10 thoughts on “May 21, 2016: Testing our toys! Dark Matter!

  1. Feeling like I’ve been run over by an articulated truck, today! Springtime colds are the worst! Do you think that decon chamber eradicates colds? #wishfulthinking!
    I needed a wee boost, and these videos are great, especially the techocrane shooting. Working with the techocrane is something I would like to see first-hand 😎

  2. Love the decontamination and systems control fx. Simple but very effective, innit!

    Boring, techy type question next … I’m curious, what camera do you use on the technocrane?

    PS I love the way the slinky technocrane moves…
    Oo, is that an odd thing to say?!

  3. T minus six weeks to second annual launch of Dark Matter and counting!

    You’re all following Joe @DarkMatter_show for BTS pics and our fun live season premiere tweet up right?

  4. I finally got Jeff caught up on Dark Matter (on Netflix) so now we are ready to go for season 2. And it was a good refresher for me. I was reading your blog and he is watching something on YouTube at his computer in our shared office and I said, “Wow, shooting from a technocrane.” He was like “Where, where! That should be awesome.” He thought it was a technocrane shooting (bullets/lasers, etc). Bahahahaha…..

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