This morning, I attended my last mix in Toronto.  I can’t tell you how awesome this new season of Dark Matter looks and sounds.  Everything from the visuals to the soundscape to the music is incredible and an enormous ramp-up from the show’s first season.  We have a lot of very talented people working on this show, both in front of and behind the camera, and I cannot wait for you to see what we have in store.   I await our July 1st premiere with a mix of pride, excitement, and apprehension.

You’d think that, with production on season 2 wrapped and post-production nearing the halfway mark, I could relax.  But no.  Today, I wrote up the one pager for the proposed Dark Matter spinoff (You heard it here first, folks!).  Although it shares similarities with the original, this series will offer a far out premise that SF-fans will truly get behind.  But more on that in the coming months…hopefully.

Meanwhile, I hit the 16 page mark on that super-secret scifi project I mentioned in an earlier blog entry.  Roughly one third of the way through the pilot, I’m still aiming to have a completed first draft by mid to late June.  At which point I can switch off and have my partner set up the new series while I spin and break Dark Matter’s third season.

Then, it’s off to L.A. for some long overdue meet ‘n greets.   I have four more pilots (and a simply adorable horror feature script) in search of a good home and I’d love nothing more than to get the ball rolling or any or all before heading back to Van and starting script work on Dark Matter’s third season.

September, Akemi and I will be Tokyo(and possibly Osaka)-bound for two weeks and, upon our return – or, hopefully, well before – I should have word on Dark Matter’s fate.  I AM feeling positive.

Should it all fall into place as expected, we’ll be returning to Toronto in October for prep and then, in November,the commencement of principal photography on our third season.  Three episodes by December, the holiday break, then back for the final ten and then…

The spinoff?

The new scifi series?

One of the pilots?

The horror film?

I open up a gelato shop and spend the entire summer reading?

Any suggestions?

P.S.  One more Dark Matter season 2 trailer out, this one an extended version chock full o’ interesting insights.  You can track it down tonight or wait until tomorrow for the full shot by shot breakdown!

21 thoughts on “May 27, 2016: Odds ‘n ends, Dark Matter and otherwise!

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I hope it all works out like you planned. Can’t wait to hear more about these new projects (including spin-off)!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a lot you have going on there. Glad you will be able to take your vacay in September – maybe you can fit a bit of relaxation in while you are away.

  3. Wow, I thought I was busy. I don’t know how you find all the time to do everything. Are you sure there aren’t JM clones running around? Maybe the whole “Transfer Transit” concept is not so far fetched after all! 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to this season – and a potential DM spin-off series sounds great! Plus, this new super-seekrit series? My mind is blown. Well, that’s the case anyway. But still!

  4. OMG Joe! You have been busy!
    Are you sure there’s not two (or three?) of you?
    These new projects sound very, very interesting….. a spin off? That came out of the blue!
    Yessir, I say – that sounds mighty good!

  5. Thanks Airelle for the link!
    Now, that’s a much better trailer!

    Actually …. it’s an awesome trailer!!!

  6. Sorry I’ve been away~other pressing issues here in the US. Not sure if I’ll be volunteering for Phoenix Comicon….technology folks can’t seem to find my account, and I need it to process cash/credit cards for photo ops, auto, and reprints. I’ll be a regular attendee regardless. I’ve taken down my blog site from Facebook and Twitter until I make changes. I can’t attend all the conventions that are out-of-town such as Gatecon, Dragon Con, Shore Leave, etc. So I’ve lost money on pre-paid non refundable entry tickets.

    I’ve been liking all the Dark Matter BTS info on FB and Twitter.

  7. Yassou my beautiful blog sibs!
    Another scarily busy, but fun week here.
    Ever just the same, am very glad we have a 3 day weekend ahead
    so i can partake in some much needed bonding time with Mr Sandman.
    We almost permanently broke up last year because I’d become so busy with work that our pillowtime together
    was limited to shallow quickies that never once reached a level of being sustainably satisfying.

    Albeit, before I close the bedroom door and turn down the lights , ……………
    Remember last wk when my education team informed me
    while they did not mind me promoting DarkMatter
    I could only pin ads up on weekends beginning at 6 pm Friday
    because it was not STEM or STEAM education specific?
    Well, ….. This morning I stumbled upon a very funny article
    about an extra special Canadian and decided ( as a joke)
    I could get around my teams rule via re-tweeting the article
    (under the guise of it being of interest to ornithology,
    wildlife or conservation researchers and enthusiasts)
    and simply including an invitation above the Rt’d article for this special Canadian to follow @DarkMatter_show
    and become a member of Raza Crew.

