlfriend! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Marc Bendavid. He is a lovely one.

    Congratulations on your unproductive day!!! Everybody needs one of those every now and then!

  4. Its okay to have an “off” day or as I like to call them a “me” day. You deserve it!! Nice to see Marc offset and excited about his RomCom that’s he’s shooting. Apparently Anthony is shooting a horror pic for SyFy as well.

    Loving the vintage SG & SGA pics. Is there a new SG project in the works? Maybe bringing back the team? By which I mean John, Rodney, Teyla & Ronan but O’Neil, Jackson, Carter & Teal’c would do as well.

  5. Won’t Ivon be jealous?

    @Ponytail: 😆

    You could call it a “personal day”.

  6. Awww Marc Bendavid & Lulu look so sweet together.

    Glad to hear you were able to slow your brain down down
    enough to switch gears and take the day off from writing.
    Wish I could say the same here.
    Unfortunately between work projects, the book and
    getting lyrics + instrumental arrangements ready
    to offer at the first studio session of the summer
    my brain hasn’t been very cooperative of late
    in the stop to smell
    the heavenly baked goodness department.
    Albeit some friends invited me over
    for a backyard barbecue n music jam
    at their lake house tomorrow night.
    They’re grilling lamb chops so how could i refuse, eh?! xo
    i offered to bring the side dishes,
    which should (hopefully)
    keep my brain nicely distracted in the kitchen
    for at least a couple hours.
    Gonna make Saganaki Spanakopita, fallafel balls,
    dolmades and the usual salad spread.
    Sliced hard boiled eggs, black olives, sliced tomato
    and a variety of dips for breads n sliced cucumber.

    Hope everyone has
    an uproariously enchanting Thursday
    And don’t forget to stop and smell
    the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

  7. Yay! Hiya ONE/Corso aka Marc B and, of course, Lulu! Really great pictures!
    Been abit low since losing my buddy and workmate, Starsky, but this has cheered me up! Thanks Joe 😊

    Glad to hear you had a less busy day but, ooow no, don’t go browsing thru the comiXology vaults! After you recommended that site, I’ve popped in on numerous occasions…. Still not sure what style of comic/graphic novel I’ll settle into but boy, there is some stunning artwork out there!
    My most recent mad buys are:
    ‘Dreaming Eagles’ inspired by the true events of the first African American fighter pilots of WW2
    ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Dust to Dust’ prequel to BladeRunner
    ‘Deepak Chopras Buddha’ ..well, why not?
    Enjoy the rest of your day Joe (and everyone else!)

  8. The ultrasound machine, shudder! Looks like the underside of the dead bug that was in the hallway at work, the one that is still haunting me, ew, was that the one Michael used on Teyla’s adorable baby?

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