May 22, 2016: A Lazyish Summer Weekend!  And A Brand New Space Station!

May 22, 2016: A Lazyish Summer Weekend!  And A Brand New Space Station!

May 22, 2016: A Lazyish Summer Weekend!  And A Brand New Space Station!

Sort of.  While Bubba was working on his tan and Lulu was working the dog park crowd, I was seemingly overseeing the action but actually working on two fronts: Dark Matter and my new super-secret SciFi project.  In the case of the former, I’ve already forwarded my team my game plan for the show’s third season so I’m now breaking down the story arcs into their individual progressive beats.  In the case of the latter, I finished the tease yesterday and am working out the first few scenes in my head, from the rude awakening to the shuttle ride reveal.  Even though production on season 2 has ended, it never REALLY ends.  P.S. I ran Akemi through a couple of the big story arcs that build through Dark Matter’s second (and third) season and her response was utter shock once she recognized the pattern: “You planned that in season one!”.  Why, yes.  I have a plan…

May 22, 2016: A Lazyish Summer Weekend!  And A Brand New Space Station!

In the lead-up to Dark Matter’s second season premiere, I’ve been all over in a bid to get the word out (twitter: @BaronDestructo, @DarkMatter_show, reddit:, imgur:, Facebook: Baron Destructo, youtube: Joseph Mallozzi).    And I’m pleased to see many fans are helping out including Tom Gardiner and the gang at  Check out their weekly rundown of the happenings on this very blog:

And their breakdown of the Dark Matter season 2 promo:

And, in case you missed it (in the words of Akemi: “How possible?!!”):

Hey, speaking of Dark Matter check out our new space station (and home of one Tabor Calchek), by way of Dark Matter VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, compliments of the award-winning team at FUSEFX lead by VFX Supervisor Shawn Hillier:

May 22, 2016: A Lazyish Summer Weekend!  And A Brand New Space Station!

Gorgeous, no?

15 thoughts on “May 22, 2016: A lazyish summer weekend! And a brand new space station!

  1. Space station is gorgeous. Oh but we are trapped in our confines on earth and not able to explore the heavens.

    Joe – given the issues you had earlier this year for housing, and it seems you guys like where you are staying again – are you able to try to get a reservation for your return next year?

  2. Looks like it was a nice weekend weather wise. It’s amazing what a little bit of sun will do for the soul, that and spending time with those you love.

    Will definitely have to check out “threeifbyspace”.

    Love Tabor’s digs! Nice, new, brilliantly lit space station!

  3. Your new show’s first teaser……. from the rude awakening to the shuttle ride reveal……👍
    Did any of the numerous title suggestions have merit?

    Love Tabor’s space station home – eh, all of it? If so, his line of business obviously pays well !
    Which leads me to ask – did the Raza crew track him down themselves, or were they given information to find him or did Calchek himself tell them where he was? Questions, questions!

  4. Well, this new show idea sounds more intriguing all the time. Hopefully we’ll get more hints as we go along! 🙂

    Looks like it was a wonderful day out for everyone in the park, although you really should set work aside (and out of your head) at least *once* in a while! 🙂 It’s been really sunny and dry here, really too much so. But thankfully it looks like we’re in for a little rain over the next few days. More thankfully since it should give all that grass seed I planted some extra watering, without me spending a ton of time each day doing it with sprinklers.

    ThreeIfBySpace is indeed awesome! Big kudos to Thogar for doing such a great job with it.

    I think I’d like to visit that space station for my next vacation!

  5. Love the space station!

    We went to run a few errands, weather was mild, so I didn’t take a jacket. Mistake! Thunderstorm with hail rolled in, it looked like it had snowed ice balls. Wiped out my hostas and irises, knocked a lot of green currants and strawberries off, and tore up my first rose in my new rosebed. Spring in the Rockies, yikes.

  6. Such great pictures! Love the one of Bubba and Akemi. She looks so pretty and Bubba is definitely in love. You’ve got competition Dude.

  7. Cool that they made the new space station look like a hive and very glad to hear everyone is pitching in to promote DM S2! 🙂 Hope everyone will keep the RT’s coming for the season premiere tweet up as well! xo

    @Tam Any word on Jo yet? Does she need the partial jaw removal surgery?

  8. Drea: Yes, they are planning on the surgery in June and Jo is looking at a partial jaw replacement. She’s choosing a three day induced coma because the surgery is so intense (trach tubes etc). However, the worst news is that the oncologist said that there is almost no chance of remission. The cancer is so aggressive that it will re-occur and when it does, she can probably expect only palliative care. All of her friends/family I’ve talked to are devastated. I’m not sure how’s she is handling the news (other than her stunned reaction at first) because she’s only replying to my texts with one word or so, if that (not that I blame her-it’s a lot to absorb). They are trying a new chemo drug this week. Please keep her in your prayers and Thanks for asking!

  9. Awwww. Look at that big love bug. He is definitely Akemi’s dog now. He’s got very good taste.

    @TamDixon I was so sad when you shared that news with me via private messages.

    @Thogar Glad your site is doing a wonderful job providing coverage for Dark Matter. Maybe in 2-3 years from now when Patrick is settled into a group home and I am moving past my grief about it, I’ll be able to get back to regularly blogging about a show or shows I love on my own personal page.

    Adore the space station. Can’t wait to see it on the inside and see more of Calchek.

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