    Well, Hot damn! Whatt’yah know!?! It worked, eh!
    My guys laughed their big geeky scientist asses off so heartily
    they let me keep it up for the day!

    Check it out! Its at the top of our timeline @Newscience101 😀

    No worries Joe. I plan on posting a ‘genuine’ promo
    with the new DM trailer, tomorrow morning. xo
    In the meantime you really should read
    the article I posted with todays DM ad
    because its about one of your Vancouver neighbors.
    And am sure I need not explain to you,
    as a home owner,
    the importance of maintaining awareness of any
    possibly shady characters residing in your neighborhood. :-O

    And here’s a bit of info about this little thief’s foster dad.. 😀

  8. Oo and Thogar, thanks so much for posting the new trailer on your bril’ blog spot – threeifbyspace!

  9. @Tam Very glad to hear Jo will get to enjoy the comforts of home this weekend.

    If you see her or text/email with her this weekend
    please let her know she is my heart, thoughts & prayers always
    and ask her if she has seen this yet?

    Its an experimental treatment that may be able to assist her
    in keeping the growth at bay significantly longer
    once the surgery is completed.

  10. I open up a gelato shop and spend the entire summer reading?

    that sounds like a plan. if not a gelato shop, then maybe a used book store to sell off books you already read. and maybe sell some of those comic book figurines & other geeky stuff you don’t want any more.

  11. Thanks for the link. Have watched several times & am seriously excited for tomorrow’s breakdown.

    Joe, you need to quit lounging around…..seriously, are you kidding me? A DM spin-off in addition to a yet to be announced SciFi series, several pilot ideas and a horror film! Forget burning the candle at both ends, you’re burning the whole house down! How about a Western next or better yet a SciFi Western – has that been done? Serenity, Aliens vs Cowboys, anyone?

  12. Wow, that is a lot of busy for a summer! I know you’ll take time to taste gelato even if you don’t decide to sell it from a charming food truck.

    All is progressing well here, off the wound vac, have a show at a local coffee shop all June, and of course ramping up for Jackalope Rodeo in July and Burning Man in August. Still working on healing, but doing well.

  13. Wow! I’m exhausted just reading about what you pack into a day, Joe!

    The newest trailer is awesome! Looking forward to today’s scene by scene breakdown 👍

    @Drea We were right, Six is seriously angry with the adorable @JeffTeravainen
    So the next question……what has Lt Anders done to get Six so obviously riled up? 🤔
    Roll on Season 2 for an answer to this, and which will no doubt lead on to further questions!

  14. At the beginning of this season, someone on this board suggested that you find a suitable apartment/house for season 3 NOW, before you leave town, so you don’t have a repeat of the hideous apartment fiasco. I’d like to second that motion. You don’t have that on your schedule, but I think it would make your lives (and the moves) significantly easier and less stressful. Good luck on all of your projects and your trips.

  15. @ceresis: I think you might be right about there being multiple’s of Jodelles character and that it is not Raza’s Five saying ‘kill them all!’
    We already know from the photo teaser there is a blonde haired FIVE so maybe there are a couple more versions of her?

    My spidey senses have been tingling since we were first introduced to FIVE & SIX interacting that they were both GA agents.
    As the story progressed however my suspicions shifted to FIVE being the ‘true’ spy.

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the final story revealed the entire crew were simply clones of 7 people taking a transfer transit adventure or if the whole thing was just a weird dream Dave Hewletts character was having!

    @Joe: In season 3 I think you should make the audience question whether Lt Anders is actually a double agent as well. Am pretty sure it would drive everyone absolutely nuts guessing whether or not its true!
    ! -> Including the cast!!

    @Tam Watched Justified on netflix a few years ago. It definitely had me hooked for a while. Is the series still running? Or are you watching the old episodes?

  16. Dark Matter spinoff? :O I hope everything goes as planned and that we will get our season 3! After that, my suggestion would be of course to work on season 4! … and then 5! If i remember correctly you envisioned Dark Matter to last that long. I wouldn’t mind that at all. 🙂 Awesome that you have other projects planned too, good luck with them.

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